Newsletter – Issue 20

This is an important issue.  Signs of global collapse are occurring everywhere.  The American media continues to hide the evidence.  You won’t find hardly any of this on television. 

The top 2,000 meters of the world’s oceans have been acidified, shrinking the total amount of ocean habitat where organisms that incorporate calcium carbonate (CaCO3) into their shells and skeletons can thrive (Caldeira and Wickett 2003, Sabine et al. 2004, Orr et al. 2005, Denman et al. 2007, Feely et al. 2008, Ilyina et al. 2009, Silverman et al. 2009).

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Fade To Black

I’m going to try and write some fiction.  Based upon real events, and using a format that intermixes weblinks with the story, this work will be added to as time permits.  I’ve titled this effort Fade to Black.

This work is not to be copied, printed, transmitted, or published unless explicit permission is first obtained from the author (me).  Forwarded copies to friends and family are however, permitted.

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Newsletter – Issue 19

There are about 100 “unconfirmed” subscribers still on this mailing list.  I’ve just deleted them all, so if someone you know is still not getting copies of this newletter, registration requires them to double opt-in (confirm) their subscription.

There are now nearly 600 subscribers.

This issue will deal with a synopsis of world-wide events and circumstances now taking place and some pointers on how to best be prepared for them.

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Newsletter – Issue 18


I have sustained some injuries that has required some surgery over the weekend.  I’m not really able to take any calls right now as the swelling is pretty serious and it’s difficult for me to talk. I’m asking everyone to email me if they have questions about food supplies. Please don’t ask about my injuries and don’t be upset if I can’t take your calls right now, it can’t be helped.  Email works fine for me.

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Newsletter – Issue 17

Trip Report

I’m back from my “vacation”.  This time, I actually got away from here for more then 24 hours.  I took a trip to Seattle, which was interesting.

Cities are or can be, interesting places, full of interesting sites and people.  Seattle wasn’t my first choice of destination, but it wasn’t too far away and I could scoot home quickly if needed be, which it turns out I had to do.  Sigh… the downside of running a company like mine is you can really never just stop, not even for a few days.

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Newsletter – Issue 16


This is unbelievably pathetic — A woman claims she wins the lottery, rents a stretch Hummer, drives to a Burlington coat store and announces that she will pay for everyone’s purchase.  Over 1,000 people then crowd the aisles and try to get in.  But she doesn’t (and can’t) pay for anything.

Read this about the Michael Jackson ‘movie‘ and then listen to Chris Hedges on Empire of Illusion.  He’s got it right, we’re being distracted by fantasy.

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Newsletter – Issue 15


This won’t work (at all) – Ammunition Bill Signed into Law

Here’s why: Ammunition is available literally everywhere, garage sales, private sellers, across state lines, etc., demanding ID won’t change the availability of ammunition one iota. Criminal elements aren’t going to be bothered by “laws” anyway.  Even an empty gun with no ammunition in it is still going to help criminals commit multiple crimes.

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Newsletter – Issue 14

Climate Collapse

The great tragedy here, is a climate treaty now or in the future, is already too late.

But Vorapol Dounglomchan’s battle against environmental catastrophe began nearly 30 years ago, when he helplessly watched the house he grew up in, at the mouth of the Tha Chin River, crumble as the ocean inched its way inland.

It takes a very long time for ice to build up, locking up the world’s fresh water supply in the form of glaciers, icecaps and snowpack.  A treaty acheived now (if ever) would not restore all the melt that has already occurred – for at least 10,000 years.

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Newsletter – Issue 12


Worldwide soil degradation map:

ALL of the most fertile land on Earth has been severely degraded with seriouslong term impacts on food production, water quality and future human habitation. The only regions not affected are the soils in areas where growing sufficient food is already impossible.

Vanishing Arctic ice shows no sign of returning  — “That’s the big question: Who cares about the Arctic? Well, it’s going to change the whole heat engine of the planet,”

Total Information Awareness — I’m baaaaack!!  Of course, this shit never really goes away, they rebrand it or hide it or do it anyway as we’ve long seen.

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Newsletter – Issue 11

In this issue – News, 2012, Investing In Your Future


The Olympics bid went to Brazil.  I agree – this would have been an absolute financial boondoggle for the United States, who can’t even bury their own dead anymore.

More bank closures.  It’s Friday, so time for another round of banks to fail.  Remember, we’ve been told that the bank closures will exceed 1,000 so we’ve a long ways to go yet.  Unfortunately, the FDIC is now totally broke.

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