That Rumbling Sound You Hear…

Far off in the usual cacophony of background noise, there is the dark rumbling sound of Empire. Amidst the hustle and bustle and the sound of money, the strident noise of capitalism at work, there is an ominous guttural rumbling, a deep, dark groaning sound of a tortured planet and it’s human and non-human habitation. And it’s getting louder every day.

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Over Reaction – Part II

Now that Katrina is downwind somewhere, we are dealing with the “after-action” reports coming from the damaged areas. Many of these reports simply do not match up with the widely circulated rumors and “facts” that we all heard.

First off, it’s probable we will never know the whole truth concerning what actually happened, how many deaths there were and what the individual experiences were “really” like. The after-action reports are rather different then what we heard or read about before – they are downplaying, rather dramatically, the number of dead, the number of rapes, the cases of violence, etc., and this “good news” is making a fair number of people angry.

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Over Reaction

I’ve not written much lately. Been doing a lot of work around the place and a lot of thinking. I’m getting more disillusioned then ever about the survival of the human species. There seems to be an incredible lack of common sense and clear thinking permeating (and preempting) every so-called “crisis”. It’s like a plague that is jumping from one person to the next, affecting reason and logic, sanity and sane thinking.

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This is Your Life

The March on Washington is still on, with the same level of hope and expectations as all other Washington marches — zip. I’ve never participated in a march, although I did attend a protest once. It didn’t do any good then either and I learned my lesson. I’m not aware that such actions ever do any good.

But something needs to be done, so I support any effort to stop the Washington juggernaught, but is this even possible? I think this statement sums it up nicely –

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Busy, busy

Not many blog updates lately, been busy getting my own little “sustainable acreage” built. I’m also doing a lot of work on the website, having to learn CSS and Dreamweaver at the same time. If you’ve noticed the site has been broken, my apologies. Seems like you can’t “fix” something only to break it (and learn what you’re doing wrong in the process). So right now, my time is being spent on the website upgrade that I’m finding necessary. That plus clearing new ground for a large greenhouse is taking priority. I’ll post interesting stuff as I find it or you can make a contribution if you like to ~Survival Acres~

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These Colors are Running

I spotted this – and posted it in its entirety.

G’ Day All.

So World War III has begun, and I’m in the bad country. Our President is totally F’ing mad, he and his millennial dispensationalist raptureists backers are trying to fulfill an ancient religious prophecy about an all-destroying battle between good and evil, and the most powerful propaganda industry in history is strangely backing him up, pretending he’s sane and reasonable, leading Americans on a cult of global-scale murder-suicide that may very well leave our country in ruins. How did we come to this?

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Insane Thinking

Perhaps I am wrong, but with all the news on a existing and soon-to-be critical energy crisis – where is the emphasis on abandoning the false gods of economic growth?

I see no evidence (yet) that this is occurring. It is as if this is the only “solution” even being considered, yet it leads to a never ending race of resource extraction and population expansion with a finish line of absolute disaster.

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Are YOU Paying Attention Yet?

A federal appeals court yesterday backed the president’s power to indefinitely detain a U.S. citizen captured on U.S. soil without any criminal charges, holding that such authority is vital during wartime to protect the nation from terrorist attacks.

Never mind that it is an illegal “war”. If you haven’t yet figured out what the Bush Administration is up to, this should make you sit up a little straighter and take note. A main component of the War in Error is all about Americans being refused their constitutional rights. This man has been held for three years without criminal charges. And according to the Bush Administration, this war in error is multi-generational! Are we then to believe that detainees in cases like this are going to die in prison, without being charged with a single crime? Apparently so. As much as I despised Janet Reno and her attack on Waco and that little kid in Florida, she has rallied against this illegal imprisonment.

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Expect It

There is something that needs to be thought about. The public outcry and finger pointing at Bush & Co, FEMA and other federal agencies, while justified, will in all likelihood result in a tightening of federal control and regulation, ostentiously to “improve services”, especially in times of national or regional disaster.

In fact, this may be the real agenda underway now — to force upon Americans that idea that we “need” more federal intervention in our lives to “protect us” from any possible harm or hindrance.

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Trying to Force the Rapture

Recently the US Secretary of State, Condi Rice stated –

“The Lord is going to come on time if we just wait”

For all two of you on planet Earth who don’t understand the significance of what this means, the US Secretary of State has publicly acknowledged the US governments allegiance to a higher power, which is supposed to be the accepted excuse for government ineptitude and incompetence. Frankly, this statement by a government official borders on the verge of dementia.

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This is Jimmy Carter’s speech to America. This is NOT a speech you will hear from George Bush.

After you have read it, identify the shattered illusions, then and now.

Good evening.

This is a special night for me. Exactly 3 years ago, on July 15, 1976, I accepted the nomination of my party to run for President of the United States. I promised you a President who is not isolated from the people, who feels your pain, and who shares your dreams and who draws his strength and his wisdom from you.

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Learning Sustainable

The Katrina disaster will very likely be overlooked in one of the most critical areas. The lessons learned here (if ever man can truly “learn his lesson”) will be to offer faster disaster response, more decisive decision making and better funding, among other things. But what is really needed is to acknowledge that the disaster in Katrina need not have happened at all.
The fact that New Orleans sat below sea level was not lost on anyone – but what was lost before the disaster was that for every modification mankind makes to his environment, there are staggering consequences to his actions.

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Katrina – the good news

There is an up-side to the hurricane disaster.The good news is, the Bush administration will never recover from the stigma of gross incompetence. Already, efforts are underway, which rightly point the blame on the responsible parties. “Don’t look for Bush to complete his term in office.” Hah!  We can always hope.

That’s the good news. If only now the country can survive it. The ineptness of the disaster rescue-recovery effort also points out to the inability and effectiveness of government. This too, is “good news” for those who believed otherwise. The true nature of government and its limited ability to govern only within the defined bounds of the status-quo has been exposed for the fraud that it really is. It’s all an illusion really. As long as the people believe in the illusion, all is seemingly well (it’s not, but the obedience and compliance of the people continues according to the belief in the illusion).

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Worsening the Panic

I hope you people (Timebomb posters) all realize what you are doing.

You are fueling the fire for panic.

There is not one person on this board who isn’t aware of the damage done by Katrina or it’s after affects.

But for every post like this, complete with blinking siren and “Breaking News” and startling or shocking headlines (“Cannabalism”, “Lock & Load”, etc.) you are helping to create PANIC.

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It’s pathetic really. The panic in America in some circles is already reaching a crescendo. I don’t understand why. First off, panic and rash decision making doesn’t do anybody any good. Secondly, what exactly is there to panic about? Rising prices? That’s ridiculous.

What we should really be doing isn’t topping off our gas tanks and causing gasoline shortages, but thinking about way to help the refugees – and driving less, for once. If ever there was a time to consider someone other then yourself, it’s now.

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