This (s)Election, Vote For Me

I’ve been thinking a lot about the next Presidential (s)election coming up. None of the candidates on the ballot represent me, not even close. Only Ron Paul was “closest” (among the more well-known), but even he didn’t want to do enough to satisfy me.

I started thinking along the lines “if I were President” the things that I would want to do. This is a reasonable exercise for every American to engage in. What would you do? Just how close are the crop of candidates to representing you real views?

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Death Of The American Empire

This is, in my opinion, an absolute MUST read article sent in by Lonewolf. It rather succinctly puts forth the absolute insane fiscal policies practiced by the United States banking industry with government help.

Death of the American Empire

Unfrickenbelievable. Please read every word in this article. Hard to accept that they were so unbelievably stupid to try this. The people that are behind these shenanigans should be taken out and shot.

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Monday Newz

Cryptogon has an interesting lead article, Volvo has seen a 99.7% drop in truck sales. This will cause thousands of jobs to be lost. The blame is being placed on the financial crisis.

California home foreclosures have shot up 228%, another sign of the times, as the Australians who cannot withdraw their own money from their banks.

Also found on Crypto, and a real “I told you so” moment here on the wonderful police state we all get to look forward to, happening very soon in England, they are deploying thousands of mobile fingerprint scanners to harass their citizens:

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Olduvai Theory And Our Response

Lonewolf shared this link with me, and I (slowly) read it through and pondered this most of the night. It is the Olduvai Theory: Sliding Towards a Post-Industrial Stone Age and it has of course, particular significance towards the future of all humanity.

First off, if you don’t know what this is, it is the representation of human history and the rapid rise and fall of the industrial age.

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A Clear and Present Danger

Several people have pointed out to me the recent and real scare by the Department of Fatherland Security and the clear and present danger this agency represents with the newly designated “Constitution Free Zones”. If you have not heard about this, you should.

What is happening is the thugs at Homeland Security have designated a 100 mile wide “free zone” around the entire US border as being exempt from Constitutional protections. According to the ACLU, this zone encompasses a full 2/3 of the entire United States population.

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