The World In Meltdown

The eruptions in Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen are going to have devastating effects.  Mubarak’s dictatorship and long-standing rule of brutality and oppression is going to come to an end.  Steve Lendeman and many others have written about the conditions in Egypt and throughout the Middle East.

America has stupidly sided once again, with the dictator (for now).  Probably because they don’t have their own puppet waiting in the wings to replace Mubarak.

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2010 Warmest, Wettest Year On Record

From Fire Earth and NOAA:

  • Combined global land and ocean annual surface temperatures for 2010 tied with 2005 as the warmest such period on record at 1.12 F (0.62 C) above the 20th century average. The range of confidence (to the 95 percent level) associated with the combined surface temperature is +/- 0.13 F (+/- 0.07 C).*
  • The global land surface temperatures for 2010 were tied for the second warmest on record at 1.73 F (0.96 C) above the 20th century average. The range of confidence associated with the land surface temperature is +/- 0.20 F (+/- 0.11 C).
  • Global ocean surface temperatures for 2010 tied with 2005 as the third warmest on record, at 0.88 F (0.49 C) above the 20th century average. The range of confidence associated with the ocean surface temperature is +/- 0.11 F (+/- 0.06 C).
  • In 2010 there was a dramatic shift in the El Nino-Southern Oscillation (ENSO), which influences global temperature and precipitation patterns ” when a moderate-to-strong El Nino transitioned to La Nina conditions by July. At the end of November, La Nina was moderate-to-strong.
  • According to the Global Historical Climatology Network, 2010 was the wettest year on record, in terms of global average precipitation. As with any year, precipitation patterns were highly variable from region to region.
  • The 2010 Pacific hurricane season had seven named storms and three hurricanes, the fewest on record since the mid-1960s when scientists started using satellite observations. By contrast, the Atlantic season was extremely active, with 19 named storms and 12 hurricanes. The year tied for third- and second-most storms and hurricanes on record, respectively.
  • The Arctic sea ice extent had a record long growing season, with the annual maximum occurring at the latest date, March 31, since records began in 1979. Despite the shorter-than-normal melting season, the Arctic still reached its third smallest annual sea ice minimum on record behind 2007 and 2008. The Antarctic sea ice extent reached its eighth smallest annual maximum extent in March, while in September, the Antarctic sea ice rapidly expanded to its third largest extent on record.
  • A negative Arctic Oscillation (AO) in January and February helped usher in very cold Arctic air to much of the Northern Hemisphere. Record cold and major snowstorms with heavy accumulations occurred across much of eastern North America, Europe and Asia. The February AO index reached -4.266, the largest negative anomaly since records began in 1950.
  • From mid-June to mid-August, an unusually strong jet stream shifted northward of western Russia while plunging southward into Pakistan. The jet stream remained locked in place for weeks, bringing an unprecedented two-month heat wave to Russia and contributing to devastating floods in Pakistan at the end of July.

1.73 F degrees may not sound like much — but as the world events show, this is hugely significant. Especially during the record solar minimum we’ve been experiencing.

The parts of the world heating up the most are the Arctic and Antarctic, where temperature anomalies are far higher – 3 degrees Celsius and even 4.3 degrees Celsius: 2010 Hottest Year On Record For Canada

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Personal Genomics To Be Used To Identify the Perfect Humans for Battlefield and More

This is interesting — the cost to perform DNA sequencing has fallen from $300 million (each) to $20,000, and expected to fall to under just $100 by 2013.  All well and good, except for the fact that this is going to be used in some very nefarious ways.

Personal Genomics Technology (pdf) is going to be used on all military personnel, collecting genetic information for military assessment.  This ominous sounding term means exactly what you might think — identifying individuals and phenotypes that have “have special relevance to military performance and medical cost containment”.

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January 2010 – Global Signs Of Collapse Continue

Order volume for food orders continues to worsen in lock-step with global climate disasters and the national collapse news events.

Australia is having truly biblical-level flooding events only 1 month into their normal rainy season.  Found over on Desdemona:

These floods are coming on the heels of Pakistan’s massive flooding as extreme climatic events are intensifying.

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The Real Terrorists

Fire Earth has a new entry on who the real terrorists are:

Up to 5,000 German Farms have been closed due to dioxin contaminated feed.

  • Up to 5,000 German farms have been closed.
  • The full extent of the dioxin contamination has not been revealed.
  • About 150,000 potentially contaminated eggs were exported to the Netherlands for reprocessing.
  • At least 1,000 chicken farms across Germany are banned from selling eggs and poultry.
  • Up to 10,000 chickens have already been culled.
  • A reported 55 tons of suspect feed has already been fed to chickens.
  • A total of about 530 tons of feed may be contaminated.
  • Dioxin is highly toxic, and even in minute quantities can cause cancer in humans.
  • Most Dioxin chemicals are persistent in the environment and accumulate in humans and animals. They affect the nervous, reproductive and immune systems.
  • The contamination is more widespread than originally thought

Apparently, this has been going on for years and years — selling contaminated “industrial waste” into animal feed, which is then turned into products for human consumption.

The real terrorists are the people / corporations / agri-businesses who are deliberately poisoning, polluting, destroying, raping and plundering the planet, at a profit no less, and then turning around and selling their destructive waste for our connedsumption.

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More Signs of Climate Collapse

I have reported on this before, but it is a situation that is getting worse.

Up to 200,000 Indian Farmers have committed suicide in the past decade. The reason?  Climate collapse.  And Monsanto has also played a big part in this.

Drinking pesticide has got to be an utterly horrible way to kill yourself.

Many Americans still don’t think that there is a problem, but they are far, far removed from reality and what is happening all over the world.
4 US Bee Species Collapse by 96% — Pollination (food) is going to be a BIG problem in the coming months.

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More Oddities

Birds Drop From The Sky — This Time In Louisiana

Louisiana has mass bird kill just days after Arkansas

Biologists were trying to figure out what killed the birds in rural Pointe Coupee Parish, La. About 300 miles to the north, in the small town of Beebe in central Arkansas, scientists said celebratory fireworks on New Year’s Eve likely sent thousands of discombobulated blackbirds into such a tizzy that they crashed into homes, cars and each other before plummeting to their deaths. Still, officials acknowledged it’s unlikely they’ll ever pinpoint a cause with certainty.

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Corporations are Destroying The World

A powerful video with a powerful message:

Thanks to Doug for sending this in.

I am deeply saddened that in the face of so much evidence that we still cannot seem to change our behavior.

The following two stories are related:

1,000 Blackbirds Fall From the Sky In Arkansas

Thousands of Dead Fish Show Up in Arkansas River

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January 1, 2011 – Looking Back

These links below are some of the 2010 top pictures / and 2010 year-in-review.

These pictures depict brutality, oppression, greed, gluttony, indifference, environmental devastation, economic collapse, natural disasters and much, much more.  Events and circumstances, engineered and accidental throughout 2010, but all depict at the deepest levels of what we are.

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