Oct 042005

There is a misconception among the green anarchy and primitive movements (and others) that civilizations collapse will create urban and suburban restoration efforts, i.e., “pavement removal”, from parking lots, roadways, sidewalks, etc., such efforts are hoped to be performed on a wide scale.

I’m not clear at all where this idea springs from, but in any case, I don’t believe this is the least bit accurate. There is already mounting evidence that our present culture and civilization will stubbornly cling to ALL of it’s accouterments as long as possible. Even in the face of starvation. The idea that the personal automobile (and it’s roadways) will be “torn down” isn’t likely.

One of the difficulties will be the energy requirements to remove the concrete and tar. And finding the people to undertake the effort. And the money. And what would you do with a Rocky Mountain sized pile of rubble?

My guess is, these hard surfaces will be used for something else entirely. Perhaps covered in dirt, although that doesn’t seem likely either. Actually, I think this whole idea is a pure fantasy with no basis in reality. Roadways, parking lots and such like will be features that we will have with us for a long time to come. They’ll probably continue to be used as roads. How novel an idea is that?

As part of the “rewilding” of our planet, the only roadways that will renew themselves will be those roadways cut into our present forests and deserts that we have abandoned to nature to reclaim. The rest will be used as they “always” have (relatively speaking of course).

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Oct 042005

Got this email today -

I am in charge of food storage in my considerably large church organization. I will be making bulk orders on a monthly basis for the large number of people/families in my church.

When I found your site, I was happy to find quality food storage products for very reasonable prices. I also was interested in your discussion forum and blog, hoping to find more food storage information and tips.

However, all I found was extremely hateful, anti-americanism. To me, this is aiding the terrorists. Continue reading “Hate Mail” »

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