Feb 112016

Well, another update on the Mayo Clinic visit. I was able to see the spine surgeon today, going over the new MRI from this morning and the new xrays taken. Good news: nothing has gotten any worse in 2+ years since the stem cells were injected which he thought was amazing. Whatever I’m doing must be right.  I attribute this to diet and exercise and maybe the stem cells I had injected in the lumbar epidural space.

He definitely recommended no fusion. So there is nothing to be done for this condition (spinal stenosis) at this time, but he did provide a arthritis prescription which might help. Someday, I could consider radiofrequency nerve ablation – but not until later.

But there is some bad news: the reconstruction surgery on my shoulder is going to cost $63,477. I received this estimate today from Mayo.

I’m now faced with an impossible situation. The shoulder reconstruction surgery cost is far higher then I anticipated. My fund raising goals of $25,000 has fallen woefully short by about $22,000, and now it needs to go much higher. The Moh’s surgery ($5889), reconstructive surgery (including a hospital stay to ensure the muscle / skin graft works) $63,477, hotel (14 days, estimate cost is $3000, it’s a variable daily rate but this is pretty close) and the flight home. Total cost will be around $75,000. I’ve had xrays, MRI, 3 CAT scans, and examination by 4 surgeons (Dr.’s Rose, Arpey, Bakari and Case).

So far, I’ve paid out $20,000, but no more surgery or work can be done until Mayo is paid in advance. I can’t do the Moh’s surgery either unless I can get the muscle graft done too.

So either I find a way to pay them or go home now with nothing done except examinations. I’ve got only 3 days left to do this (Moh’s surgery is scheduled for this coming Monday).

So I really need some help. The GoFundme page is getting very little traffic (58 ‘shares’, whatever that means). And so is this blog. And food sales which were suppose to help are still almost zero. So I’m only reaching a very tiny audience. The more people know about this, the better the chances are of receiving some assistance. So if you can help promote this story, anywhere you can, please do so immediately.

Thank you – Admin

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Feb 102016

Big changes for my cancer treatment. Now that I’m here at the Clinic, I’ve made the rounds between doctors, imaging and more doctors. This place is fantastic! Not like the treatment you get somewhere else in the so-called ‘real world’. That’s where you call in to make an appointment with your doctor and wait and wait, oftentimes weeks or even months to be seen, only to repeat the entire process again (and again) to see the next set of doctor(s) if your condition requires it (or not get any referrals at all). And the diagnosis / treatment that you may get may be terribly inadequate or even wrong. At least, that’s been my experience, so when I came here, I was a bit gun shy.

Here at the Clinic, I’ve been able to get in, see my primary doctor here, and then get immediately scheduled in within 24 hours or so to the next round of appointments for whoever else I need to see or test that needs to be done. Pretty amazing actually. This place seems to run like clockwork. Very efficient, courteous and caring doctors and staff. I can’t say that after many years of seeking medical help that I’ve ever seen anything quite like it except at the Shriner’s.

There is also an incredible “we can help you” attitude here. Very positive and uplifting. You don’t feel like they don’t care. Or like they’re trying to cut corners. I found out that the doctors here are all on yearly salaries, so there is no financial incentive for them to order unnecessary tests or operations. Everybody gets treated the same and there are people here from all over the world (doctors, nurses and patients). It’s rather amazing to listen to all the different languages being spoken in one place!

Mayo also has a ‘body, mind, soul’ ethic for the treatment and the well-being of every patient. They’ve attracted some of the best doctors and nurses in the world and tackled some of the biggest problems. My condition is quite rare, but they’ve seen this one too and have the best experts.


There’s been some changes on what’s going to be done.

I will be getting two surgeries, one for the Moh’s (micrographic) surgery, and another surgery for reconstruction and skin graft. Two surgical teams have been assigned to make this all happen. I’ll have to stay longer to ensure that there are no complications.

I’m also going to have my lumbar issues looked at (MRI and a consult with a spinal surgeon). This is timely since I’m already here and in the best hands possible, and necessary because I’m in constant pain. Spinal stenosis is a condition where the disks in the vertebrae have degenerated or become damaged, and the nerve roots in the spine going down to the legs are impinged or pinched. Today was particularly bad for me due to all the walking on hard surfaces here.

