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Apr 292012

Most bloggers try pretty hard to keep their personal opinions to a certain level.

This is actually the “bar” by which all blogs are rated and read. If it’s too opinionated, it is read by a smaller segment of society.

This is also how the mainstream media and the majority of the alternative media operate too.

The more opinionated, the fewer the articles will appeal to.

Some blogs will still garner a lot of attention and commentators due to the nature of the articles. Articles that are controversial or that undermine commonly held views can be widely criticized.

Many writers and authors have learned the “tricks” to keep their readership at high enough levels to be widely read. Don’t be too opinionated or strongly worded (or condemning), because then you’ll alienate some of your readership.  Choose to write on certain topics.

Many topics are actually “off limits”. Here are a few that you won’t find except on the alternative blogs / websites, and with strong opinions: conspiracy, Israel, abortion, religion, racism, and anything that is considered controversial, or not mainstream. Continue reading »

Apr 282012

Maybe I missed this elsewhere, but here is some really huge news: Greenland Ice Sheet Is Already Gone

The quick explanation: A 100% reduction in human emission today (globally), would still mean Greenland ice sheet will still disappear (we can’t save it no matter what now).

It is already likely that the entire Greenland ice sheet will melt as a consequence of the current human-induced climate change.

My own climate predictions indicated this too — but came from an entirely different set of reasons.  Looks like the scientific reticence is opening up too:

Now we say it is twice as bad as twice as bad.

I’ll say. Greenland melt will raise sea levels by at least 20 ft or more. Bear in mind that this will also mean that other ice will melt too… (it already is).  The Arctic and Antarctic news is quite bad.

We’re already there, right now, at the temperature rise ‘requirement’ (1.6 C) for this to all to happen:

We are already there. We just don’t feel it yet. That inertia is the real climate killer.

‘Thermal delay’ takes a few decades, but oops, too late already…

And they’ve found a new way to identify human-caused C02 from fossil fuels, versus natural causes, by Carbon-14 dating. Seems like over 60% is “ours”, even in winter. So much for the non-anthropogenic “its natural” crowd…

And there’s this – the rise of extreme weather events:

Don’t forget the 15,000 warm weather records broken (just last month too).

And speaking of pictures, this one is pretty – a picture of the the CO2, methane (CH4), and nitrous oxide over the Southern Hemisphere:

And finally (but by no means all) – the Arctic is burping methane directly from the water now. This, along with methane hydrates found under the ice and deep on the ocean floor in many parts of the world, virtually ensure a positive feedback. As in hugely negative for all life on Earth.

There are now very large areas where the sea is virtually “boiling on the surface” so much gas is being released.

But not to worry! It’s not real, the anti-science, anti-fact denialist crowd has confidently assured us all that not a single one of these measurements and observations are actually happening, and that there is no reason for alarm or concern.

Apr 282012

They were munching, marching, stumbling, crowding through everything — eating their way down to the last grain and morsels to be found. I couldn’t believe my eyes!

Death was arriving at my door, what was I to do? I’m afraid, very afraid, they’re going to find me, crunch my bones, eat my flesh, steal my food. I am dead… dead…

Would I wish that this day had never come!

I mean no disrespect for using the term “horde” when I describe the people who will wind up in them (perhaps even you), but it does accurately describe what everyone has seen in virtually every apocalyptic movie. A virtual horde of thousands of people on the silver screen, munching its way through everything it can find to eat. Continue reading »

Apr 272012

Here are some rather important ‘revelations’ that the survivalist community should at least read:

When I run our SERE based classes (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape), I get people who last maybe two weeks, normally one.. I would put money on the fact that anyone who does the BOB challenge, would last only a few cold damp wet nights before they give up.

I don’t agree with most of the BS that is out there on the net or printed material. Having first hand experience of peoples expectations versus reality, 95% of attendees have a massive shock.

Most have watched the scripted survival TV series or other TV based survival instruction programs, but when reality hits, you cans see it on their faces….

I train a lot of very fit regular and ex forces members and even some of these guys/gals have a tough time lasting a week, foraging of the land, so long term BOB style living is a sure way to help reduce the surplus population.

Keep well and keep blogging, best regards

Paul Cobham

And another email received:

If you get a chance, I would like you to read this topic I started and consider my suggestion that preppers take on the role of “pest control”. IMO, if the people who are prepared to survive, are not also prepared to eliminate the thieves and murderers who are going to perceive us as prey…. then we are pissing in the wind. No matter how well stocked your are or how long you are prepared to survive on your own, everybody will have to come out of their hiding spots eventually. And if no one has taken it upon themselves to literally exterminate the vermin who are surviving a true doomsday scenario by cannibalism, then we are all pretty much fucking doomed.

Please note what this actually means. The ‘thieves and murderers’ will be those who ran off into the woods and attempted to survive — the so-called ‘survivalist’, urban house mom, couch ‘patriot’ and would-be doomsday wilderness ‘prepper’. I am not overlooking the displaced hordes from the city of course. This horde is an entirely different topic which can be addressed later.

Even the professional survival instructors do not agree that bugging out and living off the land is going to work. Continue reading »

Apr 262012

I propose a “Survivalist Challenge” to prove the theory, concept and practical reality of what the survivalist movement calls “bugging out” to the wilderness.  Whatever the “shtf” scenario that requires / demands of you to leave your home and disappear off into the woods, abandoning everything you haven’t taken with you.

This challenge, in order to be realistic, must have certain rules to emulate a real “SHTF” scenario. They are intended to be as real-life as possible.

