Domestic Use of Military Drones Well Underway Within The United States

From FAS Project on Government Secrecy, we learn that over 251 certificates of authorization for drones over U.S. airspace have already been approved in 2010:

The use of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) within the United States is certain to increase in the years to come, as a new Army policy has recently made clear.  (“Army Foresees Expanded Use of Drones in U.S. Airspace,” Secrecy News, January 19.)  But in fact the use of unmanned aircraft or drones within U.S. airspace has already advanced to a degree that is not widely recognized.

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Idiot Acts Enacted

President Obama is being sued by Chris Hedges, Pulitzer Prize winner, over the National Defense Authorization Act:

“I suspect the real purpose of this bill is to thwart internal, domestic movements that threaten the corporate state,” says Hedges. “The definition of a terrorist is already so amorphous under the Patriot Act that there are probably a few million Americans who qualify to be investigated if not locked up.” When that piece of legislation is coupled with NDAA, the end result could be catastrophic.

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The Life You Live

Hey, what’s going on?


Always time.

Trickling through your fingers.

An ‘expense account’.

A finite but unknowable measure of your life.

An allotment of existence.

Given to all.

Spend it wisely.

What do you do with life?

With your life?

We live. We exist, we breathe, we sleep, we eat, we work. We play.

Probably one of the most important philosophical question of the ages, pondered upon by billions and billions down through the ages of mankind. We all stare as far down this path as we dare, questioning, seeking, wondering, buffeted about by the toil and angst of life itself, but still knowing that we have not actually found the answer.

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Freedom Off – Data Mining On

I recently received a suggesting that I reopen the comments on this blog. While this may seem like a good idea, I’m going to leave comments closed. Primarily because it will not be safe for you, the reader.

While posting / commenting on any blog, forum or website is your choice (where allowed), it is a very unsafe practice these days. Electronic information profiles are now being developed on every Internet user. Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Google, Gmail, Hotmail, MSN, virtually all of them — are all being sifted, sorted and aggregated together to identify everyone (and every one you know). What you think, what you buy, what you own, your political views, religious affiliations, psychological profiles and much, much more.

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Dissent From the Web

Views from the web. First up, William Blum, The Anti-Empire Report:

Iraq. Began with big lies. Ending with big lies. Never forget.

“Most people don’t understand what they have been part of here,” said Command Sgt. Major Ron Kelley as he and other American troops prepared to leave Iraq in mid-December. “We have done a great thing as a nation. We freed a people and gave their country back to them.”

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