Destroying An Entire Generation of Life

North of the American border, up in Alberta, is one of the most toxic environmental wastelands on the entire planet. This place is called the Alberta Tar Sands.  Dante would have described this region as a descent into hell, with toxic smoke billowing from hundreds of smokestacks throughout the region, and an entire forest razed to the ground, turned into stinking lakes full of poisons and chemicals.

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Nuclear Detonations Over The Earth

Your really should watch this all the way through.  It starts out slow, but be patient:

This should scare the hell out of you.

When you consider the sheer scale (over 2000) of these explosions being detonated over land and water (and people), and then how much effect something like Fukishima is having, and the amount of radioactive particles that have being spewed into the atmosphere, this should make your blood boil.

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Eat Whole Food – Live Healthy

Eat whole food:

Sometimes people have asked me why they should eat the dehydrated foods that I sell. The reasons are many, but a good one often ignored is how our mass-produced culture is poisoning you to death with the crap they sell as “food”. Very little that you can buy in the supermarket is unprocessed, coming in small containers (wasteful packaging), has a short shelf life and high prices. Worst of all however, is what they are putting into the food, which if you do the research, will literally blow your mind (and make you gag).  And finally, they actually and truly expect you to eat this crap, while paying them premium prices for the dubious privilege and “convenience” as they rot you from your insides out.

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The Folly Of Man

To all who have inquired:

I am still alive. I’m basically working my butt off again. Orders are coming in VERY fast now. The war drums with Iran are probably the primary reason.

This is insane, but common sense has long since abandon our government. Apparently, this is also true of many people. A full 77% approve the use of drone wars. That’s probably a good thing, since there will be at least 30,000 of these killers drones over American skies by 2020 according to the latest reports, so they should be very comfortable with these figures. The thought of terrorism by government in America needs to be looked at long and hard. See Who are the real terrorists? for another perspective. The Divine Injustice of killing non-combatant civilians is what drone wars really mean — and their terrifying threat to democracy.

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