A Few Other Thoughts On Our Future

We are already experiencing shortages of some food products, which was something I’ve tried to spread the warnings about. 2008 does not look any better. The alarm bells are ringing of a rising global food shortage and agricultural shortfalls. Poor and impoverished nations will be hit first and hardest (always the case).

A great article by the Christian Science Monitor, on Why The Era of Cheap Food is Over. As much as 30% of the U.S. grain crop will be poured in American gas tanks this coming year. This is unbelievable – but believe it, it is happening.

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Laws Relating To Sustainability

Garrett Hardin’s Three Laws of Human Ecology

Boulding’s Three Theorems, Abernethy’s Axiom, and

Sent in by Lonewolf (thank you) and emphasis and [comments] mine:

First Law

Population growth and/or growth in the rates of consumption of resources cannot be sustained. [While this should be self-evident, it’s not as shown by the constant demand for consumerism and economic ‘growth’ (planned destruction)].

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The End Of The World

Lonewolf sent in another great link: The End Of The World

I don’t think this is a blog reader here, but they could have been. A one-page summary of just how bad it is, what we’re facing and what is likely to happen.

It is very hard to comprehend just how serious our situation has become. Right now, it still seems to almost everyone that this party will just keep on going forever. Yet this is a seriously dangerous illusion. Our so-called “success” has had really serious side-effects. We’ve experienced unprecedented growth on the back cheap oil, exploding our population, production and manufacturing capability. Our entire civilization was built around this “abundance” paradigm.

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Climate Change IS Worse Then Expected – But Here’s a Dangerous Proposal To Fix It

Here is factual proof regarding climate change and my predictions that we were consistently and faithfully, underestimating it’s impacts.

Several critical points that I’ve brought forth on this blog before:

a) We’ve known about it for a long time;

b) We are not working on ANY real solutions at all;

c) We’ve effectively accomplished nothing in the past 50 years;

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