Protests Spreading

The protest continues:

I told you that they don’t care. All these talking heads sympathize with the bankers — they know where their bread is buttered.

Spectator sport.

The protests are spreading (a good thing imo), now headed West:

Might this turn into something else?  Maybe.  The agitators are obviously being targeted and hauled off. They are afraid that this is going to spread into something more then it already is.

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MSNBC & Police Brutality

I’m amazed that this video / commentary made it to the main stream news.

Really amazed.

This type of brutality has been going on for years and years, and all the videos, blogs and articles covering this (including many of my own) haven’t managed to make a dent in the attitudes of Amerikans towards this type of behavior.

Will it finally sink through into the stunted consciousness of Amerikans?

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Survival Mode Is Here, Now

The Texas drought is now “the worst in history” with a severe threat to food production, livestock and the ability of the state to continue like before.  Unfortunately, the author of that particular articles still remains clueless on climate change.

Here’s a tidbit:

Austin-Mabry’s high of 105 Sunday marks the 26th day of 105+ this year (all-time record), 86th day of 100+ (all-time record), 152nd day of 90+ (record is 159 in 1925), and 127th consecutive day of 90+ (all-time record).

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Mainstream Media Turns Against Americans

This should REALLY piss you off.  Absolute proof positive that Americans are being totally manipulated by the media.

Ron Paul virtually destroys the so-called “competition”, but the media won’t even let you in on the results.

Here’s what Fox News has to say about it:  Who Won the Debate?

They do NOT want Americans to be properly informed. The manipulation by the media is unbelievable.

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Britians Tens of Thousands Poor Facing Starvation


Tens of thousands of benefits claimants will be referred to food banks by the Government, which is worried that many Britons face a stark choice: starvation or feeding themselves by begging or stealing.

From tomorrow, jobcentres in England and Wales will refer the needy to charity-run food banks that will give them a food parcel. It is the first time in living memory that hungry people will have been passed on to charities in this way.

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A Whopping $1,500,000,000,000 In New Taxes

Yet another deception: Obama to propose $1.5 trillion in new tax revenue.

Updated: $3 in tax increases for every $1 in promised spending “cuts”.

The notion that Americans “owe” their unbelievably STUPID government any more taxes is ABSURD.  We didn’t spend our way into trillions in debt — THEY DID.

I would not have approved of 90% of the insane spending they’ve done, believing that we don’t need government to be the nanny protectorate state that it has become.  Very little of the money government spends do I approve of, but the government believes that despite this, you and I are somehow “responsible” for their utterly insane fiscal irresponsibility.

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Permaculture Video

Very cool:

Sepp Holzer is a living legend, there are many other videos on Youtube that can help you find out more.

Another, Part I:

We have this problem here, pine tree monocultures.  Not much is grown around here, food wise. There are some small examples of homesteads, including my own. Others have much more success growing their own food then I have, but I’ve still got a long ways to go.

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