Taken from the SuperFluTalk website and my reply:

Do you guys think your taking this to seriously?

Are you spending all your time prepping and not living a normal life.

What is “normal”? Being dependent upon an increasingly toxic system? Not being able to take care of oneself?

I think it is all a matter of perspectives. Modern living basically says, “let someone else do all the worry and work, I’ll just go make the money”. This is actually contrary to natural law (long subject), and very destructive to various things, but sticking to my points, it severely affects You. You become a dependent when you rely upon other people, other “things” to provide for you to the nth degree.

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Political Crisis of Thought

On the subject of crisis, the United States has been in a serious political crisis since the stolen 2000 election. Appointed by the Supreme Court to President, the Herr Furher has embarked upon a campaign of hatred towards the American people and anyone who opposes him ever since.

It doesn’t appear that a lot of people are connecting the dots regarding the Furher’s ambitions for Americans, but a well crafted plan is being laid out to keep the Furher in office – beyond 2008. Without a Constitutional Ammendment, no President may have more then two terms in office, even if both terms were stolen. The 2004 rigged “election” of the Furher made it clear that the Bush handlers have no intention of playing by the rules. After all, it’s “just a goddamned piece of paper“.

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From Crisis To Crisis

We live in a very strange era, which is fraught with increasingly difficult events and circumstances. Strange it may be, but predictable. I am not at all surprised at our common predicaments that are coming at us all with increasing frequency and violence, since these things are what you’d have to come to expect, considering the insane human behavior we exhibit as a species.

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Dereliction of Duty

I’m getting tired of talking to myself in cyberspace. I don’t know if this blog is reaching anyone, or doing any good. I receive a few comments from time to time, but it’s not like there is a lot of readers who barrage me with email. The point is, repeating the same line over and over is making me feel like a one-act play. And I’m much more then that.

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More Lies from the Bush Administration – About Energy

This article shows just how incredibly clueless George Bush is regarding energy and our future. And how much of a liar he really is too.

We’re supposed to be just as ignorant as he is, and swallow this song and dance hook, line and sinker. The only thing this article shows is how the Administration is getting desperate to appear to be doing something about our domestic energy needs, but they’re clearly clueless, as usual.

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Human Survival Curve

It’s very hard to try and report any “good news” these days, since so much of it is bad and getting worse. I try to gauge in my laymen’s fashion what is happening in the world that affects each of us, even if only at a distance (until it lands on your doorstep and kicks you in the teeth). I have less and less time these days to devote to reading the articles and stories posted on the Web and I have scant little use for the idiot box, so simply don’t watch it for news and information, whatever is broadcast is either weeks or even months behind the information “curve”.

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The Tipping Point is Already Passed

This is a worthwhile “repost” that ties directly into my “Advice” post on preparations. I stumbled across this link on Ran Prieur’s blog and want to highlight some important points. What this Independent Online article is saying is the tipping point for global warming and catastrophic climate changes has already been passed, making this irreversible and unstoppable with catacalysmic consequences:

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Unasked for advices is often ignored, sometimes rightly so, othertimes not. Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of questions regarding preparations, ranging from everything from the bird flu pandemic to global warming. I make no secret about my personal view of things, just read this blog or the discussion board. Personal preparations should be a part of everyone’s ‘normal living’ experience, and not an emergency knee-jerk reaction to bad news.

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Interviews with World Bird Flu Experts

I’m going to hit this one more time – bird flu, because it’s just can’t be emphasized enough. I should be BURIED with food orders right now, but apparently a whole lot of people actually believe they can wait until the last minute to stock up for pandemic.

Forget it. Won’t happen. I’ve long experience with panic buying and if you aren’t making your preparations right now, you’re pretty much signing your own death warrant. I’m serious. Because this is that serious. The mortality rate is over 50%. What do you think is going to happen when sustained human-to-human (H2H) happens? The entire PLANET will shut down. Instantly. Overnight. Actually, less then that, in a matter of hours. All flights will be grounded, all transportation will be stopped. Stores will be shut down, trains, bus stations, all forms of public transportation. Quarantine will be implemented everywhere – worldwide.

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Bird Flue – Human Transmission Cases

This is about the time where someone say’s, “I told you so”. Human-to-human transmission of bird flu appears to be a fact now in a large number of cases. Which is deliberately going unreported, probably to avoid a panic (worldwide).

The number of family clusters in the various countries reporting H5N1 outbreaks since 2004 has now exceeded thirty. Almost all of these clusters have a time gap of 5-10 days between disease onset of the index case and other family members. This gap indicates that most of the familial clusters involve human-to-human transmission.

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