Another Worst Case Scenario

[This is from mi2g, and site / source I am not familiar with.  They’re “Global Risk Specialists” according to their website – Admin]

Gulf Oil Gusher: Danger of Tsunamis From Methane?

London, UK – 21June 2010, 11:55 GMT

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The Hot Zone – Death In The Gulf

Andy Levin has a high quality photo show on the destruction in the Gulf. Worth seeing.

This lady claims first-hand evidence of massive coverups, staged “photo ops” when officials visit, widespread sickness and a conspiracy of monumental proportions:

Make of it what you will.  Very odd they’d allow someone such an ‘insiders view’ to all their meetings. Many people are not being allowed to help, or to work, or to operate their equipment. Photographers are being kept away, the Net has been scrubbed of many stories and videos, and this lady claims a free pass…  and she’s all over YouTube.

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Self Interest Protectionism

In my last post, the government “disconnect” was mentioned. There are always countless present-day examples of this effect at work, or how not to work.

A lot of people still believe the illusion that one of the main roles of government is to protect us.  I challenge that notion, because protecting us has never been the actual agenda.  What is being protected isn’t “us”, but the business interests including private and public business interests such as government itself.

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Website Bits

This blog used to have a page rank of 5 before I shut it down a year ago. My estimate / guesstimates at that time was there were several thousand readers.  I then went silent for a few months before starting the newsletters, which ran from August until sometime in April, with about 64 issues published.

How many readers are now “here” from the newsletters?

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