Newsletter – Issue 2

Why You Should Not Receive Vaccinations.  Oh well, if you work in Capital Region hospital in New York you don’t have a choice – take the shot or get fired.

This will be a HUGE theme in the coming years:  “The move to hoard reserves is the clearest sign to date that the global struggle for diminishing resources is shifting into a new phase. Countries may find it hard to obtain key materials at any price.”

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Newsletter – Issue 1

Welcome to the first issue of the Survival Acres Newsletter.  This will no doubt be a work in progress as I figure out how I want this thing to look and the kinds and types of information I hope to share.

You are receiving this issue because someone at your email address signed up and confirmed their desire to receive this newsletter.  Instructions to opt-out, or forward are found on the bottom.  I do not share your email address with anyone.  ~Survival Acres~

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