9/11, Peak Oil & the Patriot Act

I have never before written on 9/11 and the events, “investigation” and circumstances surrounding this horrible tragedy. I have read hundreds of reports, articles and investigations regarding the evidence on 9/11 and the resulting coverup. That there was a coverup is without any question. That there is a tremendous number of coincidences beyond statistical improbability, planted and faked evidence, outright lies and fabrications is also without question.

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Tis the Season

I don’t “do” Christmas, which is one reason why you’ll find me online on this “holiday”. I don’t do any holiday to be exact. I’ve never equated the gods of consumerism and consumption (which is what occurs on every holiday) as being a part of my worldview. I personally find the herd mentality of Christmas, Easter, the 4th of July, Veterans Day, Memorial Day, Halloween and Thanksgiving rather ridiculous.

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Pre-Collapse Strategies

I don’t think this topic has been adequately covered – and is of course subject to change as circumstances dictate and personal needs.

The issue of pre-collapse strategy is a difficult one, probably more so then either collapse or post-collapse strategy because under either of the latter two conditions – you’re not subject to the least amount of doubt regarding your present circumstances. You will be living this (if you survive) and you will have no doubts at all regarding what needs to be done.

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Man Made Apocalypse

Decades of study have demonstrated that the Biblical Apocalypse is a fabrication of the modern myth makers. But humankind doesn’t need ancient text to fortell the coming apocalypse. It’s already here. Worldwide indicators are now revealing the plight of the human race.

Planet Earth stands on the cusp of disaster and people should no longer take it for granted that their children and grandchildren will survive in the environmentally degraded world of the 21st century. This is not the doom-laden talk of green activists but the considered opinion of 1,300 leading scientists from 95 countries who will today publish a detailed assessment of the state of the world at the start of the new millennium.

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Population Overshoot

State Population Estimates in 2005 [emphasis mine]

The Associated Press
Thursday, December 22, 2005; 6:06 AM

Population estimates in 2005 and percent change from 2004 in the 50 states, the District of Columbia and the entire United States, according to the U.S. Census Bureau:

State 2005 Population Percent Change
Ala. 4,557,808 0.7
Alaska 663,661 0.9
Ariz. 5,939,292 3.5
Ark. 2,779,154 1.1
Calif. 36,132,147 0.8
Colo. 4,665,177 1.4
Conn. 3,510,297 0.3
Del. 843,524 1.6
D.C. 550,521 -0.7
Fla. 17,789,864 2.3
Ga. 9,072,576 1.7
Hawaii 1,275,194 1.0
Idaho 1,429,096 2.4
Ill. 12,763,371 0.4
Ind. 6,271,973 0.7
Iowa 2,966,334 0.5
Kan. 2,744,687 0.4
Ky. 4,173,405 0.8
La. 4,523,628 0.4
Maine 1,321,505 0.5
Md. 5,600,388 0.7
Mass. 6,398,743 -0.1
Mich. 10,120,860 0.2
Minn. 5,132,799 0.7
Miss. 2,921,088 0.7
Mo. 5,800,310 0.7
Mont. 935,670 0.9
Neb. 1,758,787 0.6
Nev. 2,414,807 3.5
N.H. 1,309,940 0.8
N.J. 8,717,925 0.4
N.M. 1,928,384 1.3
N.Y. 19,254,630 -0.1
N.C. 8,683,242 1.7
N.D. 636,677 0.1
Ohio 11,464,042 0.1
Okla. 3,547,884 0.7
Ore. 3,641,056 1.4
Pa. 12,429,616 0.3
R.I. 1,076,189 -0.3
S.C. 4,255,083 1.4
S.D. 775,933 0.7
Tenn. 5,962,959 1.2
Texas 22,859,968 1.7
Utah 2,469,585 2.0
Vt. 623,050 0.3
Va. 7,567,465 1.2
Wash. 6,287,759 1.3
W.Va. 1,816,856 0.2
Wis. 5,536,201 0.6
Wyo. 509,294 0.7
Nation 296,410,404 0.9

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Natural Selection

I have been having one those highly interesting and evolving conversation online with Steve Welch, of Complex Systems Research, Inc. Steve works for Phil Zimmermann (inventor of Pretty Good Privacy). Steve has been very helpful regarding some questions I had.

Steve’s real boss (in his own words), is Dr. Penelope Boston. She’s a microbiologist at New Mexico Tech, whom Steve assists with Mars-related research.

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Leaving Leviathan

There is an ongoing thread on the bulletin board regarding future plans and strategies.

I am not currently seeking anything along the lines of an eco-village. I have always thought that my set-up would lend itself to a small multi-family living arrangement.

I like the idea of an ecovillage, but I can easily envision other social / living structures that are much different. I am certain that this is not the only way to approach present and future living (as an alternative to the insanity we have today).

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I’m seeing a lot of bad advice on the Net regarding future plans and preparations for collapse and post-collapse scenarios. I am somewhat surprised by all of this so-called “advice” because it flies in the face of common sense and utterly fails to take into account natural systems.

One of these issues that I’m seeing is the concept of priorities and importance regarding the essentials of life. Few people seem to even know what the essentials of life even are, they assume that these essentials will always be available and provided by someone other then themselves.

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