The doctors believe they’ll successfully remove the DFSP. They’ll have to go ‘bone deep’ which means I need a proper skin and perhaps muscle graft. The CAT scan had to be taken three times but it looks like the DFSP is not attached to the bone. Only when I’m operated on do they know these things for certain but so far, it looks like I get to pull through. I’ll have a healthy scar, probably look like a shark bite or something to go along with all my other scars. Hah! Battle wounds in the war of life.


This is the area to be operated on, but from the sounds of it, they’re will be a large lengthy scar down my back too as part of the skin graft procedure. If you turn your head to the left, you can sort of see a smiley face!

I’m very glad I opted to not go for the wide resection first offered me back home. Looking back, it is very clear to me that the cancer doctor there was just rushing me through and would have probably disabled me even further. He had no plans to ensure I had any movement in my arm or shoulder afterwards (so I probably wouldn’t have had any). Or I’d have been back in a few years time for more DFSP removal. No MRI was ordered, no biospy, no CAT scan, just an appointment on the cutting table. I’m quite confused at the huge differences in diagnosis, treatment and recovery between the two facilities.

So far, I’ve spent about $20,000, this will cover up to the Moh’s surgery. There will be the 2nd surgery for the skin graft, which looks to be a pretty involved procedure since they have to cover the bone properly and deal with any muscles removed, then one or two days in the hospital and additional hotel costs on top of this, so my $25k estimate was far too low. Donations and/or food sales are still very much needed and appreciated! Otherwise, I’m staying on here as a one-handed janitor!

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Feb 092016

One of the disadvantages of sitting around in a hotel room is there isn’t much to do. So I did the absolutely unthinkable: I watched Fox News (a television station I truly despise for its sheer stupidity). And I did something else – I watched the ‘acceptance’ speeches of the Presidential candidates in New Hampshire.

All I can say is I’m nearly speechless. I’m also angry. Clinton, Trump, Cruz, Bush, et. al, are absolute IDIOTS. I can barely believe these candidates are what Americans think as “Presidential” material because they’re not. Phony, deceptive, lying frauds.

Trump wins New Hampshire for the Republican side, but consider what he ran ‘against’. What a joke. And so was his speech. Didn’t address a single issue of importance. Didn’t do anything but act like the spoiled brat that he is.

Why can’t America see through this fraud? A stuffed shirt so full of himself that it oozes from his suit. Nothing but empty promises and off-the-cuff remarks, disjointed, unorganized braggart of emptiness. A rich man yes, but a total moron. And this clown is leading the Republican race? Unbelievable.

Bernie Sanders stood out as the ONLY candidate that spoke to the people. He deliberately and methodologically spoke to many of the topics of importance. Including climate change – but far, far more. Find the televised speech online and listen. I hope he wins and you should too. He’s the closest we’ve ever come to a candidate that may actually try to do what he says.

Fox News spent lots of time in their giant ‘Alert’ message bar promoting the candidates they preferred. It was also in their commentary. Their bias was plainly evident too – when Sanders spoke, they simply ignored him, but when Clinton spoke or Trump spoke, this Alert bar would change. During Clinton’s speech, they even made up comments that Clinton never even said.

Fuck Fox News. It’s always been the haunt of idiots and morons and right-wing reactionary fools. Never did like the television station for anything. I deliberately forced myself to listen to them to check out their slant. Nothing has changed. Fox isn’t a news station – it’s a propaganda mouthpiece.

I think the Establishment (Big Oil, Big Business, Big Government, Pharmaceutical and so much more) is deathly afraid of Sanders because he represents a radical departure from the status-quo. And it’s desperately, desperately needed.

Nobody can promise you change (but everyone will). But it’s clear as day who really wants change and who really doesn’t.

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Feb 092016

Well, we’re here. But I guess they saw us coming and locked the doors:


Actually, we arrived late, so the place was locked up, or at least this entrance was.

Today its ‘making the rounds’ with doctors and specialists. So far, I’m quite impressed. This place is huge.

Nice setup. Every floor seems to be dedicated to its own specialty.

There’s an underground ‘subway’ (for foot traffic) connecting all the downtown hotels. Pretty cool, or warm rather, since it’s only 4 degrees outside this morning. I was able to go in a t-shirt.

The lady above is the love of my life, 33 years and counting since we tied the knot. My heaven and earth, the one that makes it all possible for me. Can’t get rid of her….

Will post more updates as we progress this process!

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Feb 052016

If the Greenland ice sheet melt is ‘unstoppable’, why aren’t low-lying coastal regions preparing to move their infrastructure, businesses and homes?

