Oct 062008

I think this is a critical video that every American, young and old must watch immediately:

I do not believe that a political solution will work as Naomi suggests.  Unless the President of the United States and his entire Cabinet is arrested immediately, then we are going to have to fight these bastards, which is exactly what I think is going to happen.  I think it is already too late to avoid this coming conflict.
Kudos to Tree for pointing this video out.

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Oct 062008

I’ve got some of the best readers and commentators around, so here is an opportunity for you to comment on the meltdown now happening.

I’m just too busy now to deal with anything else.  I’m not ignoring the situation, but it is having a direct impact on my time.  So if you would like to post comments, article clips and links (leave off the http: on your links and I do not have to moderate them), post them here.

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