Manipulation and Planet Death

Steve Lendman has a nice write-up on market manipulation that shows how they are (still) fleecing the flock, right to the bitter end.

I think anybody that plays that rigged game needs to have their head examined. I also think gold is just as bad, as oft written about here. Hard durable goods and essential consumables are rising in price faster then anything else, but you still need to be careful what you buy.

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Prime Time Coverage On 9/11 Lies

Submitted by Torjus — a new YouTube video of the evidence against the official “story” (lies) of the U.S. Government and the collapse / attack of the World Trade Center.

If you’re not familiar with the evidence against the official story, you should take a few moments and watch this.

The video is informative, but well known data. This country will never allow a proper investigation into the homegrown attacks on the WTC.

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The End Of Days Arrives

May you live in interesting times – (alleged) Chinese proverb

We live in interesting times. Ours is an age of greed, corruption, evil and staggering levels of indifference and denial of knowledge.

Depending on where and when you were born, you are born into a life of privilege or poverty. For the privileged, yours was a life of excess, consumption, competition, and even more privilege for the ‘successful’.

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One Minute Update

The Government takes a 72.5% share in General Motors (nationalization continues). The Republican right cries foul and unfair treatment of Chrysler dealerships. There’s more grandstanding activity on cutting greenhouse gas emissions, but little real action. Government greed with a national sales tax is picking up steam. 73% of the oceans zooplankton is GONE (this will lead to total collapse of the oceans). Carbon emissions are expected to rise 40%, while the permafrost melts release methane (even worse then CO₂) into the atmosphere.

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Frankenmonkeys Designed By Scientists

I’ve long respected the work over at Thomas Paine’s Corner, which champions the cause of animal liberation and the horrible realities of vivisection.

But this “health revolution” is sure to piss some of these people off (including me) — Creation of ‘GM’ monkey heralds health revolution

Researchers have developed a technique to create genetically modified monkeys that suffer from human illnesses.

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