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9/11 Mysteries – Part I 9/11 Mysteries – Part II 9/11 Mysteries – Part III

These are worth watching if you haven’t yet seen them. After watching these videos, ask yourself just how safe are you, right now (pre-collapse)?

If our government would knowlingly coverup (and participate) in the murder of thousands of Americans while the cameras were rolling, what do you think they will do when the collapse gains momentum and speed?

9/11 is definitely connected to the collapse now underway, accelerating it rather dramatically. Make no mistake about it, the US goverment was hijacked by terrorists in suits who are actively orchestrating these near events.

These manufactured crisis have dramatically affected the future outcome of the entire world.

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2 thoughts on “Worth Watching

  • September 21, 2006 at 12:43 pm

    IMO, the provable/conclusive ‘smoking gun’ are the diagonally sliced I-beams with molten metal running down from the cut. ‘Investigators’ should focus more on this key evidence of demolition. This is EXACTLY what a shaped charge woud produce. This IS hard EVIDENCE.

    Also, that dramatically curved ‘I-beam’ they show in a near semi-circle (with no cracks) was a column from the interior core, and not an exterior column. ALL exterior columns were rectangular box sections- not I beams. Technical term for an “I-beam” is “W-section”. This means that the interior core was “removed” – as with basement level and key exterior columns.

  • September 21, 2006 at 8:31 pm

    I think these videos prove conclusively what we’ve long “known” from the tens of thousands of reports now circulating. That I-beam is the kicker. That doesn’t happen in a building collapse. I wonder (greatly) how long it will be that this can be kept secret? There had to be entire teams of people involved to pull this often (not one building, but three very, very large buildings). That’s a lot of manpower and planning.

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