The War Criminal In The Living Room

I cannot stand to watch the smirking monkey on the idiot box, so I’ll have to take everyone’s word for it when he appears on television. Antiwar has a good article about The War Criminal In The Living Room.

Whatever form of government Bush is operating under, it is far outside an accountable constitutional democratic government. Bush has transitioned America to caesarism, and even if Bush leaves office in January 2009, the powers he has accumulated in the executive will remain. Unless Bush and Cheney are impeached and convicted, there is no prospect of the US Congress and federal judiciary ever again being co-equal branches of government.

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Showdown Over Iran

Lot of scuttlebutt on the net about the coming war with Iran. This keeps getting ratched higher and higher. August is effectively past, but September 11th is coming up.

Supposedly, this is when the show is really supposed to start – Showdown Over Iran.

I’ll keep posting these under Terrorism and Tyranny because you know what this means.

Daily Kos claims we have only four days to head off war in Iran.

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Cheap Houses For Sale In Detroit

How cheap? Dirt cheap. Estimated monthly payments of only $7. Buy Houses in Detroit for $1500, Monthly Pmt. = $7

Maybe an affordable urban crashstead in the making. The neighborhoods are already bad, how much worse could they get? (just kidding).

Remember those pictures of Dubia, with this indoor snowskiing, and huge buildings? Don’t let the glitter fool you, Escape Artist Magazine has The Top 20 Reasons Not To Move To Dubia.

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Terrorist Are Making Us Fat

News headlines today are turning into mind mushing misrepresentation. If you think the headlines are bad, the content is even worse.

Are terrorists making us fat? No. End of story.

But some war mongering murdering bastards would love to have you think so, or something equally as asinine. Withdrawal From Iraq Will Mean $9 Gasoline

Oh, I get it. Sending our sons and daughters off to die in an illegal war occupation is the “price” for cheaper gasoline. Now that makes a lot of sense.

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Collapse Survival On A Budget – Part II

In Part I, I outlined the need for skills, experience, knowledge and sound judgment as part of your collapse survival preparations. These are not things you can disregard and are some of the most important steps you can take to help yourself and your loved ones.

In Part II, I will once again put the collapse framework in place on collapse survival. This framework is the basic survival outline of pre-collapse, collapse and post-collapse already covered on this blog in various places.

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