The Rules

1) B.O.B – The “bugout bag” is permitted, containing only your gear. See instructions below on food and water. Gear, limited to a realistic 20 – 40 lbs is permitted. Pick what you like, but you must already own it. Weapons, knives, snares, books, etc., but be honest here — select the gear you already have.  You are not allowed to buy anything (see below). If you’re bugging out — shopping is not a realistic option in “bugout mode”, so it is not permitted for this challenge.

Your starting water supply is limited only to what you can carry into the wilderness.  A canteen, Camelbak or some such container. Just be honest here and carry what you would have had with your B.O.B.

Food in your B.O.B is limited to a 3-day supply, per person. Remember, you’re going to be living off the land, unsupplied from civilization. For reality purposes, any food you might have had in your B.O.B. would be eaten fairly quickly anyway, and then it would be gone. To get to “reality conditions” quicker, only a 3 day food supply is allowed (time enough to get you to your bugout location), where you must find all your remaining food yourself.  However, no shopping (anywhere) enroute or at anytime is permitted. You can only arrive at your wilderness spot with what you started with — and what you still have left. Continue reading »

Stealing Our Land – Making Homeless – The World At Risk

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Apr 252012

Here’s a video, from a former “child farmer” and how he and all the communities are being forced off their land:

Pretty damn sad that it has come to this.

Monoculture plantations have devastating consequences to the land.

The only “people” (a term I’m using very loosely here, they are actually monsters) that profit from these so-called “developments” are the new owners, who are in many cases, simply stealing the land out from underneath everyone else.

Creating new refugees by theft, bribery and corruption puts the future of everyone at risk — incrementally increasing with each theft, each violation of property rights, each displacement.

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Children Under Age 16 To Be Banned From Farming

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Apr 252012

Apparently, this is not a joke — the Obama Administration is seeking to pass a law that would ban all children from under the age of 16 from farm “chores”.

The Department of Labor is poised to put the finishing touches on a rule that would apply child-labor laws to children working on family farms, prohibiting them from performing a list of jobs on their own families’ land.

Under the rules, children under 16 could no longer work “in the storing, marketing and transporting of farm product raw materials.”

This absolutely bizarre effort to regulate the family farm (and food production) absolutely blows my mind. With the average age over 50 now on the nations farms, who else should be learning how to process the food and products produced?  Monsanto?

Defying common sense is becoming a national characteristic, found at the highest levels of government through the most lowly bureaucrat.

This has created a lot of criticism — and it should.

The way the regulations are currently written, he added, would prohibit children under 16 from using battery powered screwdrivers, since their motors, like those of a tractor, are defined as “power take-off driven.”

Will Americans simply finally, refuse?  If not, then what’s next?

Have you had enough yet?

No?  I thought not.

Update: Labor Dept. withdraws farm child labor rule

The U.S. Department of Labor cited public outcry as the reason for withdrawing the rule.

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The God Business

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Apr 242012

Tonight’s movie quote:

The organizing principle of any society is war.

The basic authority for the modern state over its people resides in its war powers.

Today, it’s oil. Tomorrow, water. It’s what we like to call the God Business.

Guns, oil and drugs.

But there’s a problem. Our way of life, it’s over. It’s unsustainable and in rapid decline.

That’s why we can implement demand destruction. We continue to make money as the world burns.
But for this to work the people have to remain ignorant of the problem until it’s too late.

That’s why we have triggers in place. 9/11, 7/7, WMD’s.

A population in a permanent state of fear does not ask questions. Our desire for war becomes its desire, a willing sacrifice.

A willing sacrifice. You see?

Fear is justification. Fear is control.

Fear is money.

From The Veteran.

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Let’s Make America Fail

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Apr 242012

Would you like to watch another propaganda piece on why “America is failing”?  Or what Big Oil would like you to believe, while protecting their absolutely obscene profit margins?

Notice the narrative in this piece of crap video — a slick, well-funded presentation based on the assumption that making “America fail” is the real agenda (bullshit):

Another Big Oil propaganda piece, incredibly inaccurate and misleading to the real truth. It begins with “If I wanted America to fail“, an assumption that is utterly wrong from the get-go.

Wanting “America to fail” defies all known economic theory and the entire purpose to this country, the desire of its people, leaders and the entire business sector, GLOBALLY. Continue reading »

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Apr 232012

Part II – The Fallacy of Bugging Out

If you haven’t read this already, please read The Fallacy of Bugging Out for important background information on this topic.

This is Part II, which expands on some of the assumptions and misconceptions on why bugging out is in nearly all cases, a very bad idea for the vast majority of people who might be considering this.

There are only a very few, extremely unlikely scenarios where attempting to disappear or escape into the wilderness for survival could be deemed necessary. This decision, should be essentially a last ditch, balls-to-the-wall, choice of “last resort” that offers extremely limited survival for the majority of people, yet receives an inordinate amount of attention and concern, probably through a serious lack of understanding of what this choice actually means.

Internet Survivalists

Bugging out to the wilderness is in reality, a last ditch emergency survival decision, one which offers a very limited duration of survival — with a very low chance of actual long-term success. Divorcing yourself from everything you actually need that is presently keeping you alive is a decision not to be taken lightly. You will have to come back — a point that is chronically overlooked.

The mythology of bugging out, with its many adherents but few actual practitioners, somehow manages to overlook some absolutely critical needs that we all have on a daily basis. This critical need is simply described in the rest of this article as the need to resupply. Continue reading »