Global Climate Change – What is it?

If you are one of the doubters of climate change, or you are not certain what it is, here are some pointers:

Glaciers worldwide are in full retreat. NASA and the National Snow and Ice Data Centre (NSIDC) estimate that the Arctic icecap will disappear within 60 years.

“The Arctic is a huge heat sink, it helps keep the planet cool, and it also drives our circulation because the heat graded between the poles and the equator is what drives our atmospheric, our ocean circulation. And what we’re doing is we’re changing the heat in the Arctic, and it’s warming up.’

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Terrifying Climate Change

“You know, if you look at the latest figures on climate change and global warming … they’re terrifying, terrifying,” Charles told CBS’ “60 Minutes” in the interview aired Sunday.

I doubt Prince Charles is himself an expert, but then again, he is in a position to hear from experts, more so then many of us. In any case, this information is disturbing and FINALLY getting some main stream press. More news:

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Eating Our Way Down the Food Chain

Managing the Produce of the Sea

The idea of managing the sea is a relatively new one, largely because for most of fishing history, the difference between what humans needed and what the ocean could provide was so great that the concept seemed absurd. But overfishing, legal and illegal, and the resulting species depletion is at world-record levels. Wild fish populations of salmon, cod, halibut, tuna, sea bass – to name a few, have been almost entirely exhausted.

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Increased Damage to the Environment

Damage to the Amazon rain forest has been greatly under-estimated by 60% – 120%. Secretive selective logging under the forest canopy to hide the evidence has finally been detected by new high resolution satellite imagery.A logger chainsaws a tree in the Amazon rain forest. New satellite images show that “selective logging,” by which prized trees are singled out and felled, poses a far bigger threat to the Earth’s largest tropical forest than previously believed.

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Erratic Weather?

Massive sea-waves pound Trinidad.

“It’s just erratic storm activity. There hasn’t been any major earthquake activity to generate these waves. It’s a bit unusual, but it’s just normal storm activity-it’s normal to have extremes. “

Just erratic storm activity? Kind of like Katrina, Rita and Wilma? Seems like it’s been a season of erratic storm activity to me. Except it’s not erratic. These are all evidences of a global climate shift.

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There is a tendency among doomers, to report only certain news and information. Actually, this tendency is held by pretty much everybody. The MSM (main stream media) has long been known to pick and choose its stories. This is true for every news service.

But doomers, those who are watching and chronicling the collapse of society and the world are equally guilty – and it is those that I want to concentrate on here. You’ll run across this on some blogs and websites ‘it’s been a slow day’, or ‘nothing to report’ or “awfully quiet lately” or “the calm before the storm”. Hah! All across the world is plenty of news and worthy information to share (events), but it doesn’t meet the doomerosity level for one reason or another. I am guilty of this too.

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Domesticated Man – Part II

The first post on Domesticated Man contained a extensive (but incomplete!) list of social ills plaguing modern man. These are the horrific social side effects of our application of civilization, which is really an abomination to natural living, health, happiness and contentment.

Unless of course, you like being stressed, amped up, in debt, obsessed with material possessions and told what to do with every waking, breathing moment of your life.

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Production Declines

A recent estimate is that Exxon Mobil, ConocoPhillips, BP, Royal Dutch/Shell and Total S.A., will reach peak oil production in 2007, Chevron Texaco in 2009 and many smaller companies falling in between.

Each of the world’s seven largest publicly traded oil companies will begin seeing production declines within the next 48 months or so.The world oil shock is already well underway, with peak production still months away. It’s not hard to figure out where this is going and what this means. Refinery capacity is already at near 100%. It takes 5 – 7 years to build a refinery. Meanwhile, worldwide demand continues to escalate.

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50 Million Refugees

Millions will flee environmental degradation and climate change, with the number expected to exceed 50 million within five years.

Starving children in Africa

The source – land degradation and desertification. The United Nations University (UNU), say that a new definition of “environmental refugee” is urgently needed.

They believe that already environmental degradation forces as many people away from their homes as political and social unrest.

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The Final Frontier

Believe it or not, there still remains a final frontier. You’ve seen that stupid bumper sticker that say’s “Earth First, We’ll Strip Mine the Other Planets Later“? Well, it’s not that frontier, not just yet.

No, they’re getting ready to strip mine the Arctic frontier, since global warming has caused all of the ice to melt. The latest news on the Arctic demonstrates this frontier dementia. The polar plundering begins with oil extraction, commercial fishing, new sea lanes and what could turn out to be a vicious territorial dispute leading to war.

