Prepare and Survive

Lovelock says the planet is now past the point of no return, and its self-regulating feedback mechanisms are turning from maintaining a liveable planet into a downward spiral of warming and flooding that will soon lay waste to civilization as we know it. Now we must prepare to survive as best we can. – James Lovelock

Life as we know it is fast coming to an end. But you’d hardly realize it if you are just paying attention to the MSN, which simply refuses to report the facts. Television is just a distraction and quite obsolete when it comes to information and “news”. What you learn on the Net can be learned months before the MSN is forced to report.

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Potential Countries with Bird Flu

From the Sustainable Living & Common Sense board, posted by Lonewolf –

It’s starting to become a LONG list of potential countries with human BF

Below is a list I compiled from recent ‘news’ and general speculation”

Confirmed human cases – China, VietNam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, Turkey

Suspected human cases – Afghanistan, Algeria, Armenia, Bulgaria, Finland, Georgia, Greece, Hong Kong, Japan, Iran, Iraq, South Korea, North Korea, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Syria

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As the world grinds onward and energy becomes increasingly more expensive (think all forms of energy, fuel, natural gas, propane, wood, electricity, etc.) – people are going to start hoarding stuff, primarily survival stuff in order to survive.

Governments around the world are already doing this and have been for some time. But that won’t really do you any good because they’re not really planning on taking care of you, they’re planning on taking care of themselves. It’s an elitist club and if you don’t belong (and most of us don’t), then your going to be on your own.

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A View of the Future

I apologize for a lack of posts – I have been very busy with a dearth of activity here, including new UPS rates. Watch it folks – the fuel crisis is really starting to hit. It may not seem like it, but from my perspective, this is getting rather serious.

Here is a view of the future – Sacramento on Empty.

Sacramento 2036: It’s a rare thing to see a car of any kind on J Street, and then it’s most likely to be an armored police vehicle. From time to time, a small convoy of these–three or four–will emerge, usually to protect against civil unrest at one of the food-distribution points. They used to be called supermarkets, but they didn’t look like armored warehouses then. They are fairly safe these days. Most people who don’t have money to buy food have signed on to work at a farm in exchange for food or have been court-ordered into indentured labor to pay off their debts.

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Imminent Peril

I’ve been trying to get the warnings out in my own fashion, regarding the number of serious issues facing humankind. The fact that our world is in severe peril and growing worse every day should be of significant concern to every living, breathing human on earth.

It is, unfortunately, probably too late. This is the worst kind of ‘too little, too late’ you can possibly imagine, since what we are talking about here is the eradication of the human race – and all other life forms on the planet.

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Pandemic Advice

It’s real simple. Stock up, stay home and stay put. If pandemic hits, then you’re exposing yourself and your family to serious risk by simply venturing out to the store. You don’t know who’s been there or where they’ve been or who they’ve been exposed to.

I had to laugh when I read the health advice ‘avoid breathing air breathed by other persons’. How are you going to do that? Stay home and minimize your risk. Stock up now while you still can and if pandemic doesn’t hit, don’t fret over it. It’s your insurance plan, no different then the insurance you buy today (except this one you get to eat).

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Wayward Animals

London has it’s wayward whale, and I’ve got a lost moose calf. It’s in my ‘backyard’, sleeping by my camper. About 5 ft. high at the shoulder. I took some pictures, but they’re not really publishable, the camera was set to a reverse image and they look terrible. Now it’s too dark to shoot some more, but the calf is still there.

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Bin Laden Tape

A new tape has surfaced of Bin Laden. I don’t really put much stock in these tapes, since this kind of stuff always seems to play into the hands of our gifted leaders. Nor do I personally worry about terrorist attacks, I think Americans are much more in danger of their own government then any so-called terrorists.

There is indeed a long list of “gotcha’s” to be watching out for, but Bin Laden doesn’t even make my top ten. Or twenty. I don’t buy the government story that Bin Laden was behind 9/11. If he was – he had a lot of inside help, right here in America.

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