Newsletter – Issue 10

Nanny State Stupidity – It’s a crime to watch somebody’s kid for free? What the hell is wrong with America? When I read stupidity like this I want to bitch slap the “regulators” that claim they are doing us all a favor.

The State has absolutely no right, nor privilege to dictate to anyone who watches your kids.

But wait – there’s more!  Apparently, it’s in appropriate to even have you kids walk or ride their bike to school:

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Newsletter – Issue 9

World At War With Iran

The headlines might as well say that — because this chart reveals why it will happen no matter what:

Spare Oil Capacity In The World

In a world that is 100% dependent upon cheap, plentiful energy, what do you suppose is going to happen as the energy runs out?  When demand exceeds the sum total of the world’s spare capacity (excluding Iran of course)?

The Iran rhetoric we are all being bombarded with is nearly all 100% all absolute bullshit, but the chart above reveals what it is really all about and why the propaganda machines are cranking the rhetoric up higher and higher.

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Newsletter – Issue 8


The media continues to manipulate the minds of millions with more and more useless pablum. All of this “information” they’re providing us is nearly 100% useless and meaningless as our world continues to devolve downhill faster and faster.

One reason I don’t even mention some “headline” stories is because they’re not really headlines of any real importance or value. Contrast this:

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Newsletter – Issue 7

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Side With The Living – by Derrick Jensen.  Suprising how many humans hate nature.  Uh, not. The vast majority of humans hate nature, which is why we keep right on killing it as fast as we can.  None of which is really surprising.  As I keep saying — if we didn’t hate nature, we’d be living in different world already.  But since we’re not, then it’s pretty obvious what we prefer.

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Newsletter – Issue 6

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Some of the effects of climate change being reported — The Climate’s Warm Future Is Now in the Arctic

World’s Coral Reefs – Virtually Doomed

If you thought you had heard enough bad news on the environment and that the situation could not get any worse, then steel yourself. Coral reefs are doomed. The situation is virtually hopeless. Forget ice caps and rising sea levels: the tropical coral reef looks like it will enter the history books as the first major ecosystem wiped out by our love of cheap energy.

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Newsletter – Issue 5

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The future for humans on planet Earth will be radically different then the present.  Here is what we already know is going to happen in our near-future (within our lifetimes):

Climate change, a.k.a. “climate collapse” will create unlivable conditions on significant portions of the Earth’s presently inhabited surface.  Specifically, the tropics and sub-tropics will become uninhabitable by humans and other beings (and most plants).  This will have devastating consequences, as mass migration of plants, animals, insects and humans move north and south away from the equator.

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