Arctic Ice Loss

When you look at this, remember the post here from a couple of days back of Greenland ice loss also:

The big Arctic news remains the staggering decline in multiyear ice and hence ice volume.  If we get near the Arctic’s sea ice area (or extent) seen in recent years this summer, then this may well mean record low ice volume the fourth straight year of low volume.  And the latest extent data from the National Snow and Ice Data Center suggests we will: Arctic poised for record low ice

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The Hidden Side of Memorial Day

Attention: This is a GRAPHIC post with pictures.  Do not read if you are easily offended or disturbed.

This Memorial Day, we are encouraged to remember the fallen soldier.  Memorial Day is a U.S. holiday, accompanied by remembrance, booze and plenty of partying. Some Americans will visit the endless graves of the departed, but most Americans don’t seem to bother.

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Damage Control

I have no idea how many people read this blog anymore, so sort of feel like I’m swinging into the wind (again).  But here are a few important news bits for your information:

Top Kill has failed.  Early reports state the LMRP effort has also failed (this was their backup plan).

At this time, it appears that a relief well is the only “real” option (which isn’t guaranteed to work either).  And that is months away from completion.  And unbelievably, they’re only now going to do one relief well, instead of two.

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The Triumph Of Hope Over Reason

The Triumph of Hope Over Reason

The human tendency to cling to hope in times of crisis, in times of need, and in times of pain is very real, an integral part of the human experience.  In these times, hope is our refuge, the safety net for the fragile minds and dreams of humankind.

But hope lives on in other times too, in times of peace, in times of prosperity and in times of abundance.  Hope dreams, hope imagines, hope seeks genesis in our daily reality.  Hope is essential for sanity, although ethereal and intangible, hope remains still real to us, essential and an important part of who we are.  Without hope, we have ‘nothing’, and with hope, we find that all things are indeed possible.

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Moratorium On Deepwater Drilling Issued

Six Month Moratorium on Deepwater Drilling

Secretary Salazar is ordering a moratorium on drilling of new deepwater wells until the Presidential Commission investigating the BP oil spill has completed its six-month review. In addition, permitted wells currently being drilled in the deepwater (not counting the emergency relief wells being drilled) in the Gulf of Mexico will be required to halt drilling at the first safe stopping point, and then take steps to secure the well. Additional safety checks will be imposed on ongoing deepwater drilling activities as they prepare to shut down their operations. The Department of the Interior will be issuing notices to lessees and other documentation necessary to implement the moratorium.

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Third Giant Oil Plume Discovered

This just keeps getting worse and worse:

Third Giant Underwater Oil Plume Discovered

A day after scientists reported finding a huge “plume” of oil extending miles east of the leaking BP well, on Friday a Louisiana scientist said his crew had located another vast plume of oily globs, miles in the opposite direction.

James H. Cowan Jr., a professor at Louisiana State University, said his crew on Wednesday found a plume of oil in a section of the gulf 75 miles west of the source of the leak.

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Gulf Oilpocalypse

Watch the whole thing.  More evidence that we are going to lose the Gulf.  Every single day this “thing” just gets worse and worse.  But we’ve not even seen the real evidence yet, not when it’s lurking beneath thousands of miles of ocean and coating the ocean floor.

This hurricane season is expected to be significantly worse.  That’ll stir the Gulf waters like none other, slinging this toxic mess from one side of the bathtub to the other.

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Top Kill Fails (and BP lies, again)

Now we know why the video feed was cut:

Top Kill Attempt No 1 failed last night….they pumped 30000 bbl of kill mud in 10 hrs ……thats 50 bbl per min ….or 2100 gal per min …..and if they really had to go upto 2100 gal per min to jam the mud downhole that means they are loosing a lot of kill fluid through the leaks and not enough is making its way downhole or they are loosing ti all in the formation..

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Global Financial Crisis (screwing you over)

You should watch this:

Part I

Part II

Part III

Celente reflects my own published views – the game is rigged, you can’t win, they’re only interested in their own self-preservation, it’s a pyramid scheme (scam) from day one, they’ve been ripping you off (always).

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The Dead Zone

Today we find out if BP manages to stop or even slow down the leak in the Gulf oil field they created.  They’re rating the chances of success at about 60%.  Anything that BP claims however, should be regarded with deep suspicion at this point.

At this time, the only “new development” is what we already know. The leak is far, far larger then claimed, the marshland is overrun with oil, the oxygen in the Gulf has dropped 30% and climbing, the air is toxic to breathe, sea life is / will be totally wiped out, and the response to all of this manmade disaster has been less then inadequate.

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