How To Steal An (s)Election

1. Go to the back of the voting machine. Press and hold the yellow activate button (about 3 seconds). Release when the screen says “waiting for next voter”.

2. Press and hold the yellow button again until the screen says “change to manual activation?”

3. Touch the “Yes” button on the screen.

4. At that point there will be a message on the screen that says “Manual activate voting enabled” (this is just displayed briefly)[...] Read More

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Water Wars

Even more serious and of an imminent danger to the entire world then peak oil, is the global fresh water shortage. The need for fresh water is already reaching critical stages in various parts of the world, Mexico, Israel, Gaza, Macedonia, Afghanistan, Australia, Argentina, England, over one half of all of Africa, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Ethiopia, Vietnam, India, Bangledesh, Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Spain, Bolivia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Libya, and vast portions of the United States.[...] Read More

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