Hall Of Shame #2

There is a new hall of shame candidate, Mr. Lee Smith. No offense to all the other Mr. Lee Smith’s out there. This Mr. Smith is a buffoon.

June 22, 2011 – Do you have a list of products that you can ship right away (within a week)? That can be sent to me.

Jun 22, 2011 – Hi, Nothing can be shipped immediately. All orders are first-come, first- serve and subject to our current shipping times.

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Endgame Strategy – Why The Revolution Must Start In America


The unrest in the Middle East, the convulsions in Ivory Coast, the hunger sweeping across failed states such as Somalia, the freak weather patterns and the systematic unraveling of the American empire do not signal a lurch toward freedom and democracy but the catastrophic breakdown of globalization. The world as we know it is coming to an end. And what will follow will not be pleasant or easy.

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Climate Denial

An important read and covers many issues besides climate. This treatise is actually a “peak behind the curtain” at the political sell-out and corruption of the United States government.  Bolded emphasis is mine — Admin

The first time I remember hearing the question “is it real?” was when I went as a young boy to see a traveling show put on by “professional wrestlers” one summer evening in the gym of the Forks River Elementary School in Elmwood, Tennessee.

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Mountain House Cans

The following Mountain House cans are available:

SA1549    Rice & Chicken
SA1555    Vegetable Stew w/Beef
SA1559    Beef Stroganoff
SA1569    Noodles & Chicken
SA1587    Egg Mix, Butter Flavor
SA1594    Diced Chicken, Cooked
SA1586    Precooked Scrambled Eggs w/Ham
SA1597    Instant White Rice

These can be shipped out in about two weeks. Supplies are limited to stock availability.

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Mass Extinctions Loom For World’s Oceans

World’s Oceans in ‘shocking decline’

Not a long read, but it is already causing a lot of controversy from the denial crowd.

I’m appalled at the willfully stupid reactions I’ve seen over the last several years to what is dead obvious now.  This is, in my opinion, much more then cognitive dissonance, it actually resembles a coordinated campaign similar to a “denial of service” attack.

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Protect Us

This should make you mad:

It tells how, between 2009 and this year, the ATF instructed agents to turn a blind eye to hundreds of AK-47 assault rifles, sniper rifles, and revolvers purchased from gunshops in Phoenix and en route to Mexico. They hoped to eventually recover them from crime scenes and build a complex conspiracy case that might take down the leaders of a major drug cartel. Exposed: The secret guns sting that backfired on the US

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The Crash Ahead

Some important updates on the food situation:

New prices have all been updated on the website to reflect wholesale price increases and product availability.  Wheat went up as expected, but not by much. Not yet.

We lost several products: soy milk, dough enhancer. Organic Ezekial mix is now gone too.  Several organic beans are no longer available in cans.  Oat bran, soybeans, Nuwick candles, coconut shreds, all gone now.  We’re having serious issues with TVP availability, and Mainstay food rations have disappeared.  I do not expect to try and offer these items again except for TVP.

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Ready For A Laugh?

We all need a good belly laugh once in a while. So here’s one for you:

Gold to Reach $5,000 Due to Supply Shortage

An exhaustive report by Standard Chartered predicts that gold will more than triple to $5,000 an ounce because of a lack of supply, not just because of a surge in demand that most bullion bugs cite in their bullish calls.

“There are very few large gold mines set to commence operation in the next five years,” said Standard’s analyst Yan Chen in a report Monday. “The limited new supply comes at a time when central banks have turned from being net sellers to significant net buyers of gold. The result, in our view, will be a gold market in deficit, even assuming flat growth in demand. With the supply-demand balance so out of kilter, we see the gold price potentially going to US$5,000/oz.”

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Are You Ready For More?

A few choice sentences in the hopes that my readers will read this article:

In the U.S. alone, nearly 1,000 tornadoes have ripped across the heartland, killing more than 500 people and inflicting $9 billion in damage.

Worldwide, the litany of weather’s extremes has reached biblical proportions. The 2010 heat wave in Russia killed an estimated 15,000 people. Floods in Australia and Pakistan killed 2,000 and left large swaths of each country under water. A months-long drought in China has devastated millions of acres of farmland. And the temperature keeps rising: 2010 was the hottest year on earth since weather records began.

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Reader Comment

Good morning!  I watched the two youtubes (about immigration with the gumballs) and I hope you will reconsider the implicit endorsement by embedding them.

I don’t quibble with the numbers, but I think the underlying premise is slanted.  Everyone on earth is linked now, we are all on the Titanic together.  The smug presentation about the multiplying Asians and Mexicans leaves out a couple of crucial points:

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Caution Ahead — Cognitive Dissonance Can Be Dangerous To Your Life

Nice video found on Desdemona, by Bill McKibben. Suggest you watch:

Related: Canada confirms it will reject new Kyoto Protocol

Anybody watching the CO₂ meter on my right side bar? You realize what is happening?

We’re under regional flood watch here, constant rain, incessant snow melt and rising rivers.  All the dams are now “past flood stage” and low lying homes are going underwater.

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