Site Status & Blog Questions – Part II

Many of you have written publicly and privately to the round of blog questions that I’ve recently asked. Your answers were informative and “common” to all. If you remember what you wrote, you’ll probably quickly understand what I mean.

Here’s what I learned in a summary format:

a) Everyone is basically working alone. Not a single family reported in that they were all on the same page with their thoughts, plans and efforts towards preparing for collapse. Most reported divisions in their efforts to inform spouses, family, kids, friends and neighbors, with what I judge as “mediocre” success at best.

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The Sounds Of Silence

The deafening sounds of collapse are all around right now. You can’t hear it however, unless you happening to be listening.

Another silence is coming — and some of you will notice this too. Blogs and news sources will begin to silence themselves, partly out of necessity and partly out of fear. Time will be needed for the owners of these sites to be working on their own plans and preparations. You can’t blame them for that.

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The Case of Rwanda

Rwanda has been in a stage of collapse for years. The genocide that is still occurring there is horrifying. This is a shocking story sent in that I think everyone should read.

Please note the pertinent points in this story — they are meaningful here too.
Young lives touched by death
In 1994, a half-million people died. Today, 300,000 children are left to rear themselves.
Rwanda: Aftermath of Genocide
Part 1: September 6, 1998

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Nanny State

Thank you everyone that has contributed to the last post and the emails I’ve received. I’m going to put up a summary of what I’ve learned as soon as I can.

I am still having internet difficulties, and many other gremlins coming home to roost at the same time. Something every Canadian should know: The Canadian Food Inspection Agency defies common sense, and I will no longer be shipping any products into Canada. Now I know why others have stopped their efforts too – the FIA can’t read nor understand their own rules or exemptions. I have one word for them — morons.

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Site Status & Blog Questions

A few updates on site status:

If you’ve emailed me, but not received a reply, I probably didn’t receive it. I’m also have difficulties sending and receiving email, logging over 100 rejected messages in the last three days. All orders with valid email addresses receive a personal reply. You should have received a cart verification email and this additional reply to confirm I’ve received your order. This is the normal “notifications” everyone should receive.

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Climate Code Red

The following is from Climate Code Red website, this is the summary page, put here in it’s entirety, bolded emphasis mine for impact.

* The extensive melting of Arctic sea-ice in the northern summer of 2007 starkly demonstrated that serious climate-change impacts are already happening, both more rapidly and at lower global temperature increases than projected. Human activity has already pushed the planet’s climate past several critical €œtipping points€, including the initiation of major ice sheet loss.

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Creating A One World Consciousness: Critique

I rarely wander off into the right-wing mindfield of paranoia and delusion anymore, because I am so often disappointed in what I find. Wrong-headed thinking and outright lies and fabrications are the booby traps lying in every other sentence for the unaware or uninformed.

Silly me, I did it again. First found on Blacklisted News, but the source is here on Intel Strike, a site I’ve never seen. The article, titled “Creating A One World Consciousness: Mankind at the Turning Point Part 2“, sounded interesting.

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Now the Pentagon tells Bush: climate change will destroy us

Found on Carolyn Baker’s site, and also sent in by Vaughn, a secret report on climate change, apparently hidden from our knowledge.

I think we all know that the Bush Administration has long been hiding the facts and science and the analysis that have come forward about climate change.

This report, from 2004 indicates just how far they’d would go to hide the truth from us. Please note: (especially to the newcomers here) — these are the same conclusions written and recorded on this blog for the past several years with updated date predictions. All bolded emphasis is mine simply to draw attention to pertinent parts.

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Until I Depart… Famines May Occur Without Record Crops This Year

I’m still here… hacking and coughing my way through the day. My recent warning about closing up sparked some interest and concern. Let me clarify this point I raised a bit more and see if it helps:

We all depend upon suppliers to keep us running, I’m no different, except nobody needs me. What I offer is a service, but it’s not a replacement or even an essential service.

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