Newsletter – Issue 59

Tin Foil Hats On Sale Now!

There’s a really great deal going on right now for your very own tin foil hat! Special pricing now includes fear mongering, fabrication and custom engraved ball point pen!

Hawkers and hucksters may want to make bulk volume purchases while inventory and public interest remains high. Imminent attack from multiple EMP devices could negate all sale prices and product availability.

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Newsletter – Issue 58

The destruction continues…  In each newsletter, I have shown different links, articles, assessments and reports on the ongoing collapse of the biosphere.  Planet Earth is under assault.  The human virus has replicated itself far beyond the naturally sustainable boundaries established by natural limits.

Dead Whale Has Large Amount Of Human Debris In Stomach

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Newsletter – Issue 57


I’m taking it slow these days with the newsletter.  Our early, but wet spring has made it possible for me to get many important outside projects done.  My garden / greenhouse / shed project is one important step for my own self-sufficiency.  All my garden boxes have been built, including deck boxes that will be used for other plantings.  My greenhouse was waiting on the relocation of my shed, which is really a small building, it’s 24′ x 12′ and had to moved.  I achieved this backbreaking chore but broke my tow chain and several steel bars in the process.  This thing must have weighed over 7000 lbs.

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Newsletter – Issue 56

The Scary Truth About your IPhone – MotherJones News

The Nutcase Behind Idaho’s Governor Bid – Mix a climate change denialists with a bible-thumping Mormon and what do you expect?  My major beef with these people is little that they stand for is the truth, it’s all based upon lies, misrepresentations and distortion of facts and history.   I cannot imagine a worse scenario then putting in charge someone who would create a (new) American Taliban and deny the environmental catastrophe that is now occurring.

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Newsletter – Issue 55

Last issue I had mentioned the attempts by the Obama administration to “reduce nuclear weapons”, and pointed out that this still left over 3,000 weapons in existence, and thus not reducing any nuclear threat at all.  But after publication, I then found something that is even worse then this:

As Politico has pointed out, the Obama administration has a tendency to describe their every action as “unprecedented.” In the case of the U.S.-Russia Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, this is actually true. Theoretically, the treaty agreed to by the Obama administration limits each side to 1,550 strategic nuclear weapons. In practice, it will allow least 200 nuclear weapons in excess of the U.S. and Russian stockpiles permitted under the 2002 treaty signed by the Bush administration. The administration is laying claim to a 30 percent reduction in strategic nuclear weapons while actually permitting an increase in the force. This is unprecedented.  Obama’s Nuke Deal With Russia

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