Emergency Food Price Increase

I’ve just received notice of emergency food price increases, effective immediately. I have shut down the website shopping cart until I can publish the new prices (done).

The catalog will be out-of-date as a result (now updated). The website will be updated tonight as fast as I can get this done and the shopping cart reopened.

No existing orders already placed should be affected (as far as I know).

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Headlies & Disinformation

I’ve spent a few moments scanning the headlies, err headlines today and a bit last night. I’ve been much too busy to keep up on the news lately, but most of the sites I checked were, well, worthless. I didn’t learn anything of importance. The “news” was just fluff and distractions, nothing of real interest or importance (to me).

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The weather has finally cooperated and melted off the snow (and stopped it’s intermittent snowing). Work is now proceeding on the crashstead at all possible speed. I’ve been burning off some huge brush piles which were in the way. Really hate to do that, but it’s necessary. I heard that they’re paying good prices for wood chips, but I don’t have the time or inclination to get somebody out there to do this.

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WalMart Food Lines

No — saying I “told you so” doesn’t help. Food lines in America, happening now.

Food Lines In America

WalMart Limits Rice Purchases

Top retailer Wal-Mart’s Sam’s Club unit said Wednesday it is limiting the amount of rice individual shoppers could buy at one time, as rice prices hit new records around the world.

Sam’s Club said it had temporarily placed limits of four 20-pound (nine-kilogram) bags a person for jasmine, basmati, and other long-grain white rice types.

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Hump Day, Hump Year

It is a strange feeling to have all of your ‘predictions’ come true. For the past two plus years, I have been warning that there would be global food shortages that would even affect Americans in the land of plenty. These were not predictions, but simple assessments of where things were headed due to the domino effect of collapsing systems around the world.

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Food Rationing Confronts Breadbasket of the World

Food Rationing Confronts Breadbasket of the World

Don’t know why anybody would complain about paying $30 — better then starving.

In other unimportant news, Al Gore says nothing is being done about climate change. Haha! Told you so.

By the time these talking heads wake up to the real facts, we’ll be knee deep in salt water. Make sure your ‘stead is at least 300 feet above sea level.

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Practicing For Mass Arrests

More evil being practiced by our “protectors“. Wondering how much longer this shit is going to go on. Think “food hoarding” as a crime these daze. Think having your Constitutional rights violated by being stopped for a non-probable cause.

They call this “anti-terrorism” which is total b.s., it’s just an excuse for these thugs to practice more of their evil on the rest of us and getting this nation condition for mass arrests and incarceration.

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These Daze And Times

I’m still here, but my physical embodiment is somewhat questionable these daze.

Lonewolf sent me this, he’s obviously got more time then I have:

15 minutes in the barbers chair – aka ‘take a little off-the-tip-of-

Or, why I’m a consummate doomer (and irreconcilable cynic) – albeit
‘not exactly’ newz

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The New Gold

Sent in by DP – Water Resoration Act is anything But…….

Here’s the real deal.  Oil which has been deemed the worlds most valuable commodity (remember that word) is quickly being replaced by water.  Water is the new gold.  Under the Public Trust doctrine, the government is prohibited from converting something such as water (a human right, we can’t live without it) to a commodity.  It must remain in a public trust, meaning that it is so important to our survival that it should never be subjected to markets, trading or private interests.  In other words, it should never be reclassified as a commodity.  But this Act lays the groundwork for removing from the Public Trust this basic human right which is a necessity, and will facilitate it being reclassified a needed commodity.  Enter the multi-national corporations.

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National Geographic Channel to Leave Human Footprint

Special to Examine One Person’s Impact on the Environment Based on Their Consumption
By John Eggerton — Broadcasting & Cable, 4/7/2008 4:38:00 PM
National Geographic Channel will premiere a special April 13, Human Footprint, which quantifies one person’s impact on the environment based on their consumption of things like milk, eggs, bread and gasoline.

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Open Thread – Doom News

Most of these links were submitted by Vaughn, this guy is always sending me tons of info, they’re worth reading:

Why food prices will go through the roof in coming months

Food riots fear after rice price hits a high

Warning over food price ‘time bomb’

Haiti: protesters demand food

The cupboard is running dry

US, Israel and Canada to Boycott 2009 anti-Racism Conference – Nothing like a good old fashioned genocide to get in the way of basic human rights.

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The Ruthlessness Gene

I think I “floored” a caller the other day who started to exclaim that I must be making a lot of money due to the high volume of orders going into the canneries. I interupted, since this isn’t something true, and told the caller that I was not in this business for the money and slowing down my orders was really essential. There was absolute silence on the other end of the phone.

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Volume Remains Heavy and High

I’ve just been informed that Mountain House is expecting their ship times to exceed 12 weeks by the end of April for #10 cans. They are receiving huge quantities of orders from the US Government and will now start limiting their #10 can production.

Existing orders are still taking 4 – 6 weeks from Mountain House, so nobody panic. I expect to fill all of our year units, and the 60 day units within the next 30 days or less.

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