Summing Up The Future

Here’s a great article that sums up the future in ways that will make you think. Feels Like I’m Dying… Read this first, it’s worth it. Now for my commentary…

What’s missing is the pain of transition to literally force society to make this ‘peasant journey’. I don’t think this should be underestimated or glossed over, which I don’t think the author did (you can’t put everything into a single article).

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Whose Bloodlust Are We Catering (and Dying) To?

Read this article, Deadly New Level of Depravity in New Reality TV Show.

This shocking, disgusting, sick. I cannot believe that they’d pull a sick stunt like this. Would you want your dad or mother or sister or brother to be exploited like this? Unbelievable. This is pure televised terrorism.

I have often wondered if we are catering to the bloodlust of the government, or to the bloodlust of the corporate elite, or to the bloodlust of the people, I think the jury is still out only on the latter.

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Listen To The Message

Cindy Sheehan has a farewell message you should read. Listen to (read) the message. She’s 100% right. I cannot imagine what it would be like to have lost a son to the senseless wasted slaughter still going on in Iraq. Try to imagine it. Try to come to grips with it. Then try to imagine how the Iraqi families feel as foreign troops continue to invade their land. Continue to torture their sons and daughters, haul their fathers off to prison camps and rape their woman.

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Weekend Reading

These are good articles to read – Gasoline Headed for $8 a gallonAwakening to the Threat of Excessive Material Consumption

I spent over an hour on the phone yesterday with a respected stockbroker who has over 30 years of experience. The long and the short of it is there are many people who are aware of the coming collapse. Hyperinflation is going to hit and hit hard. This will have a severe impact upon people’s ability to simply live. You can expect a massive depression, food lines, bankruptcies and foreclosures. For starters. Then die-off begins.

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