Newsletter – Issue 32


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Global Collapse Well Underway Now

Thousands of wild camels have an invaded Australia’s town in a desperate search for water.  Over 6,000 camels have destroyed fences, water mains and even invaded an airstrip.  Trying to force their way into people’s homes has left many residents cowering in fear.

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Newsletter – Issue 31

Climate news is coming in very fast now.  Too much to delay publication!  Be sure to read the final entry from Market Skeptics.

CRU Hack — Already mentioned in issue No. 30, this is still white noise and utterly meaningless.  Real Climate has done a pretty good writeup you can find at the link.

Read the comments too — much information to be gleaned there.  If you really want to know the type of discussions going on between scientists, here’s a good place to start.

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Newsletter – Issue 30

Global Warming Is a Timebomb — Statement by James Hansen (must read).

I just learned that he survived prostrate cancer, and has come out with a few comments and a new book in December 2009.

I hope it makes clear that the €œsolutions€ favored by Congress (Waxman-Markey in the House and related cap-and-trade bills in the Senate) would lock-in disastrous outcomes for young people. Among other things.

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Newsletter – Issue 29

Ukraine Flu Reports – Zero Hedge has a detailed report on the developments in the Ukraine (thanks to YoJen10).

Here are a few Youtube video clips (thanks Randall) on what some are reporting.

There is also a big bump of deaths in Canada, 24 people have died in Ontario in a 72 hour period.

Anger is definitely increasing — the authorities have led a worldwide fear-storm, benefitting who?  Not hard to figure out.  Frankly, I think the anger is good.  It’s about time people wake up.

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Newsletter – Issue 26

I found this story interesting for the actual events taking place, and what this will mean for climate refugees and other homeless people in the future.  Eviction – Security Forces Move Into Mau.  Desmonda Despair has been chronicling many of these articles.

Over 2 billion people are going to be facing refugee status at some point in the future.  Presently, over 150 million have been affected, but it is expected to get considerably worse.  Where exactly will everyone go?

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Newsletter – Issue 25

This Youtube video on trying to sell a pure 1 oz. gold coin for was hilarious (thanks Vaughn).

NOBODY would buy it.

A perfect example of why buying gold is a waste of time (as an investment).

Everyone thinks they’ll be able to sell their gold at huge profits when it’s crunch time — to who????

Only a (relatively) few places will be able to deal in coins, the rest will be inhabited by walking zombies that won’t understand (anything).

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Newsletter – Issue 24

Alert Warning

This is a possible alert to what is being reported as fast-spreading plague in the Ukraine (thanks Jay!).  People are calling this the pneunomic plague, which is very deadly.

I have NOT been able to confirm these details, but have notified Recombinomics to see if they can learn more, as this would be exceedingly serious.

This site claims that nearly 900,000 people are infected, with the number having doubled overnight.

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Newsletter – Issue 23


Apparently, there are parties within the United States Federal Government who believe it is their Constitutional duty to hold millions of Americans hostage to their stupid demands.

Dire threats of severe fines and criminal incarceration for the “failure to maintain health care” at gunpoint are now being rammed down our throats by criminal government servants, who acting against the best interest of the American people and in direct contradiction to the supreme law of this land, have sought to criminalize and punish non-compliant behavior.

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Newsletter – Issue 22


More on jellyfish — these guys were so big that they capsized the boat!

giant jellyfish

Here’s what the Copenhagen meeting is supposed to do:

Readers by now should realize that this is a “kill shot” for the planet.  At 4°C, about half of all species will die (failing to adapt).  At 8°C, it’s all over.  And Copenhage is already “dead”, so it’s not hard to predict what this means.

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Newsletter – Issue 21

Terrorist Alert  — True Story

I met my first American terrorist recently, although I didn’t know that’s what he was at the time.  He looked like you and me, and was definitely an American.

Warning: these guys are very accomplished at what they do and you have probably met more then one of them yourself.  Apparently, they are everywhere, living among us all.

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