Month 2 of 2009 – Accelerating Facts of Collapse Continues

A state of emergency is declared in California, with an “official” unemployment rate over 10%, and tens of thousands of growing, desperate people maxing out services.

I’ve often been accused (but almost never to my face) of exaggerating the reality of our collapse. Once again, I remind the entire reading world, I don’t write the news. I post the news links here for you to read for yourself.

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Climate Change Means Global Famine

Greenfyre has a good write-up on why climate change means global famine.

Anyone who imagines that with climate change we will simply shift agriculture towards the poles probably does not even have house plants, much less a garden, and certainly knows little or nothing about agriculture or climate change.

Global Soil Fertility Map

Put simply, these soils are total crap for food production. The entire region where the delusional are hoping to grow all of our food is not good for food production based on soil alone, never mind other factors.

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The Future Of City Gardens and Big Business

Community gardens bulldozed into dust:°C5rw

It’s called The Destruction of South Central Farmers and it demonstrates why short-term, profit-based thinking will ultimately destroy sustainable human life on our planet. Keep in mind what you are watching it the city of Los Angeles destroying a community garden plot. It’s like an apocalyptic future scene right out of Terminator, enforced at gunpoint by clueless city cops who are arresting the very citizens they should be protecting.

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The Coming Food Wars

[This is one of those infrequent updates that I more or less promised I’d make. This is an issue that affects us all and should be aired (again) from time to time, especially in light of all the bad news we are receiving every day – Admin]

There is a treatise over on the Ishmael Community “Reaching For The Future With All Three Hands“, that should be read – and understood for it’s scope and most importantly, lack of completeness, because it implies a “steady state” of global populations and food production that is most definitely not true.

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PsyOps – Mind Control In the 21st Century

[I found this over on Great Linking For Peace Project. It’s important enough to post even though “I’m not here”. There are some very important points / techniques / methods shared which I hope you will take the time to fully read. My comments are in italicized brackets – Admin]

This is a long long read, but it address’ the techniques that governments, intelligence agencies and media have used for a long time, to control mass consensus [and belief systems]. This is how they operate [and control the American population].

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