Unasked for advices is often ignored, sometimes rightly so, othertimes not. Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of questions regarding preparations, ranging from everything from the bird flu pandemic to global warming. I make no secret about my personal view of things, just read this blog or the discussion board. Personal preparations should be a part of everyone’s ‘normal living’ experience, and not an emergency knee-jerk reaction to bad news.

I’m prepping of course, in a big way. For the long term. The reasons for this are many and what I think should be obvious, but apparently aren’t to a great many people. Perhaps the most pressing issue is the bird flu pandemic. But I started prepping long before I learned of this issue.

On top of pandemic is the cost of energy, which has been skyrocketing. This is making the cost of everything go up proportionally and it won’t, can’t get any better.

See that plunging yellow line? That occurred in late 2004, which corresponds exactly with what we are seeing now occur with the price – of everything.

It’s simply not possible to meet the world’s energy demands anymore. Limited supply then directly relates to increased prices for all products and goods. But the world continues to act like this irrefutable fact isn’t going to change how we live. I beg to differ – a lot. We are all in for the shock of our lives, some more then others.

You can do a LOT to mitigate these damaging effects, but you have to decide to do this, nobody else can do this for you. Right now, prices are going up on everything. This isn’t going to stop. Ever. Thusly, I have a saying, “what you buy today will cost more tomorrow”. The energy to produce consumable and ‘hard’ goods (things made to last), isnt’ getting any cheaper (or more plentiful), and nor is the goods produced. Buying ‘plenty’ today is simply good sound advice.

The key here though should be carefully considered. While it’s possible with a truckload of money to buy everything you need for a lifetime and store it away someplace (in a lot of places!), you don’t really want to do that. You want to simplify your life and streamline a lot of things down to a level of minimal impact. There will be many who try this route of ‘plentiful abundance as long as possible’, which will only excaberate the problems they will inevitably encounter someday. Problems of having to ‘trim the fat’ and ‘reduce’ and ‘do without’ and even, fend of the marauders who see the house and land of plenty staring at their swollen bellies from hunger.

This is no joke. There are some really serious problems facing Americans in particular, but I dare say, almost all of them are actually cultural. Pandemic, global warming, climate shift, drought, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes and other natural disaster are events that have come and ‘gone’ before (this time however, some of these looming events won’t be leaving us for many thousands of years) – and humans have ‘survived’ these things, recovered and gone on.

But not this time. We’ve never had a population explosion like we have today. We’ve never devestated our environment from one icecap to the other like we have today. We’ve never overfished our oceans, polluted our lakes, streams and rivers, and destroyed the soils to the extent that we have today. The bottom line is – we expected and demanded too much from the earth and in the process, wiped out everything that sustains us – the air, the water, the soils, the plant and animals species, and left behind devestation and ruin. Or a housing tract on top of a landfill.

Perhaps you live in the city. Stop and think for a moment about what you are seeing as you drive down the road. Everything, buildings, roads, concrete, glass, steel, signs, resteraunts, high rises, office furniture, paper, cars, tires, gasoline, diesel, power lines, lights, paint, literally everything – came from someplace else. And when these resources were wrested from the ground, they left behind devestation. Forest were cut, the land was mined, factories were built, more land was cleared, even more minerals were extracted to produce the conveyer belts, distribution systems, trucks, transportation, telephones, more houses were constructed to house the workers, even more forest was cut, even more land was cleared, more plant and animal species were decimated and this cycle has continued now for several thousand years around the planet.

The ruin of our planet surrounds us, but we continue to ignore this like some dark family secret. We’re staring in the face at our own destruction, ignorant that the surivival of the human race now hangs in the balance. We keep believing, acting like we can go on living like this, as if it will last forever. This is worse then a foolish hope – it’s planetary suicide.

