The Reality Of Gun Ownership

I’ve had near zero Internet connectivity for the past 10 days, thus my absence from anything being posted here. It was intermittent at best, and horribly slow, smoke signals would have been faster and I’m being quite honest here.  Try less then 30 bytes per minute… I think I can build a fire faster then that.

Today, I had a chance to read “Musings On A US Presidential Election Year“.

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Political Liars

The current disaster that describes our environmental conditions in America is at risk in the next (s)Election. Both parties are consistently lying to us about virtually everything.

Mitt Romney’s “plan” for America is no plan at all — it is suicide. His energy plan is to develop as many domestic resources for gas and oil as possible, apparently at “any cost”.  This, like all developments by Big Oil and the Energy Industry for the last 60+ years, will have far-reaching impacts on what remains of our environment. Everything is on the chopping block.

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Must See: Oil and Ice

Found on Climate Progress, a must-see video on oil and ice, drilling in the Arctic:

Big Oil simply does not care, and is never held adequately responsible for their gigantic messes they leave behind.  Drilling the Arctic is simply a disaster waiting to happen.

It’s certainly not the solution to ‘energy independence’ or weaning Americans off of foreign oil.  More oil simply means more consumption. The more we find, the more we use.

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Media News Unheard in U.S.

I did a Google search on the three topics covered below and found nothing current in the U.S. news media at all. No surprise there, but here they are:

Some interesting food shortages news:

I haven’t been able to buy a chicken for over a month. Chicken is part of our traditional diet; we use it in many of our meals. Since I work from 8am to 6pm, I am unable to go to the government-sponsored centres that offer reduced-price chickens, but I heard they’re frozen and of low quality. My neighbour went and stood in line for five whole hours to buy a chicken for 47,000 Rial (about 3,20 euros) per kilo. During the Persian New Year, we bought regular chicken for about 40,000 Rial (about 2,70 euros) per kilo; now, regular chicken – which only the rich can still afford – costs about 85,000 Rial (about 5,80 euros). So it’s more than doubled!

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Conspiracy Theory

There is a lot of (useless) speculation going ’round and ’round on the Internet about certain topics.  I find most of it to be seriously lacking in common sense and intelligence, but that doesn’t stop the gainsayers from jumping on board and adding a constant stream of fuel to the fires of speculation.

Common sense isn’t that common anymore, especially online where anybody can be anything.  I could be a four-star General, a ‘secret insider’ leaking “proof” of imminent threats to Americans.  Or I could be a flamboyant ‘investor’ worth billions and billions, manipulating entire markets through leveraged equities.

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Where Are You Going To Live When All The Ice Is Gone?

Breaking news: Arctic summer ice loss is newly measured at over 50% higher then expected.

Of course, this is being picked up by all the science blogs too.  Add to this the gigantic cyclone that just gone done battering the Artic (bet you didn’t hear about this on the MSM). I’ve been watching this for the last two weeks.

It’s a big deal.  A very big deal. What goes on up in the Arctic, especially on this scale, has a dramatic effect on what will happen down here.  Arctic News is now predicting total extinction as a real possibility within the next 50 years.

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Disasters Plague U.S.

From Fire Earth: Disasters plague 1,584 counties across 32 states

I’ve been watching this figure jump from 600 to 725 to 900, and then to over 1000 and now almost 1600 counties… in about two months!

List of the states with the number of additional counties designated as primary disaster areas

  • Arkansas (2 counties)
  • Georgia  (6)
  • Illinois  (66)
  • Indiana  (2)
  • Iowa  (42)
  • Kansas (4)
  • Mississippi  (1)
  • Nebraska  (47 counties)
  • Oklahoma (12)
  • South Dakota (25)
  • Tennessee  (3)
  • Wyoming  (8)

Withered corn cropThe following (probably) explains the run on food we’re experiencing:

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