Some Reasons We Are In So Much Trouble

Want to see how incredibly disconnected some advisor’s really are? Please watch this video, it will totally blow you away:

Hat tip to the fall of civilization. I can’t believe how that idiot kept spouting such incredible nonsense. A whole bunch of reasons why we are in so much trouble are covered in this segment. Idiots spouting absolutely useless advice and belief systems, and ignoring sound factual common sense.

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Under The Skin

Here’s a few twilight zone episodes for you, worth watching.

The updated version would include people burning houses down, riots in the streets, murder and assault. All in the span of fifteen minutes.

The human animal is ruthless, self-serving and brutal. The veneer of civility is very thin and easily broken.

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America, You Should Be Angry

The billions upon billions of dollars being given to the fat corporate cats at American corporations is bad enough, but these are the failed corporations I’m sharing here:

Wall Street firms have shared profits liberally with employees. The five biggest — Goldman, Morgan Stanley, Merrill, Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. and Bear Stearns — paid their 185,687 employees $66 billion in 2007, as problems with subprime mortgages mounted, including about $39 billion in bonuses. That amounts to average pay of $353,089 per employee, including an average bonus of $211,849. The five firms had combined net income of $93 billion during the five years through 2007.

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National Guard Brainwashing

This video should scare the hell out of you. Blatant propaganda, recruiting our kids to become ‘occupiers’, killers, and mindless zombie robots forbidden to think:

Update: I should have also mentioned that this is being shown in theaters around the nation.  I saw it here and VW sent me the link for the YouTube version, he saw it wherever he lives, so it’s probably nationwide now.

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Pork Politics Still Doesn’t Triumph The Ongoing Collapse

This is a riot, the ‘bailout bill’ (American Ripoff) was 3 pages long, now it’s already 102 pages long. Looks like pork politics to me (again). The Demonrats are fighting the Republirats, but they’re going to pass the cursed thing.

I’m absolutely certain that this is being seen as a golden parachute opportunity for many failing institutions right now. And who knows what’s in the fine print. I wonder if our lameduck politicians will even read it. Belay that — I don’t wonder at all, I’m just being rhetorical.

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Greg Palast: Rove Has Already Fixed the 2008 Election

Truthout has a video of Greg Palast telling us the “fix is in” for the 2008 (s)Election.

Now check this out — Headline news on Drudge is – “Pollster says election could end in landslide“, but it’s not the landside you think:

Despite two books by Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama, Americans still don’t know enough about him. And if they don’t think they know him well enough by the time they vote, they’ll go with the “comfortable old shoe,” Republican Sen. John McCain, Zogby said.

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