Alternative Energy

There is a lot of hype and promise, some of it even real, with regards to alternative energy technologies. Heralded as the next best thing to sliced bread, alternative energy “promises” to replace petroleum dependency and even carbon emissions with something “clean”.

Fact or fiction? You be the judge. Any technology developed requires energy to create the actual hardware. Minerals are mined, the ore is extracted, factories are powered up to processing the metals, silicon and glass required, production facilities are built and manned, the actual hardware is produced and assembled, distribution networks are built, parts and pieces are transported and finally, the entire apparatus arrives at the end of this process and is assembled, tested and finally, switched on.

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Be worried, be very worried

Time Magazine Cover Story – Global Warming

Be worried, be very worried. The climate is crashing, and global warming is to blame.

Read the article first. Time Magazine is featuring this article here (if you’re a subscriber).

“Lawmakers” are quite clueless as to the the global significance of this. There is not stopping global climate change, it’s now a runaway freight train as evidence has shown around the world. You can’t “stop” a melting glacier – or continent. What has taken decades to develop can’t be stopped by just eliminating emissions now, it’s far, far too late for this.

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The Terminator

This is a story that I have been following for years, although I’ve never once written about it. Terminator seed technology is an insidious plan to control the world’s food supply. Keeping people starving and hungry makes it so much easier to exploit them and the resources that they own.

Terminators, or GURTS (Genetic Use Restriction Technologies), are a class of genetic engineering technologies which allow companies to introduce seeds whose sterile offspring cannot reproduce, preventing farmers from re-planting seeds from their harvest. The seeds could also be used to introduce specific traits which would only be triggered by the application of proprietary chemicals by the same companies.

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More on Biochip Implants

I could write on this subject for weeks (but won’t). Few people are truly aware of the insidious plot to track everything via biochip implants. Most are aware of the pet tracking technology, but don’t seem to think that this will apply to them.

Building you up to the real facts, is this story regarding biochip implants on every livestock animal in America (including fish):

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The Answer

It has been my intention by writing this blog to take my efforts into a specific direction. This blog has been an ongoing essay in bits and pieces dealingĀ  with life, liberty, climate, civilization and the future. A future that is not going to turn out like many have been taught to expect.

Only by understanding the past and how we arrived at this point does the present make any sense.

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Don’t Get It

I apparently missed all the fuss lately. Since I don’t watch television, all of the bird flu stories have just “flown” right by me. But I’ve been absolutely buried trying to get the new shopping cart shipping module fully functional, so I’ve not yet seen or even read the stories regarding these MSM reports.

I don’t suppose I’ve missed anything. I’ve been keeping up with the bird flu as the stories are being posted on the Net. But here is something interesting: I’m now tracking the site visitors to my website (food store). This is averaging well in excess of 120 – 160 visitors per hour right now. I’ve never seen anything like it. You’d think my phone would be ringing off the hook, but it’s not. Apparently, lots and lots of people are taking a look around on the site and then leaving.

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The Source

Many of the ideas and commentary presented on this blog aren’t very popular. This is not surprising in the least. However, it bears mentioning for some extremely important reasons.

The general idea of reduced consumption, reduced development and reduced population isn’t on people’s minds. Instead, they are looking foward to a sense of “growth” in their own lives; a promotion, a vacation, maybe a relocation or just the coming weekend, when they’ll let their hair down and live it up a little. Or they’re looking forward to something else. But the idea of scaling back, living simpler and using less on all fronts, is pretty far from their minds.

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