Screaming in the Streets

It’s highly doubtful the sleeping public understands the extreme significance of the coming collapse. If they did, they would probably be screaming in the streets (justifiably so). What will probably happen is our kids will wind up cursing us in their sleep (justifiably so) in their prison camps.

The coming collapse of civilization, which is in reality, already well underway, will be most felt within 50 years. By then, the global problems that have accumulated into unsolvable crisis will become extremely acute, right about the time when Junior is about your age right now. These problems (today) are:

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Cultural Motivation

Civilizations are built in accordance to the cultural values embraced and practiced by its people. These values are developed over long periods of time, cultured and nourished from many sources, from their combined history, traditional, religious and geographical and environmental factors. These are “evolutionary conditions” which cause the evolving changes in cultural values.

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The Moral Choice

As a timely follow up to my last post –

Mr Gore said the world faced a stark choice between the end of civilisation and a future for its children.

Nobody listens to the former Vice President, however, I think he’s right about all of these issues reported in the British news (wonder if any American media will carry this?).

He stressed the problem was moral, not political, and said he hoped the current US government would re-think its environmental strategy and sign up to the successor to the Kyoto treaty.

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The Top Reasons Societies Collapse

There are some historical and factual reasons that societies collapse, a question (and the answers) which should concern everyone. Regrettably, the United States is exhibiting all of these characteristics, thus making its future survival in serious doubt:

a) failing to anticipate a problem before it arrives;
b) reasoning by false analogy that there either is no problem, or it’s not serious;
c) failing to remember historical events;
d) distant management;
e) failing to perceive the problem(s) when they actually arrive;
f) failing to understand the “creeping normalcy”;
g) failing to understand the common interest;
h) conflict of interest;
i) self absorption;
j) advanced technology;
k) religous values.

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I Hate Spammers

The title says it all. They ruin it for everybody. I get my fair share and spend too much time deleting their comments, updating the “blacklist” and banning their IP addresses.

You only get one chance on this blog to fuck up and then I’ll ban you, permanently, forever. Spammers that have done this in the past have been instantly and permanently banned. Go play in your own backyard you lazy scum and stop trying to live off the work of others.

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Dumbing us Down

It’s hardly worth commenting on the “news’ these days. We’ve heard, seen it, digested and spewed most of it out as pure garbage, although an awful lot of it sticks to us like plaque in our veins. We know it’s bad for us, but we do it anyway.

Who cares how high the poll numbers are for Bush? Or whether the DaVinci Code gets good or bad reviews? It’s just all fluff these days, meaningless, pointless and pure drivel.

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Insurance at Risk

This might be something worth listening to:

Clear the Air (CTA), partner organization of the National Environmental Trust, will host a press conference call Monday, May 22 at 12:15 p.m. EDT to discuss the newest information on global warming’s contribution to increased hurricane intensity, what it means for future hurricane seasons and how a dramatic increase in storm damage has the insurance industry looking for a risk policy of it own.

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Natural Selection

There are a lot of things wrong with our culture. Simply listening to a radio news report or watching television (yech!) will reveal quite a few of these issues. The mindless programming that we are assaulted with by the media portrays a world of vast consumption, violence, murder, control, fascism, sex and seduction. We’re supposed to believe that this is the “real world” and the normal way in which humans live, which is of course, not true.

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The Foundation of Empire

The United States is continuing to insist that they alone have the right to dictate to other nations what they should do, what they should buy, and what they should sell. They even go so far as to dictate their ideological beliefs, measuring everything up against the demands of Empire.

I’ve been following the rising tensions between Venezuela and the US for some time now. As in all things, there are two sides to every story. This story isn’t hard to follow, or understand where it’s going. The goal in Venezuela is the same goal as in Iraq – oil. To get there, the US rhetoric towards Venezuela, specifically Hugo Chavez is continually being ratched up to justify a military takeover or perhaps a coup with a US installed puppet regime.

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