Spring is (finally) here in full bloom. Climate change is already noticeable throughout the world, this location is no exception. March rained non-stop it seemed, cycling between hail stones, snow, and warm days, but with April things began to look like spring.

If you’ve been watching the news, you’ll know that gas prices in some places is $4.30 a gallon, a new ‘record’, soon to be broken again and again. And again. The sad fact is that we are never going to have today’s prices – on anything. The cost of simply staying alive, let alone enjoying any of the extravagant modern pleasures (like driving) is getting harder and harder.

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Society’s Collapse

I’m reading Jared Diamond’s book, “Collapse – How Societies Choose To Fail or Succeed”, which depicts the collapse of civilizations down through history, from the ancient past to the present. It’s an interesting book which I’m in the mood to read. I found it while browsing the book store at the mall. I hadn’t been to a mall in several years and finding myself inside one of the consumer constructed edifices was also ‘interesting’.

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5 Year Plan

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that our world is changing at an incredible rate. The increasing global demands based upon (still) rising populations, technological and social complexity, and increasingly scarce resources are remapping the face of the planet. I contend that it’s not a map I’d want or draw, given the choice. Competition for smaller and smaller slices of the earth pie will create extremely violent situations for nations worldwide.

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Customer Responsibilities

Every so often (rarely), I get some clown who thinks it’s acceptable to bash my business. As I’ve blogged before, this has happened by board administrators who think it’s acceptable to ridicule, deride or make negative comments on business owners that just happen to post on their boards. Never mind that we are experts in our field and are simply offering our opinions or sometimes just our commentary – commentary not even related to our businesses. Board admins and board mods think it’s an acceptable practice (some of them) to bash the very businesses that (sometimes) support them.

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Spring and Modern Living

I’m not writing as much as I could (should?) simply because spring has sprung and it’s nice to get some stuff done around here. It was a long winter (too long) this year and I nearly burned through every stick of firewood I had. Now it’s time to restock (I always cut wood in the spring for several reasons, the sap is running, which makes great firewood once its seasoned and this also give it many months to season before I need it).

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Activism and Dictatorship

There are two good articles that you should read regarding what is happening to our ability to peacefully reform our political system:

If you protest, it won’t be me taking you out, it’ll be a sniper.

Do we have a protected First Ammendment? Judge for yourself.

But, now, it’s pay-as-you-go speech, which basically means that payment for your free speech comes in the form of bogus charges, lawsuits, police attending your events, writing down your license numbers, being followed, etc., etc.

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