Survivalists, Constitutionalists Listed in “Extremism Guide” by DOJ

They’re tightening the screws:

Department of Justice Lists Survivalists, Constitutionalists in Extremism Guide 

Public Intelligence

A recent Department of Justice guide for investigators of criminal and extremist groups lists “constitutionalists” and “survivalists” alongside organizations like Al-Qaeda and the Aryan Brotherhood.  The 120-page, “Law Enforcement Sensitive” guide to “Investigating Terrorism and Criminal Extremism ““ Terms and Concepts” describes itself as “a glossary designed primarily as a tool for criminal justice professionals to enhance their understanding of words relating to extremist terminology, phrases, activities, symbols, organizations, and selected names that they may encounter while conducting criminal investigations or prosecutions of members of extremist organizations.”

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Pakistan Flooding Worsens

The Pakistan environmental collapse disaster is still growing, as flood waters continue to increase.  Already, over 20 million people have been displaced (22% of the country).  175,000 people left Thata literally overnight.

Imagine the United States with numbers like that.  A river of refugees.  Hard to believe, but the images coming out of Pakistan are too real.  The human tragedy is heart-breaking.

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Mexico At War Within

Everybody should be pretty aware already of how serious the Mexican drug wars have become.  Over 28,000 people have already died, with uncounted number of injuries.

72 more bodies were found a couple of days ago, and now two car bombs have exploded with no injuries.  The investigator looking into the 72 massacre has now been killed, making Mexico and anything related to the drug war, one of the most dangerous places on earth.

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Pakistan Flood Survivors Near Starvation

It’s pretty clear now that Pakistan has been struck with a biblical-level apocalypse.  Refugee camps are overflowing, food is in severe short supply and thousands of people are being turned away from aid.

Pakistan Flood Survivors Refused Aid At Refugee Camps

Everyone remember what I said about being a refugee?  About how not to become one, and don’t make yourself one either? The Pakistan tragedy proves this point beyond a shadow of doubt.  You do not want to be a refugee.

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World Will Run Out Of Helium

The world will run out of helium.  A non-renewable resource, it’s an irreplaceable gas used for many critical applications.

Liquid helium is critical for cooling cooling infrared detectors, nuclear reactors and the machinery of wind tunnels. The space industry uses it in sensitive satellite equipment and spacecraft, and Nasa uses helium in huge quantities to purge the potentially explosive fuel from its rockets.

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Super-Extreme Weather In Indonesia – The Worst In Recorded History

Link found from Desdemona, the weather in Indonesia (Jakarta) is beyond anything in human experience or memory:

Jakarta. Indonesia has been experiencing its most extreme weather conditions in recorded history, meteorologists warned on Wednesday as torrential rains continued to pound the capital.

All regions across the archipelago have been experiencing abnormal and often catastrophic weather, an official from the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) said.

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Don’t Eat The Fish

Don’t eat the fish, or the shrimp, or the oysters either.

Mississippi Shrimpers Refuse to Trawl

The goal was to prove to the public that their fishing grounds are contaminated with both oil and dispersants. Their method was simple ““ they tied an absorbent rag to a weighted hook, dropped it overboard for a short duration of time, then pulled it up to find the results. The rags were covered in a brown oily substance that the fishermen identified as a mix of BP’s crude oil and toxic dispersants.

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