Catastrophic Levels In Sea Level Rise A Distinct Possibily in Just 50 Years

A new study predicts:

“We are looking at a three-metre rise in 50 years,” Banchon said. “This is the first evidence that we have for rapid change in sea level during that time.” Only collapsing ice sheets could account for such an abrupt increase, he added.

But more recent studies have sounded alarms about the potential impact of crumbling ice sheets in western Antarctica and Greenland, which together contain enough frozen water to boost average global sea levels by at least 13 metres (42 feet).

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Survival Acres Blog – What Is It?

The point and purpose of this blog, unlike any other “preparedness” blog or website, has been to help inform readers to some of the factual, serious issues facing humanity. Over the years, I’ve taken the time to cover a lot of topics, avoiding a few on purpose and focusing on others that I’ve come to accept as urgent and important.

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The Truth About Climate Change

Some important facts for everyone to consider:

A survey of all peer-reviewed abstracts on the subject ‘global climate change’ published between 1993 and 2003 shows that not a single paper rejected the consensus position that global warming is man caused. 75% of the papers agreed with the consensus position while 25% made no comment either way, focusing on methods or paleoclimate analysis (Oreskes 2004).

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Black Friday Death Arrives

Americans are INSANE.  Today is “the day” when greed, gluttony and insane mob behavior is encouraged by Corporate America, as they line up by the hundreds of thousands outside doors, trampling to death any who fall.

Can you even IMAGINE what it is going to be like when the food trucks stop making non-stop deliveries?  You don’t own enough guns to stop this madness.

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Survivalism — The Real Truth

I watched the “Out In The Wild” documentary, which depicts 10 “average people” (city slickers) who are dropped off in the wilds of Alaska with a small mountain of gear and told to find their way back to civilization.

It was interesting, entertaining and a bit startling to see just how clueless people really are. In a world nation where virtually everything is provided for everyone, nobody really needs to know anything about self-sufficiency or survival.

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173,000 Lightning Strikes Batter Southern Australia

173,000 Lightning Strikes Batter Southern Australia

A massive storm bringing over 173,000 lightning strikes in under 24 hours battered southern Australia.

I did the math:  24 hr * 60 min = 1440 minutes

173,000 strikes / 1440 = 120 strikes per minute (for 24 hours!!!).

I’m guessing this is probably a world record (soon to be broken). A bit more news on this lightning story here.

An interesting interview with James Balog, photographer on the new film, “Chasing Ice”.  I feel exactly like he says at the interview — the future for my kids looks absolutely terrifying.

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Out Of Time, Out of Realistic Options

The Arctic Sea Ice Blog has posted a nice video on Arctic methane release and runaway global warming. Well worth watching:

I’ve also studied at some length a recent analysis by Kevin Anderson of why humanity cannot change its infrastructure in time to avoid catastrophic climate change (audio link).  While listening, you can go through the helpful slides (including the graphs) for this Kevin Anderson speech here.

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Post (s)Election Observations

I found this over on Climate Denial Crock of the Week:

Hehehe, this is either a good time to laugh, or a good time to cry.  Common sense however, remains questionably “absent” in whole lot of the country.

Maddow’s request to embrace the real world will go unheeded, no doubt.  Too bad, because it is indeed exactly what we need, especially in this country.

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And the Winner Is …….

Guess it couldn’t last long. Some spammer hit my email inbox with a subject line on who won the (s)Election.  So now I already know.

Looking around, the Net seems to be filled with despair, hope, optimism, disgust — all the usual things, with or without a (s)Election.

In short, nothing changed.  Pretty much as expected.  But I am surprised.  I actually thought Romney would win.  The way the Sludge Report was going on, and other sites I spot checked, it was a sure thing.  Even saw several feature articles about how huge a win Romney was going to have.

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Surviving Conspiracy Theory – Part II

Another red herring ‘conspiracy’ being floated around: Earthquake caused by “geoengineering”.

The incredible lack of scientific understanding and assumptions posted there are stunning.  100 tons of iron oxide causes massive earthquake?  This isn’t conjecture, it’s absolute idiocy.Conspiracy Theory II

What bothers me about these kinds of postings is how it caters to stupidity in the population, promoting it, encouraging it and of course, the incessant conspiracy theories that spring forth.  Is it harmless?  Not really, because it encourages a serious lack of critical thinking, intelligent understanding and examination of actual facts. Over the course of decades, this sort of asinine conspiracy produces an entire generation of idiots — the same idiots who will be inheriting the world after you and I are gone.  What will that mean?

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