If you have high speed internet, you might want to take a look at the media presentation here.

Video images can convey a huge impact on the viewer. I’ve read about the declining oceans for years, but until yesterday, I wasn’t able to view these images. Quite frankly, I’m shocked. Eating our way down the food chain is a gross understatement. What was once a healthy habitable planet to live on is now turned into a human sewage dump.

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This pretty much sums it up

The U.S. is the biggest threat which exists in the world. It is a senseless, blind, stupid giant which doesn’t understand the world, doesn’t understand human rights, doesn’t understand anything about humanity, culture and consciousness” – Hugo Chavez

Why do I find myself in agreement? When I examine the human rights abuses past and presently practiced by the United States, I find myself in complete agreement. When I consider the sovereignty of nations and the invasive practices by the United States to undermine countries around the world, I find myself in agreement. When I consider our instant pop “give it to me now” culture and entertainment gratification, I find myself in agreement. When I examine the xenophobic reactionary response to all thing not American, I find myself also in agreement.

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The need for CYA actions by the present administration draws closer every day. However, it is already evident that hardly matters anymore. We know what they are, they’re terrorists in suits hiding behind the veil of legitimacy.

Why don’t we just rip these veil of illusions off and expose the naked truths for what they really are? We can keep on pretending or we can get on with the program.

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This will make the apocalyptical happy:

If confirmed, the reports could lead to an Israeli air strike on the embassy, possibly leading to a widening of the conflict, said officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity. Foreign embassies are sovereign territory and an attack on an embassy could be considered an act of war.

The present slaughter isn’t being considered an “act of war”, but attacking the Iran embassy would be. Supposedly, the Hezbollah leader is hiding in the embassy. But wait! Maybe he’s in Damascus instead! Now that will really get the jumpin’ juices pumping!

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Picture Perfect

Don’t get caught taking pictures of the police doing their “duty”. Wonder why they arrested him? It’s the message. Intimidate one and you’ve intimidated 10,000. It’s happening all over the country. Journalists are now being arrested and imprisoned for investigating. Doing their jobs is apparently a crime, but when the police are doing their jobs, apparently it’s not. Lying too is apparently a-okay if you’re a badge totin’ gun humping thug.

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Axis of Logic

There are several very important points in this Axis of Logic article that I’ve long been saying. We are past the oil peak, the growing crisis in the Middle East is a desperation (and stupid) move for resources, the plans for our future will be an ongoing series of wars and militarization, global climate tipping points have now been irreversibly reached, the political and financial collapse is now a certainty, and massive American detentions will be a part of our future as global manufactured “crisis” converge.

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400,000 Killed – It’s Just a Number

If the news headlined “400,000 Lebonese Killed in Fighting“, would it make any difference in the collective consciousness of the world? Would it stop the war? Would it finally garner the worlds attention enough to put a stop to it?

In reality, probably not. This has already what has happened in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Sudan, Uganda and countries around the world. There are millions of deaths that are now going unrecognized, unacknowledge and failing to instill decisive and swift actions by the powers that be. Their just numbers, not people. It’s more of the same-o-same-o, turn the channel and tune out. It’s all being handled by the powers that be.

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I’m going to make the guess that this effort will fizzle.

Of course Bush is breaking the law and destroying the checks and balances by his use of signing statements. But when has that ever stopped him? I suspect that all this will do is serve notice to a few more people who are still asleep that the Fuhrer is still in office. The Bush Administration will block this, just like they block everything else that seeks to expose their criminal wrongdoings.

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It’s hard to choose which issues to focus on these days. There are so many and all of them need serious, serious attention.

The basic premises behind being informed is that we can somehow, individually or collectively make a difference. If we focus long enough and hard enough on an issue or a problem, we can (hopefully) effectively create the changes necessary to mitigate a particular problem. But is this really true anymore?

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Prices II

The proverbial stinketh is hitting the fan folks, prices are skyrocketing like mad:

Schedule 80 black steel pipe prices, per foot:

2″ at $112 per 21′ stick
2.5″ at $175 per 21′ stick

Local building supply place (Zig’s) won’t quote prices anymore – the price is what it is at the moment of purchase – take it or leave it. And the longer you leave it, the higher it goes.

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The urgent need to slash today’s extreme consumption of fossil fuels is not a numbers game, nor is it a matter of degree. Rather, it is a matter of reduction in kind.

We cannot break our hyper-addiction to our fossil-fueled economy of hyper-consumption incrementally, or gradually, or by means of some pain-free twelve-step program. We have to go cold turkey wherever we can. Right now. We have to begin by taking a good hard look at every single thing we do – at every single thing we have, at every single thing we want. Then we have to start the hard job of cutting out every single thing we can do without.

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Anybody besides me paying attention to the rising prices lately? Not just gasoline and diesel of course, but everything? I was in for some serious sticker shock today when I bought some propane. Propane should be as cheap now as it will ever be, simply because the summer season is a slow time for propane companies. Of course, the rising cost of oil isn’t helping, but today’s purchase was ridiculous. In July of all things. I can’t hardly imagine what it might be next December.

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A Real War – WW III

This is a real war. Israel has exceeded the framework of a counter-terrorism operation in hitting power stations, roads and bridges,” Primakov said at a Moscow news conference. “Today Israel has begun a ground operation exactly like in 1982, having insisted that it wouldn’t do so,” he said.

Proof of that is widspread.

The production facilities of at least five companies in key industrial sectors – including the country’s largest dairy farm, Liban Lait; a paper mill; a packaging firm and a pharmaceutical plant – have been disabled or completely destroyed. Industry insiders say the losses will cripple the economy for decades to come.

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Controlling the Past

This is hard to believe, but a new law has been passed to control history. Funny how this shows up first in the state that gave us the 2000 Presidential fiasco. And the subsequent elections were also fraught with fraud.

American history shall be viewed as factual, not as constructed. – Governor Jeb Bush

Really? I thought the “known” history belonged to the victors. Which is why we never hear about the genocide caused by the United States.

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Courage to Refuse

Wars are enabled by people who willingly or unwillingly, go fight them. It’s a simplistic view to simply say “No” in the hopes that this will stop the war machine, but that is exactly what it will take. “Defense” contractors quitting their jobs. Soldiers laying down their weapons. Officers refusing to carry out their orders. Food service personnel refusing to deliver food.

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