Oct 082007

More on the rising police state, now with our neighbors up north.

In Americans No Longer Question Authority, the author say’s, well, too little, in my opinion.

Have you ever wondered how the Nazi’s were allowed to subjugate the German People? You need not wonder any longer. It has happened to the American People now too. The terrorists have won. If like President Bush claims, they hate us for our freedom, they need [not] hate us any longer. We have no freedom to hate us for.

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Oct 082007

Well worth reading: 2017 Under Surveillance.

I think the use of subdermal implants would be pretty widespread, even in the kids. But note what the authors of this research paper are saying:

“Today, I fear that we are, in fact, waking up to a surveillance society that is already all around us.”

The academics who compiled the study based their vision of the future not on wild hypotheses but on existing technology, statements made about the intentions of government and private companies and [existing] studies by other think tanks, regulators, professional bodies and academics.

The report authors say that they believe the key theme of the future will be “pervasive surveillance” aimed at tracking and controlling people and pre-empting behaviour. The authors also say that their glimpse of the future is “fairly conservative. The future spelled out in the report is nowhere near as dystopian and authoritarian as it could be.

I’ve made the strong claim that government has the tendency to treat everyone as a potential terrorist or criminal. This study, “A Report on the Surveillance Society”, proves that statement as being rock solid.

Using existing technology, and existing research studies, the goal is tracking, controlling and pre-empting behavior.

This of course, would apply to everyone, everywhere.  Everyone is suspect, everyone is monitored, tagged, controlled and watched.  But not just for terrorism purposes and intents, no, but also for consumerism.

I’ve been warning that this is the nightmarish future they have in store for us.  But there seems to be exceedingly little interest.

The danger signs are flashing bright red, dead ahead.  What are YOU going to do about it?

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Oct 082007

Peak energy / peak oil will bring about dramatic changes to our way of life. To call this cataclysmic would be an understatement.

Our dependency upon liquid fuels for transportation will have one of the most notable and immediate impacts. Since every consumable product is produced far, far away, the increase in energy costs will have a direct bearing on the cost of goods and their availability.

There is something we can do about this. Producing your own power will help. Here are some resources to help you get started:

Biomass Energy Foundation

Fluidyne Gasification

Gasification Archives (forum)

Utterpower.com (Update: my own contact with Utterpower has proven to be a disaster, I can no longer recommend George in good faith, he’s unreliable as hell – Admin)
Bioenergy Lists

Emergency Gasifier Plans

Wood Gas As Engine Fuel

Bio-Mass To Bio-Gas

Your mileage may vary with the above sites and recommendations. But as we’ve all heard, if you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail.

If you plan on having power or (powered) transportation in the future, you’d best get started learning how now.

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