Planned Population Reduction

I think it is becoming abundantly clear that massive population reductions are soon ahead. The worldwide food crisis situation is only worsening.

Only a radical change of diet can halt looming food crises

India rice export prices up again

High Rice Cost Creating Fears of Asia Unrest

I’d like some input on how everyone else sees this unfolding. I’m going to step out on a limb and categorically state that a population reduction will commence pretty soon. The preservation (and distribution) of assets will triumph over human rights to clean air, clean water and sufficient food.[...] Read More

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Open Thread

Lonewolf sent me this, I don’t know where he got it from, but it says so much:

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Dealing With Reality

I know I’m very biased, especially when it comes to the collapse as a topic that should have been shouted from every headline. By NOT making this publicly known, more people will be severely affected by it.

But on the other hand, too many people in “the know” will have created an uncontrollable panic. Our systems simply cannot handle a mad rush of anything, everything would simply break down.[...] Read More

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Order Times

On Monday this week, a customer “ordered” me to ship his freight order by Tuesday. It was 90% packed, but something was holding the order up. I did not know what it was and told him so too.

My instructions were to either ship on Tuesday, or refund his money. I refunded his money immediately, since I can’t “order” anyone to ship on any particular day, it doesn’t work that way.  The shipment was cancelled for this customer, but left in place and readdressed to myself. Since I believe having as much food on hand as possible is extremely important now, I was happy to do this.[...] Read More

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Priestly Garments

Early adopters to any new idea have always been ridiculed. A round earth made no sense to people that could see that it was flat. But they failed to consider the dawning and setting of the sun, explaining it away with overtly simple explanations that were dead wrong.

The airplane, automobile and many other ideas were also laughed at, “Impossible!” they’d say. Traveling over 35 miles and hour and a man couldn’t catch his breath and he would die. Flying like a bird was against God. Even translating the Bible into the common language was a mortal sin. They made sure of that too, since they’d kill you if you tried.[...] Read More

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