What the World Eats

What the world eats in one week:

The United States

The United States, obviously. You can tell from all the junk food. I don’t know if these are actors or not, but most Americans would be a lot heavier eating this kind of slop. Notice all the packaging waste in developed countries.

China, lots of veggies…





Kind of put things into perspective. Easy to see who’s comandeering the largest share of resources. Shamelessly stolen from The World’s Fair.

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Climate Change in the News

While the world continues to heat up, the US Supreme court is going to wait until next summer to “decide” if carbon dioxide is a pollutant. Meanwhile, the Ross Ice Shelf threatens collapse, with a corresponding (and dramatic) rise in sea levels.

James Lovelock say’s that an 8c rise in temperature is already “built in“, no matter what we do, which efforts are “morally commendable, but wasted”.

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Countries Ranked By Democracy

*Yawn… Another useless report, ranking nations by democracy.

I say “useless”, because the conclusions were meaningless. Here’s why:

I do not believe their methodology used was very helpful or informative.First of all, a democracy isn’t freedom. A democracy is 51% telling the other 49% what to do.

Secondly, their own methodology document states –

“The Freedom House electoral democracy measure is a thin concept. Its measure of democracy based on political rights and civil liberties is thicker than the measure of electoral democracy.”

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Empire 3

“They sold us out. First of all, they sold us out a long time ago. But taking recent history as an example, the Democrats sold us out over 9/11, and the Iraq war. Now that they are back in power in Congress and the Senate, they’ve made it clear already that they’re going to keep selling us out too.”

We were still in the garden and Frank had grabbed a spade to help out. That was pretty cool, because he’d done it without asking. I had just gotten done with dumping a whole lot of information on him with regards to the empire system we all labored under. The huge difference wasn’t lost on me. Frank had volunteered for this ‘help’, unlike the empire which had shoved it down our throats.

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