We don’t live in a world of infinite resources, although we certainly act like it. At some point, the ‘limit’ was going to be reached. The earth had a huge natural reserve of abundance at one time – air, water, animals, plants, minerals, soil, oceans, fish, even ice (critical to maintaining global temperatures), but that is now all about gone. We are now living on the vestiges of what remains, while teeming BILLIONS of people are fighting over the scraps so that they can maintain ‘the good life’ of abundance and plenty.

This alone is a ‘deal killer’ for the human race. We’ve spread like a virus over the face of the earth and have consumed everything and anything that is even slightly desirable. Our ocean fisheries are so bad now that we are forced to fish for what was once considered a ‘trash fish’ to keep up our world harvest demands. We have overtaxed everything to the point of collapse. It’s no wonder at all that something like avian bird flu is coming around to devastate this human-virus that has decimated the earth. I’m not the least bit surprised. Saddened, yes, but surprised – absolutely not. We are way overdue for a pandemic in the world. These things have happened before.

But this time, it could turn out quite differently, since we have consumed all of the abundance and revelled in our excesses to the point of gross gluttony and wantoness. What’s left to consume? What’s left to mine? What’s left to log? To fish? Is there still “enough” to go around, globally, and keep up this global party of wanton consumption? For how much longer? And then what? What happens when these dominoes start to collapse and we are forced to – eat each other?

This is already happening, which is called war. War is the health of the State (look it up) and is highly beneficial to the State. Never mind you, the individual, you’re just cannon fodder anyway, only good for taxation and consumption, and when necessary, a body bag. War is very much a part of the activity of the State.

Wars are fought for many reasons, but underlying them all is resources (and profits). They have little to do with ideologies as we are being told, but everything to do with resources and profit. If ideology was a true factor, the United States would have invaded communist China. Or Cuba, only 90 miles away, which we desperately tried to ignore (and sanction) for the past 40+ years since the Bay of Pigs. But there is little profit in ideology and little resources in the countries that we don’t agree with. Except for those of course, that DO have resources. Like Afghanistan and the pipeline for the Caspian Sea (and opium crops). And Iraq. Iran. We’ve already got Saudia Arabia, although how long is questionable. Now it’s Venezuela’s turn since they too are sitting on a sea of oil. Wars are fought for resources – and you will die. Period. The rest is just patriotic bullshit meant to convince the gullible fools that they are ‘sacrificing for something worthwhile’.

Perhaps a lot of people buy this line of crap, I don’t. The State and war are intimately connected to resources and profits. However, I am not for sale, nor should you be. Since I do not profit whatsoever from such bloody endeavors, I’m not interested, nor a foolish supporter of the patriotic line of crap that is being forced fed to the gullible. Nor should you. Realize that these things are all about power, control, resources and profits. There is a better way to live then being a mind-controlled moron, spoon fed by the idiot box on what to think, see, do, buy and support.

We are all subject to what occurs by and within the State. If the State declares war, like the United States did (twice) within the last few years, you’re either going to be a willing victim or a gullible fool. Take your pick. There is no in-between. The rest of us, who are allegedly ‘left alone’ are expected to ‘support’ these stupid adventures while the State proceeds to kill our sons and daughters, who themselves are tasked with killing the sons and daughters of the ‘enemy’, which also happens to be ‘defined’ by the State and propagated by the mass media.

Only a fool can’t see this for what it really is. We’re not supporting “us”, as in the US or whatever nationality you might happen to be, we’re only being fooled into supporting “them”, the power elite who are desperate to retain their control and their power and especially, their profits while they proceed to rape and plunder the world – and us. And to think we are paying these monsters for this privelege. We are so stupid that we even elect them into office, giving them high salaries!

Forget it. I’m not playing that game, where the rules are rigged and the losers wind up dead. I’ve got far better things to do. So do you. But war isn’t the only ‘game in town’ that is affecting your scores. You, like me, are the inheritors of the earth, supposedly at the top of the food chain, eating your way down to the bottom. Hope you like rocks, because rock soup is definitely in your future.

