Lady Gaga Eaten By Zombie Hordes – Rampant Outbreak of “Zombie Disease” Reported

Do you ever get tired of the crap that is still passed off as “news” in this country? I sure do. Almost all of it is mindless pablum, mind-mush propaganda intended to titillate and propagate the divisions and endless distractions in this country.

Lady Gaga tweets 'naked' picture of herself...


CNN Plays 'Stupid Girls' Before Story About Sarah Palin...

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You Have A Decade (Maybe)

The process of global collapse and decline can be fairly described as a series of events, observations and measurements depicting an overall decline in the ability of a civilization to take care of itself.

While it is possible that a single event could precipitate a catastrophic collapse of civilization, the historical record demonstrates that this type of event is very, very rare. History most often shows that the collapse of civilization, which has happened many times before, is a variable period lasting decades to thousands of years, although there are some exceptions to this.

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Reader Write-In

From a reader:


I just wanted to tell you that I thoroughly ‘enjoy’ what you post up – the TED talk rattled me for days, the projections from 2025 (great!).

We (South East Australia) have been through a 10 year drought and (our town)  had some pretty spectacular fires (300 houses lost; heard the State of Emergency siren for the first time in my life as they cut into TV, radio etc) a few years ago, so I can sympathize.  By the way, I think your Greenhouse and Root Cellar are fabulous! – a great positive adaptation, regardless of the other posts.

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Oxygen Levels Are Dropping

Yesterday, I came across something this is very important.  The ramifications of this are incredibly serious.

In this article, North American Forests: When the Colors of the Trees Change, massive amounts of North American forests are being wiped out by the bark beetle.  Due to warm winter temperatures, winter survival rates of larvae shot from just 20% to over 80%, causing a massive population explosion. More beetles means more trees attacked and killed.

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Survivors Journal Entry – August 2025

August 2025 – Journal  6:15 am

Life was hard. Back in the early 21st century, the naysayers claimed it would never be this bad, but it was.

The media was full of conflicting reports and news, or what passed for news. Most of it was untrustworthy, misleading or written in such a way to imply both hope and time were available in abundance in order to forestall any really bad things from happening.

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Extreme Weather Defies Hopium & Ongoing Denial Idiocy

Tornado in PolandKiller tornadoes — in Poland.

Up to 1 kilometer wide, it ripped right through 100 houses and an entire forest. Watch the video at this link.

Temperature increase, actual measurements since 1921. Green projection is mine, what we can expect for us and our children.

Deadly Heat in America

Inside Story Americas – Extreme weather: Linked to climate change? (Youtube video)

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Epic Drought Over U.S.

Epic Drought Over America

There are over 1000 counties that have been declared disaster areas, due to drought and crop losses, a figure that is increasing weekly.  Crop losses, especially corn are now so severe that the commodities market is skyrocketing.

Food prices are expected to take a jump, reflecting the crop losses now being reported (and more to come!).

This is what climate change looks like.  Billions of tons of carbon dioxide pollution are being dumped into the atmosphere each years, increasing levels by 40%, causing record-breaking heat with over 24,000 high temperature records being broken this year (so far, it’s barely mid-summer).  The rest of summer looks to be worse.

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Mountain House Drops Bombshell Press Release

Mountain House has just dropped a gigantic bombshell press release that is going to piss off a lot of other customers who bought elsewhere.

They commissioned a study of their foods and Wise Foods (April 2012 production). The study was quite revealing. The study showed that the oxygen levels of Wise Food was nearly as high as our normal atmosphere we breathe (18% .vs. 21% in the atmosphere). This means that Wise Foods offers NO PROTECTION against oxygen.

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