What Have We Done?

There’s a great article on titled “The Ecology of Work” by Curtis White.

My argument is simply that the threats to humans and the threats to the environment are not even two parts of the same problem. They are the same problem. For environmentalism, confronting corporations and creating indignant scientific reports about pollution is the easy stuff. But these activities are inadequate to the real problems, as any honest observer of the last thirty years of environmental activism would have to concede. The “last great places” cannot be preserved. We can no more preserve them than we can keep the glaciers from melting away. Responding to environmental destruction requires not only the overcoming of corporate evildoers but “self-overcoming,” a transformation in the way we live. A more adequate response to our true problems requires that we cease to be a society that believes that wealth is the accumulation of money (no matter how much of it we’re planning on “giving back” to nature), and begin to be a society that understands that “there is no wealth but life,” as John Ruskin put it. That is the full dimension and the full difficulty of our problem.

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This Is What Collapse Looks Like

There are countless examples of the collapse already showing itself. New Zealand has some of the highest fuel costs in the world. Costa Rica is already experiencing blackouts due to drought. India is threatening power cuts, as is Tiawan, & Columbia. Denver is running very low on gasoline. $4 gasoline is expected this year. Gasoline inventories are at an 18 month low (we only have 24 days of fuel on hand in the entire country).

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Ecuador Seeks Compensation For Not Drilling In Amazon

This is an interesting story.  Ecuador is asking the international community to help it not drill for oil in the heart of the Amazon.

Some years ago, I had read a proposal where the international community had a responsibility to protect the natural resources in fragile environments like the Amazon. The only way to truly protect them was to pay the host countries to not exploit their own resources.  It appears that this is the route that Ecuador is now taking.

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Oceans May NOT Be Carbon Sinks

This is startling news, because it radically changes the outcome of carbon emmission solutions. Most people believe that the ocean serves as a “carbon sink”, storing excessive carbon dioxide in the ocean and sediments themselves. Not so, according to a new study.

If the oceans do not store carbon dioxide as once thought, then hoping or planning for the oceans to rectify our excessive emmissions may prove to be futile.

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My website has a FAQ (frequently asked questions page) which I’ve now updated with a new section, The World and Our Future.

I get a fair number of question regarding my thoughts on this subject. Sometimes I point them to the blog or the old forum, other times I don’t say much. Scaring people isn’t particularly productive, and I’ve learned over time that you pretty much have to let people figure things out for themselves, it’s the only way they’ll develop a vested interest.

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How Wealth Creates Poverty In The World

A couple of days ago, I had the audacity to applaud Ecuador for refuting the the World Bank and the IMF. Here is a great article on why everyone should, and why poor nations are still poor, after decades of “help” and billions spent.

And a great video here on how money is actually debt. You really must see this. As simple as the presentation is, the meaning behind how money is created and what it means for you and every other human being in the world, is staggering.

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IPCC Report Glaring Ommissions and Inconsistencies

Lonewolf sent me this link, which is well worth reading. Essentially, there are some startling inconsistencies in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Report. The IPCC Report as written is based on some rather critical assumptions that may well prove to be life threatening for the human race. They are:

a) A target range of 7 – 15 billion people by 2100 with less food (more then double the current population levels). Yet global per capita food availability, already peaked in 1984 and is on a steady declining trend with 2003 levels at a 27 year low.

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Island Appears in Greenland & Other Promising News

A sign of global warming happening far faster then predicted, Island Appears.

The news is getting worse every day. Australia is preparing to turn off the water supply to farmers.

Its 55,000 farmers supply virtually all of Australia’s vegetables, stone fruits, citrus fruits, cotton and rice. It is also home to many of its vineyards. Food prices are expected to rise immediately and there were predictions last night that scores of farmers would be forced to walk off their land. Threat to food crops as Australia prepares to turn off farmers water.

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1 In 5 Americans Lives on Less Then $7 Per Day

So much for the land of the free and home of the brave. Land of the fee and home of the slave is more like it. 60 million American are now living in abject poverty.

The so-called wealthiest, most abundant nation on Earth now has the widest gap between rich and poor of any industrialized nation. American Dream Now A Nightmare For Millions

The above link is a recommended reading, the economic situation in America is far worse then you’ve even imagined.

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Ecuador expels World Bank representative. Apparently, the World Bank cancelled a loan in retaliation for Ecuador’s oil reforms and Ecuador responds by kicking their representative out of their country. And Ecuador severs all ties to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), after paying off all of their loans.

The danger of the World Bank and the IMF are also legendary for their rapacious practices and undermining national sovereignty. I’m glad to see at least a portion of South America take the initiative and kick these guys out.

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Legendary Incompetence

“There can be little doubt, after yesterday, that Alberto Gonzales was elevated to his position by Bush to affect a political takeover of the Justice Department.”

Truthout has a great article on what’s really going on behind the Gonzales scandal. I pretty much despise Schumer, but he did say something worth quoting here:

“Mr. Attorney General, at the beginning of the hearing, we laid out the burden of proof for you to meet, to answer questions directly and fully, to show that you were truly in charge of the Justice Department, and most of all, to convincingly explain who, when and why the eight US attorneys were fired. You’ve answered ‘I don’t know’ or ‘I can’t recall’ to close to a hundred questions.”

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Life, Death and Journalism

I don’t watch television because I don’t like how the media destroys the real story and sensationalizes it. The Internet is a far better source for factual information, and with streaming video, you can see everything that is broadcast on television if you want.

You’ll also see stuff on the Internet that never makes it past the television network editors. The television networks all seem very prone to portray scripted stories that only vaguely meets the so-called “unvarnished truth”. Fair and balanced reporting is not something you can find on any television network in America.

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In Other News

Parents threaten to sue if Gore film showed in their kids schools (dumb).  U.S. Exerts Authority Over Foreign Citizens. This is scary – you can now be imprisoned if you sell something made in the U.S. to someone (anyone) the U.S. doesn’t like – even if you’ve not broken any laws and your not a U.S. citizen!12,775 Days In Solitary Confinement (35 YEARS) – where did this happen? It’s happening right now, in America.  And if this isn’t dictatorial behavior exhibited by the President, I don’t know what is.

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Virginia Tech Shooting – There Is More Here Then We Are Being Told (again)

The Virginia Tech shooting is a terrible tragedy. Now is the time for a careful examination of what occurred, what recently occurred and what must be done.

Virginia Tech recently banned lawfully concealed weapons in a “right to carry” state. Nobody knows what the outcome might have been to the shooting if that didn’t happen. We can only speculate.

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