Blog Shutdown

This blog is going into hibernation for a while, perhaps permanently. I don’t know if I’ll be restarting it at some point again or not.

There are several reasons for this. Some of my work is not receiving any credit or recognition on other sites that are using the information presented. This is just rude. Secondly, there’s really only been a limited amount of interest, judging by the feedback received. Thirdly, what needs to be said has already been said, dozens of times over. And finally, donations are totally non-existent. I couldn’t buy a loaf of bread from the support I’ve received.

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Terrorist and Tyranny Go Hand In Hand

It’s becoming rather repetitive to keep posting this stuff, but at the risk of boring anyone, here it is again. This is exactly what I’ve been claiming – “what terrorists?” for the past two years:

WASHINGTON – Federal prosecutors counted immigration violations, marriage fraud and drug trafficking among anti-terror cases in the four years after 9/11 even though no evidence linked them to terror activity, a Justice Department audit said Tuesday.

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Future Oil Supplies Environmentally Damaging

“All the world’s extra oil supply is likely to come from expensive and environmentally damaging unconventional sources within 15 years, according to a detailed study” Study see harmful hunt for extra oil

That is certainly true, but truth won’t stop the energy barons, or the public from demanding that they continue to destroy the remaining ecosystems so that they can have their “necessary” energy.

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Tire Reef Ecological Disaster

Another man-made attempt to “improve” upon nature (and dispose of those pesky tires) proves to be an ecological disaster.

“We’ve literally dumped millions of tires in our oceans,” said Jack Sobel, a senior Ocean Conservancy scientist. “I believe that people who were behind the artificial tire reef promotions actually were well intentioned and thought they were doing the right thing. In hindsight, we now realize that we made a mistake.”

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Corn, Poultry, Pork – Corn Rises 70%

“The rising food costs fueled by ethanol demand are also affecting U.S. consumers. “All things that use corn are going to have higher prices and higher cost, to some extent, that will be passed on to consumers,” says Wally Tyner, professor of agriculture economics at Purdue University. The impact of this is being felt first in animal feed, particularly poultry and pork. Poultry feed is about two-thirds corn; as a result, the cost to produce poultry–both meat and eggs–has already risen about 15 percent due to corn prices, says Tyner. Also expect corn syrup–used in soft drinks–to get more expensive, he says.The situation will only get worse, says David Pimentel, a professor in the department of entomology at Cornell University. “We have over a hundred different ethanol plants under construction now, so the situation is going to get desperate,” he says. Adding to the worries about corn-related food prices is President Bush’s ambitious goal, announced in his last State of the Union address, that the United States will produce 35 billion gallons of ethanol by 2017.”Ethanol Demand Raises Food Prices

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Future Prep – Index

Since the Future Prep series of articles is becoming longer and longer, here is an index to the general topics covered and where to find them. You should read the entire article to understand the context.

Future Prep I – First Steps on What To Do

Future Prep II – Forming Survival Groups

Future Prep III – Tyranny In America and What Your Really Facing

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Technology – Helping or Hurting?

Hitachi has developed an RFID (radio frequency Identification Device) powder.

RFID chip

No, that’s not it. The image above is the previous record hold RFID chip. The powder is even smaller, this is what it looks like:

(powder chips compared to a human hair)

The powder is 60 times smaller then the tiny chips above.

The new RFID chips have a 128-bit ROM for storing a unique 38 digit number, like their predecessor. Hitachi used semiconductor miniaturization technology and electron beams to write data on the chip substrates to achieve the new, smaller size.

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Nationalizing Supermarkets and Hoarding of Goods

This ties in perfectly with the 2010 – A Glimpse At the Future story posted yesterday, except it’s Venezuela that is imposing nationalization of goods and price controls. Will this effort follow the disastrous examples of Yugoslavia? With their reserves of petroleum, I doubt it. But it does demonstrate how close the world really is to nationalization of assets in the face of energy declines.

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THERMO/GENE COLLISION: On Human Nature, Energy, Collapse

Kudos to Lonewolf for this link:

And I looked, and behold peak oil: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.

If you were born after 1960, you will probably die of violence, starvation or disease. Although it’s news to you, your generation is challenged with a technically-insoluble problem ““ a political problem ““ which will ultimately kill five out of six worldwide ““ or perhaps all. You can not solve this problem because that carbon-based, selfish-gene rational computer on your neck isn’t logical! THERMO/GENE COLLISION (.pdf)

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2010 – A Glimpse Into The Future

Under several American Presidents, the United States ran a budget deficit that was financed by printing money. This led to a rate of inflation of 15 to 25 percent per year. After Bush, the Democratic Party pursued progressively more irrational economic policies. These policies and the breakup of the United States (the US now consists of the North America Union or NAU) led to heavier reliance upon printing or otherwise creating money to finance the operation of the government and the socialist economy. This created the hyperinflation.

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A Diminishing World

I’m going to publish some harsh words that speak to the truth of some things that have been weighing on my mind for some time now.

We all live in a world of diminishing resources. Just five short years ago, the planet was a different place, one that offered more possibilities, more potential and more future then it does today. Every passing year, hell, every passing second, we are diminishing our collective futures, especially for the young and the unborn. We’re robbing the future, essentially, by our wonton ways and excessive greed. Our culture is saturated at every level with this type of behavior, which is widely accepted and applauded as being the most desirable way to live. We reward this lifestyle as the very highest level of personal accomplishment.

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Follow The Money

More news on climate change “funding” of skeptics.

“It’s pretty much the same eight or 10 people any time you see a skeptical point of view,” Mote said. “It’s pretty certain that it’s going to be one of those folks.”

Former Vice President Gore is saying the Bush Administration is trying to bribe their way through this morass. Well, why not? Only 13% of Republicans believe it. A examination of their “priorities” reveals that lack of critical thinking. So does this guy, who’s only thinking of himself.

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