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Domesticated Man

Modern man is —

“administered, aborted, abused, amused, ambushed, analyzed, appraised, abducted, anguished, annihilated, arraigned, assassinated, attacked, badgered, bothered, battered, beaten, belittled, blamed, bullied, burdened, butchered, castigated, captivated, cheated, censured, condemned, constrained, contaminated, confiscated, coerced, clubbed, confined, controlled, congested, crushed, curtailed, corrupted, decimated, defeated, deluded, deflected, demeaned, demolished, detained, dictated, denigrated, diminished, diseased, directed, dissected, deceived, discouraged, denied, disillusioned, disheartened, disenchanted, disappointed, disallowed, disavowed, depreciated, destroyed, dominated, domesticated, educated, examined, experimented, expropriated, evaluated, estimated, encumbered, enslaved, entertained, executed, exterminated, exhausted, exploited, fingerprinted, fined, foiled, frustrated, governed, harmed, hassled, harassed, hindered, hampered, humiliated, impeded, impounded, imprisoned, incarcerated, injected, infused, inhibited, indoctrinated, inspected, insulated, influenced, injured, investigated, inundated, invalidated, instructed, isolated, imprisoned, jailed, killed, kidnapped, licensed, limited, liquidated, looted, medicated, mistreated, maligned, mastered, molded, manipulated, maneuvered, monitored, murdered, massacred, obliterated, obstructed, offended, orchestrated, outlawed, oppressed, penalized, polluted, persecuted, plundered, perverted, poisoned, permitted, prescribed, photographed, policed, prevented, profited, punished, saturated, segregated, separated, sequestered, smothered, subdued, slaughtered, subjugated, stressed, sick, supervised, swindled, suspended, raided, ravaged, raped, regulated, restricted, restrained, religious, repressed, rescinded, reviled, repudiated, tainted, taxed, thwarted, trained, terminated, tormented, tortured, troubled, tyrannized, upbraided, vanquished, victimized, watched and worried.”

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Dreaming of One Generation

I have a dream, what you would really call a pipe-dream or fantasy. But knowing this, I nonetheless have such a dream, whereby the critical changes to our culture and civilization and way of life could be made in a single lifetime.

This realization of this dream could only be achieved by an entire generation of committed souls. Alas, such a dream is an impossibility, but I dream the dream nonetheless.

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Thoughts On Civilization

Related to my Thoughts on Pavement, I think it is even more important to recognize the likelihood of the continuance of our present civilization, even in the face of self-annihilation and global resource destruction – right up to the end. In other words, this party probably won’t stop until it’s all over.

There is scant evidence that past civilizations learned from their mistakes in time to save themselves, and it’s quite unlikely that we will either. Our damage to the environment and the planet and each other is far greater then any other known civilization before us and only now coming to be fully realized. And even in the face of all the historical and present evidence, we are stubbornly continuing our pattern of self-abuse and irresponsibility. The outcome of our folly is already written if we would but pay attention.

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Thoughts on Pavement

There is a misconception among the green anarchy and primitive movements (and others) that civilizations collapse will create urban and suburban restoration efforts, i.e., “pavement removal”, from parking lots, roadways, sidewalks, etc., such efforts are hoped to be performed on a wide scale.

I’m not clear at all where this idea springs from, but in any case, I don’t believe this is the least bit accurate. There is already mounting evidence that our present culture and civilization will stubbornly cling to ALL of it’s accouterments as long as possible. Even in the face of starvation. The idea that the personal automobile (and it’s roadways) will be “torn down” isn’t likely.

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Hate Mail

Got this email today –

I am in charge of food storage in my considerably large church organization. I will be making bulk orders on a monthly basis for the large number of people/families in my church.

When I found your site, I was happy to find quality food storage products for very reasonable prices. I also was interested in your discussion forum and blog, hoping to find more food storage information and tips.

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Lost Outrage

There are a lot of really good blogs out there and you can learn a lot. Probably over one million of them. But what of it?

The demise of America continues. And our world. Not all of these blogs are focused on America (thankfully), but a lot of them are.

All we’re doing is recording the collapse, line by line, word by word. Nothing changes, nothing improves, our situation continues to worsen.

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This is How We Treat Each Other

When born into this world, we are dreadfully handicapped for our existence except for our minds. Born with neither claw nor fang nor coat, we require the nurturing of our parents (or someone) to care for us until we are old enough to do this for ourselves. Throughout the world, this takes on a very predictable pattern.

Our journey begins when we are taken home from the hospital, warm and safe in our child-approved safety seat, swaddled in blankets with an outer skin of glass, steel and plastic. For months, years, we are subjected to strange sights and smells, constantly fed, bathed and cleaned and jealously protected. We know we are safe, we can tell.

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