Joe Bageant, 1946-2011

R.I.P – One of the most colorful, and some would say influential writers of our time is now gone.

I want to post in entirety one of his more recent pieces that aptly describes the state of our nation and its decline into a sordid cesspool of ignorance and apathy.

Posted under Collapse because that’s what Joe has been saying for a long time. We’re in steep decline as a society and in our culture, what awaits us can’t be better, but worse.  ~Admin~

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Mega Disasters Will Be Our Future

Fire Earth has been documenting the global catastrophe’s for a long time. This year, they are doing a blow-by-blow of major disasters documented around the world.  Their next prediction:


The next major anthropogenic or human-enhanced natural disaster [e.g., climate related] could occur in the United States with a probability of 0.75

The world’s next catastrophic tectonics event could occur in

  1. Western United States, Iceland, or Taiwan [Probability of 0.74]
  2. New Zealand Region, Indonesia, FIJI Islands, or Chile [Probability of 0.73]
  3. Japan Region [Probability of 0.72]

Well worth reviewing:

January 2011 Disaster CalendarFebruary 2011 CalendarMarch 2011 Calendar

The full extent of the Japanese mega-disaster is still not entirely known.  The death toll from the earthquake / tsunami will take several months most likely to calculate with any accuracy.  The effects of radiation will take much longer.

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Website Update

Rainy Day released a new price list early this morning. I had shut the site down in order to accommodate these changes. The site is now re-enabled.

About a dozen products are gone on this new list.  And as expected, pricing has gone up on nearly 900 items.

Unrelated but interesting news: I have received an email from an American in Japan. The media is reporting panic-buying by Japanese citizens, however the eye-witness report I received does not support this (at all).

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I would like to ask the nation – although this is an incident of great concern – I request that you act very calmly

The above headline is a direct quote from Prime Minister of Japan, Naoto Kan.

To Americans: “I would like to ask the nation – although this is an incident of great concern – I request that you act very calmly” – Survival Acres

I am experiencing a catastrophic level of panic in people. Some are acting very irrationally. Everything possible is being done to accommodate these people, but it’s getting out of control (here, on US soil, just so I’m very clear).

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Mountain House Suspends Further #10 Can Sales

Mountain House has suspended all further can sales for all dealers until further notice.  This had already happened for sales on their website, back in December they started “dealers only” on weekly allocations.  Now, no can sales of any kind will be allowed.  This situation is expected to last for several months (present estimate).

Mountain House cans have been removed from the website until further notice.  This includes the year units, and the special custom units we carried.

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Seems like all I ever have to share here is bad news… well, so be it.  Can’t be helped.

Mountain House has issued emergency discontinuing of 17 additional items from their product lines.  I have updated the shopping cart database to reflect this.

All existing orders for these discontinued products will be honored to the best of their ability, so no existing customers should be worried about this.

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World food prices rise for seventh consecutive month, reach new historic peak

Found over on Desdemona:

World food prices rise for seventh consecutive month, reach new historic peak

There is definitely panic in the air.

I have recently been contacted by a couple of people who allege they were prepared to make some major storable food purchases. One would-be buyer wanted nearly 2 million dollars in food, the other would-be buyer asked for over a quarter-million dollars worth.

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