The New Normal – Extremes

Extreme It’s a certainty now that the future is going to be very difficult.

Nobody in North America, or for the matter, anywhere in the world is going to escape.

The new normal will include this weekends events, as a massive thunderstorms pummel the Eastern U.S., with lightning, hail, and extreme wind.

(Update: 110,000 lightning strikes in England. Flooding, landslides, 6 months of “extremes”.)

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Updates On Human Collapse / Extinction Event Ahead

Colorado is burning to the ground, while Florida is drowning.  Related?  Absolutely.  All of these extreme events are related.

A seriously doomed scenario (human extinction) in less then 18 years.  Essentially, this is simply an updated timeline that takes into account the latest science and information.

After reading this, I spent then next several days reading up on the Arctic situation.  I’ve come away with a very, very scary outlook. What’s happening up there is far worse then the rest of us seem to be aware of.

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Summer Sale 25% Off

We have made some big changes again to our Food Assets Storable Food website. Summer Sale!!!

The big news is prices have been dramatically slashed on all #10 cans and #2.5 cans from Rainy Day. This price change also affects all Rainy Day year can units.  All Rainy Day cans are now 25% off.

We’ve dropped the 5% check / money order discount, probably permanently. Payment by mail is still accepted for those that prefer this.

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Drone Surveillance

Insect Sized Drones

Hard to believe that they have this already, but apparently they do. There have been many reports over the years of ‘wierd’ flying objects spying on crowds, people.

Cyborg insect drones are now a reality.

And the future of privacy, even in your own home, is now dead.

Just imagine how cheap these things will get — and how pervasive. And how tempting it will be for everyone who can get their hands on this to use it.

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Massive Hail Storm Pummels Dallas

Dallas Hail Storm

More signs of dangerous climate change — hail stones as big a 4.25 inches pounded down over Dallas – Ft. Worth area.

Smashing windows, cars, roofs and doing a fair bit of damage by the sounds of it.

Several interesting videos to see here.

Maybe that idiot Texan climate change denier Alex Jones will finally wake the hell up.

One could hope… but probably not.

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Greenhouse Project 3

Here’s a pictorial series on the Greenhouse Project, #3.   If you missed the beginning of this series, here’s Greenhouse Project #1, and Greenhouse Project #2.

I last left off with the foundation built, “feet” installed and bolted down, and the truss legs attached.  Right after this, I realized that I had a problem.  All of the truss leg mounting holes, where the cross bolt passes through the mounting feet, were drilled incorrectly at the factory.

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Russia returns to dissident crackdowns against activists

Russian activists raidedRussia appears to be returning to its communists roots. Anti-Putin activists were raided in their homes — and the parents of the activists were also raided.

Not hard to figure out why. Threaten the family and almost any activist will cease and desist.

Nor is it hard to figure where this is all going.

Here’ a new twist of the definition “released”.  Half of all Guantanamo Bay prisoners have been cleared for “release” (over two years ago, and in over 40 cases, 5 years ago!). But they’re still there.

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Environmental Collapse Now Imminent

A new paper published by Nature, produced by 22 international scientists reveal that the scope and scale of the human impact upon the planetary environment is now so severe, that imminent collapse is possible.

Flooded landscapeTitled, “Approaching a state shift in Earth’s biosphere“, 22 of the world’s top researchers have signed off on the paper, claiming that humanity is very close to a irrevocable planetary-scale tipping point.

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