What’s left of our planet after billions and billions consume and pollute the environment is going to be the real ‘durable goods’. Rocks. These things have been around for billions of years, they’ve seen the passing of asteroids and dinosaurs and quite probably, the human race. I don’t envy them, each has its place. My place isn’t to be a rock, or cannon fodder, or a “consumer”, but a consciencious human being who can think and can see that the course we have charted for the human race is pure folly through and through. However, I have choice and that is to choose, deliberately and consciensouly to live differently.

Because I also believe that pandemic, global warming, peak oil, climate shift and other events are now occurring, I’m ‘prepping’ to a fairly high degree. To me, this is taking personal responsibility for my life. I’m absolutely convinced that others people should be doing this too. If we ‘all’ did, we would live in an entirely different world. There would be a lot less exploiting going on for starters. And we wouldn’t all be victims to circumstance and surroundings. This is, in part, why I believe we should prepare. To take responsibility for our lives and the impact our lives have upon the planet and ultimately, each other. To stop this cycle of dependency and ‘addiction’ to “consumerism”, which is a terrible cancerous blight upon everthing. And to stop funding these mega-corporations that control our government, destroy our planet and produce mountains of useless crap while exploiting their slave labor work force. And that’s just for starters. But I won’t go into all of the reasons, read my blog, you’ll figure it out.

Preparations are a cure – but this is an incomplete diagnosis. Self reliance is the real cure, but that concept is simply lost to history. Partial self-reliance, simplification and sustainability is within almost everyone’s grasp. But this requires a complete rethinking of life and living, a world view that changes from dependency to dedication. It’s also not for everyone – but only because it is foreign to our thinking. A new cultural ethic is needed that embraces the concepts of sustainability, self reliance and stewardship. That won’t happen until we have learned to suffer. And that, is about to occur on a global scale.

I’ve written about this before, but suffering is what is in store for the human race – and very, very necessary. The loss of what once was (and may never be again), will be the driving force towards a new ethic of responsibility. Eventually. If not, the suffering will happen anyway, it’s too late already to stop it. And there is a lot of this that is simply beyond our control anyway. That’s like trying to stop a hurricane. While they may be related to human pollution (climate change) or not, it’s not like any of can stop a hurricance. The only thing you can do is endure and make out the best you can. You can get out of the way if possible, which is advice I strongly recommend today.

We need to ‘get out of the way’ of what is happening to our world, our country, our social systems and our government. They are all teetering on the verge of collapse and catastrophe, which is only a reflection of what is happening on the planet throughout the environment. They are mirror images of each other. As we abuse the environment, our environment abuses us. The same with government. Government is taking a special interest in abusing the people, who are in turn, rightly rejecting the control and the authority exercised by government. There is no balance anymore – anywhere.

A return to a balanced life, an ethical standard and a stewardship of responsibility is long overdue. But between “here” and “there” is going to be catastrophe piled on top of catastrophe. I doubt very much that there will be any escaping this. The ensuing suffering will breed out a lot of the idiocy that has occurred in the human race. You could rightly call this the ‘survival of the fittest’ – which is more the just gene selection since the human race is also capable of learned intelligence. Your intelligence is going to be a factor on your survival and that of your kids. Will they learn a new ethic, or just be more cannon fodder for the power elite as they go about plundering and destroying the earth for profits and resources?

That’s up to you, I hope you make the right choice. We’re all going to suffer. We’re all going to get more then a little hungry. The answer to this is to make your preparations now, to think things through, see where they are going and then start addressing your basic needs. Water, food, clothing, shelter, heat. Sustainability. Survivability. Teach it to each other. Teach it to your children. Live the life, demonstrate, extoll, exhort and inform. Educate yourself on the issues that are important. Toss aside the mundane and the inane and focus on the impact of your life on your environment. Learn responsibility to the highest degree that you know how. Start small, start with tiny steps, but start today.

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