Building Resilence By Design

Hurricane Sandy is of course, in all the news right now, with a still-unknown amount of total devastation and number of people killed. I’ve been keeping quiet on this one, due to the huge amount of media coverage this storm is getting.

Doing more then just massive power outages, flooding and wind damage, many, many homes have now been burned to the ground, fueled by high winds and tornado-like conditions.

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Surviving Conspiracy Theory

Within the subterranean depths of the Internet, there exists a vast subculture of conspiracy theory, and conspiracy theorists.

As a example of this, in what I call “Boxcar Bullshit“, there is a persistent story of “human cattle cars” being built and shipped around the country, complete with multiple levels and shackles.

Years ago, I personally investigated the claims of human boxcars, and came away with the knowledge that this, like many other conspiracies of this kind, is complete bullshit.

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Media Links

The Daily Mail Lies Again with some seriously misleading comments from an oil industry schill.  Why The Daily Mail is Wrong explains how far off the mark this article really is.

Arctic Sea Ice Crashes. Just more evidence that we are all in real trouble.

Lester Brown – Arctic Ice In Freefall.  Tell me something I don’t know already.

World Health Crisis –  2 Billion Dementia Patients definitely something to be aware of. I looked around a bit — looks like this is real and very serious.

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Greenhouse Project 4

This is a continuation of the Greenhouse Project series.  If you’ve not followed this yet, you can find the beginning of the series here:

The greenhouse is finally completed.  As earlier mentioned, I went on to other major projects during the summer, also now all complete.  The greenhouse wasn’t needed during the warm summer months, so I left off completing construction until fairly recently.

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Vlogging the Climate Disaster

Two videos to watch, first one was spotted over on Desdemona:

I don’t have “permission” (very odd) to hotlink this important Vimeo video here, but you can watch Professor Waddell and his comments about the ongonig climate disaster here (thanks to Gina for sending me the link).

You should watch it — because it reveals the politicization of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) and how muzzled scientists have been and how incredibly long it takes to get the watered-down “results” published for the public to read.

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Embracing Disaster

USDA Drought Declarations in the U.S.

Found over on Fire Earth. The United States is in pretty serious drought conditions. An additional 216 counties have been declared disaster areas. Total is now well over 2000 counties. Virtually ALL of the major food production growing regions are in drought.

But — no reason to worry. The (s)Election seems to be occupying everyone’s attention these days. Romney / Ryan are adamantly against doing anything about climate except drill for more oil. I’m still mystified how that’s going to help however.

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Congress just let the farm bill expire. It’s not the end of the world … yet.

From Wonkblog: Congress just let the farm bill expire. It’s not the end of the world … yet.

Worth reviewing.  This would be a good opportunity to fix some things, but as it shows, arguing over the farm bill got nowhere.

Our worthless Congress is apparently so incompetent that they simply let it expire — which may have dire consequences on food prices nationwide.

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