If the Western Antarctic ice sheet melt is ‘unstoppable’, why isn’t humanity preparing for a flooded world?

If the Arctic ice cap is going to disappear (melt into the oceans), why are our global leaders still pretending that all of this isn’t a global emergency?

Does anyone really truly believe we can somehow ‘reverse’ all of this? Or at a bare minimum, even ‘stop’ all of this? Isn’t that what we’re being told? That we’re going to find ways to prevent these effects by ‘reducing greenhouse gasses’ and other mitigation efforts?

What if it is all a lie? Continue reading »

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Feb 052016

I’m done trying to post anything over on robertscribbler.com. There has been a disturbing trend going on over there to scrub out any commentary that doesn’t fit the current ‘narrative’. I say current because Scribbler has very slowly come around to how bad things are getting and the rapid acceleration of climatic and other events. The narrative has changed in the last few years out of necessity. He, like many writers and probably all scientists these days, has had to constantly change their assessments as the real world crisis reveals itself to always be worse then expected. Nothing wrong with that. But what is wrong is the unwillingness to allow dissenting perspectives that appear to ‘challenge’ the present narrative. Continue reading »

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Feb 022016

I’m wasting my time here telling Americans what they do not want to hear. But I’m not alone. There are a lot of voices out there doing the same thing (and getting the same results).

Why can’t this country learn from its mistakes? a) Because we don’t want to? b) Because we’re brainwashed? c) Because the propaganda is now so thick and steady that there simply is nothing else? d) Because the system is now so controlled that there is no hope of any internal change or reform?

If you said “All of the above” – you’d be correct. (s)Election 2016 – a guaranteed disaster no matter what happens. Par for the course in Amerika.

Update: Voter Fraud (already) – Everyone should probably read this. Sure looks like fraud in Ohio.

America does not have Elections. America has (s)Elections and has for decades.

Continue reading »

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Feb 022016

I’ve just belatedly “discovered” that there have been about a dozen private messages of encouragement sent to me via the GoFundMe campaign that neither my wife or I were aware of.

These were sent to a private email account and I was not aware that they were even there until last night. I didn’t know that GoFundMe did this – I thought that all messaging was all done within their website (which we have seen) but the private comments some of you sent do not show up there, they came via email.

My wife has tried to respond to all the donations through the GoFundMe site but we both missed these private emails. I’m sorry, I wasn’t intentionally ignoring anyone!

So I need to catch up on this!  A special thanks to Betty, Gary, Chris, Keith, Alex, Mark, Zachary, Elisabeth, Doug, Andrzej (x2), Michael, Ryan, April, Phyllis, Kathryn, Anne, Gail, Tim, Alexandre, Keith, Matthew, Gina, James and those Anonymous ones!

I also didn’t know “who” some of you were because they’re hidden donations on GoFundMe. Like you Mark – you turkey. Now I know where “that” donation came from. I know you can barely afford this. And I know that several others can’t either. I’m truly humbled by your generosity and consideration. Thank you!

Zach – absolutely, next time I’m in your area I’ll take you up on your offer (maybe sooner then you think)! Gina – I fully intend to keep publishing!

I’m still trying very hard to maintain optimum health, maybe too hard. Exercising a lot which hurts a lot, but I get through it. I’m getting nervous about surgery, but that’s nothing new, I’ve had several major surgeries before and I just don’t like doing this. But I’m supposed to be in good hands and definitely need to do this, so I will. I do believe that diet and exercise are key!

So far, Food Assets has been able to generate $858 towards the campaign. I have to admit that we’ve had really huge problems with Google listing the new domain properly, and this has had a large impact on sales. For some reason, Google still says “Survival Acres” for the new domain after two months, and the page listing has dropped from page 2 to page 5. Nothing we’ve done has seemed to help and sales remain extremely low and slow.

We tried sending out several thousand targeted emails (former customers) with a new domain notice and a discount offer, but strangely this hasn’t done anything at all as far as we can tell. No bump in site traffic or visits, no sales, no replies, nothing. Maybe all these emails went to spam folders, I don’t know. But I’m at my limits now on what to do to solve the publicity issue. I never was one to “advertise” anywhere so I don’t know how to do it. The need for food preparations is higher then ever before, but sales are now the slowest in my entire 20 years of experience.

Supporters, thank you, thank you!!!  I appreciate all that you’ve done! You’ve been absolutely great!

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