Beating My Head Against A Wall

Americans…. have chosen the path of “strong” denial. The United States is the leading cause behind many, many wrong-doings throughout the world. Quoting myself, I said: “This blog had focused on a wide variety of these issues, including war, terrorism, torture, pollution, environmental destruction, economic collapse, climate change, peak oil, tyranny, oppression, “big brother”, privacy, capitalism, imperialism, domination, genocide, materialism, consumerism, evaporating freedoms and lost liberties. My goal was to awaken the sleeping sheep of America to their common predicament, and to the root causes of many of these issues.”  Many different bloggers are also still focused on the same issues. And yet despite the billions of words now broadly played across the Internet extolling and exhorting our views, news and opinions of these facts and events, we have singularly failed to actually change what I have come to call the final outcome.

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Blog Monitoring

I spotted this over on Cryptogon, but the original article is AP: FTC plans to monitor blogs for claims, payments

$500 free laptops? Gift cards? Holy shit, I’m missing the boat here. Nobody has ever offered me anything like that.

But my jaw really dropped when I read that Cryptogon requires $1,000 a month in donations, or will close shop.

I’m not begrudging anybody anything that they might make on their blogs, but something is desperately wrong here.

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It’s A Depression Alright

Here is the Depression in pictures (graphs), proof positive that this isn’t a recession and that “green shoots” are more bullshit being spoonfed to gullible minds.

It’s a Depression alright

To sum up, globally we are tracking or doing even worse than the Great Depression, whether the metric is industrial production, exports or equity valuations. Focusing on the US causes one to minimise this alarming fact. The “Great Recession” label may turn out to be too optimistic. This is a Depression-sized event.

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Why Teaching Others About Climate Change Is A Waste Of Time

The other day, I saw a car speeding down the road ahead of me. It was going faster and faster and it was all I could do to catch up to the car to give warning of the road ahead. I’d seen the signs and paid heed to what they said, but the other driver seemed entirely oblivious.

My attempts to warn the driver were being ignored. In desperation, I tried honking the horn, waving my arms and shouting into the wind, but the driver just kept on accelerating.

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Another Reality

Steve Lendman has a couple of articles worth reading (his last two entries, I don’t have a direct link). The real world where assassins and murderers operate, and the American human rights abuse.

There is no doubt that most of us live on entirely different realities. What we perceive, see, hear and even feel is very much different then what others see, hear and feel. There is a shadowy world inhabited by hordes of goons and their victims that lies beneath ‘our’ daily reality.

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The American Empire Is Bankrupt

Boy, it’s late here, but the only time I’ve had to do this. But you really should read this article too within the next few days: The American Empire Is Bankrupt (sent in by Phil).

I suspect this is going to happen very very soon now. Once the dollar is debased like this, it’s all over. And there has been plenty of talk that this is going to happen. Fits right in with my own expectation of the future to a “T”.

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An Inconvenient Talk

A very nice writeup on what peak energy (not just oil) really is, what it means for every living thing on Earth and how soon the disasters are going to start taking place — An Inconvenient Talk

It’s a long, but worthy read. Here are a few data points to consider that I’ve summarized for you:

Nobody has actually done a wellhead by wellhead oil assessment until 2008! But now that this has been done, they’ve set a date: 2020 is when we hit global peak production limits. Not to be confused with peak oil mind you, production deals with our ability to ramp up our exploration and extraction of all the world’s remaining oil. According to the article, we will forever be downhill on production capability after 2020.

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Report – Global Climate Change Impacts In The United States

The Obama Administration has released an outdated report today (trust me on this) regarding global climate change impacts in 75 years. The short version (easily loaded) is here. The government version, like all things produced and run by government, never did load for me, but you can find it here.

By the way, they’re dead wrong about the time line. If they’re really projecting this in 75 years, then they’re off by at least 40 years. These things will happen before 2050, easy.

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White House To California, “You’re On Your Own”

Send in by Steve (thanks!)  — What a riot.  And so very very predictable.  The White House has told California (for now), that they are on their own.  In other words, we’re not bailing you out.

So, another prediction comes true for what, 20+ million people? I’ve lost track of their population stats.  But don’t pay any attention to that, pay attention to this: The White House has effectively done the same thing for the average working stiff, err slave, err citizen, nationwide.  You ARE on your own, always were.  Unless you own a bank or a car manufacturing company, or even a porn empire, you’re on your own.

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By The Way ….

Does anybody besides me “notice” the trends that tend to be covered (established) and set in motion by the media? I certainly do and I do not think for a blind moment that this is any sort of accident or coincidence.

Today we find ABC in bed (literally) with the White House, and walled prototypes of America’s future (todays blog entries). We also have other issues of noteworthy interest, New York City drills for nuclear war.

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Turning Towns Into Prisons

This too is interesting, when you consider the psychological programming factor to millions of Americans:

CBS is about to shoot a reality show tentatively called “Block Party” in Kennesaw that literally turns suburbia”¦ into a prison.

Earlier this month, the network built 2,000 feet of stark 20-foot tall walls around eight homes in a Kennesaw subdivision, walls that resemble the outside of a maximum-security penitentiary “” minus the barbed wire. There are even off-duty Kennesaw police stationed on the road to keep traffic moving.

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World now at the start of 2009 influenza pandemic

Everyone probably already knows that we are at level 6 now for worldwide influenza pandemic. This is the highest alert level there is.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has reported 30,000 confirmed cases of a new, never-before-seen human-to-human transmission flu virus.   Human-to-human transmission is now at pandemic levels.  WHO claims this is a new virus, never seen before.  World now at the start of 2009 influenza pandemic

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Stuck In Stupid

Angie’s got a fine post, which I’ve stolen a quote from: Stuck In Stupid

That’s not what she calls it, her post is How Far Is Too Far? and worth reading. Do read it, many valid points being made there.

But I really like that stuck in stupid comment she’s made. I’m seeing this everywhere. Yesterday, I got threatened again by a stuck in stupid moron who although I’d helped beyond the call of duty, was offended.

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Peak What?

Lonewolf sends me clips, snippets and worthy information on a regular basis. Today was no exception, and worthy of a post here. From Peak Oil:

MISC quips found on PO, some informational, some ‘too cute by half’

Since price is rising with excess supply all around, that means speculation is kicking alive

Actually what peak oil realists accept is arrival of the geologic limits and the likelihood that the world’s aggregate petroleum production has reached its inevitable maximum. And that such a condition of energy decline in an economic/financial system dependent on perpetual growth is tantamount to DEATH.

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Reindeer Herds Plummet

Sent in by Steve, worldwide levels of reindeer herds are plummeting, direct result of global warming, industrial development and habitat loss:

Reindeer and caribou numbers are plummeting around the world.

The first global review of their status has found that populations are declining almost everywhere they live, from Alaska and Canada, to Greenland, Scandinavia and Russia.

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