May 012016

I’ve been on the road for the past couple of weeks, driving many miles, seeing many things. Most of which I can’t say that I care for. The destruction caused by man is quite extensive, extending everywhere humans have gone in the quest for ‘progress’ and ‘development’. Endless destruction is a better descriptor.

It’s hard to articulate the emotions I’ve felt as I gazed upon the ruined landscapes seen everywhere. It’s quite clear that humans don’t care about anything. Everybody has gotten in on the game of obtaining a slice of the environmental pie for themselves or for their business and found a way to profit from it. It’s what we do, with little regard to the long-term effects.

I saw very little wildlife on the entire trip. I traveled all the way to northern California, visited some old stomping grounds, which to my dismay, had been utterly destroyed. It was worse then I could have imagined. What was once one of the best blue ribbon trout streams was now a log-choked unfishable tangle of debris. Even the campground was utterly ruined. I took a few sad pictures of what had once been cherished memories of my youth, but vowed I’d never return again.

I then drove on out to the coast, up through Oregon and Washington coasts, and then wound my way back home, taking as many secondary roads as I could, trying to avoid the hordes of idiots behind the wheel. It didn’t work. There was no escaping them.

This is the not the same world that I remembered when I was young. There was virtually no place whatsoever that allowed free camping on the coast. I only found one place in the National Forest that permitted me to camp for free, and that was miles and miles inland. Everywhere else required fees from $21 to a whopping $65 per might to park my truck in an ‘improved’ campsite where ‘camping’ was a joke of asphalt and rented spaces. None of the National Forest campgrounds were open and most of the forest roads were blocked off.

It was more then sticker shock that upset me, it was the crass commercialization of what was once an enjoyable experience. I found myself stuck in RV hell everywhere I went, even in the “off-season”. Paved slots with denuded trees, expensive RV’s “camping” with hook-ups, televisions blaring. Barking dogs, inquisitive ‘neighbors’ and traffic rushing nearby on the highway. It was sad, pathetic and a horrifying reality, replete with mosquitoes and sewer smell. If they could have bottled up the view and sold it, they would have. And idiot Americans would have bought it – hook, line and sinker, just like they do everything else.

It’s really sad what has become of the whole camping experience. In order to get away from cities, towns, people, traffic and commercialization of virtually everything, you need to head as far away from civilization as you can get and the piles of dog shit they leave behind. I had to be careful of every place I put my foot down, but I wasn’t always successful.

A special note to all of those who drive: if you own a Dodge truck, and it’s black, 4×4 and you’re male, you’re almost certainly a dick in a Dodge with a small penis. These are the idiots that obtained their drivers license from a Cracker Jack box they found while dumpster diving. They wield their trucks like weapons, insisting on going as fast as possible or even trying to shove you out of their way. It was insane, despite going faster then the posted speed limits. There was some justice, when I saw one of these road warriors being ticketed by the numerous police presence that prowled the California and Oregon highways. My secret wish however was to see a twisted smoldering wreck with one less moron ruining it for everyone else.

What is it with the coastal highway region and murders and missing people? I saw several posters and newspaper articles reporting murdered and missing people. I don’t know if this is related to the high numbers of homeless and wayward people I saw, but they too were everywhere. Many of the locales I talked to deeply resented this. Their towns were being invaded by outsiders. Allegedly the prisons had been opened and many had been released with no place to go.

The whole ‘tourist’ experience sucked. My wife enjoyed the trip (in general), but we both quickly realized that far too much has been lost, and too much has been commercialized. The sad truth is, tourism has rapidly destroyed the planet. The hordes of people that crowd the highways, camp sites and stores we visited made us feel completely out of place (which we were, we did not belong there). I won’t see the ocean again, most likely, but was glad to get a few photographs. I saw nothing alive there either, except a few seagulls and one sick looking starfish.

There are far, far too many people alive today. If you ever wonder what is ‘wrong’, start there. Humans are trashing the planet, trampling what’s left down faster and faster, voraciously consuming whatever is still left. The sameness of every town, every shop and every road was deadening. Everything was geared for maximum commercial potential and profit. I could have been anywhere, nothing stood out anymore. Every town had exactly the same shops, businesses, stores and ‘sameness’. I was glad to go home.

Try as I might, it was hard to meet people. Eyes glazed over if you broke the ‘code’ and tried to discuss anything of value or importance with anyone. Apparently tourists are supposed to be idiots with wallets, unquestioning zombies who are to be shuffled from one ‘attraction’ to another. Engaging anyone in conversation was taboo, although everyone was friendly. I didn’t encounter any problems other then idiots behind the wheel. But I was glad to go home.

The planet is ruined, of this I have absolutely no doubt at all. The hordes of people I saw, the endless repetition of our fingerprints and footprints over everything have shown me once again that there is virtually no hope for restoration or rescue from the folly of the human enterprise. I was glad to go home.

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Apr 222016

It’s been obvious for years that the world’s food supply is at severe risk from climate change and other effects, including drought, severe weather and infestation. The same situation applies to the world’s oceans which are nearly out of fish.

Global Fisheries Are Collapsing

What is astounding is how very little aware people are of these collapsing food sources. The world will flat run out of things to eat sometime in our lifetimes, but very little is being done. And it appears (to me) that almost nobody even cares.

None of this is news on this blog, it’s been documented before, but the situation is worse then ever. The Great Barrier Reef in Australia is going to be entirely lost – and soon. Reefs are critical to the survival of the oceans, but this bleaching is happening all over the world. Once gain, nothing can be done (lots of hand-wringing and anguish and ‘calls for action’ but it won’t make any difference now, it’s far, far too late).

Humanity is sleepwalking its way towards the Apocalypse, unfolding now on a daily basis. Long before humans die of heat stroke, they’ll be dying by the millions from starvation. Dehydration will also kill hundreds of millions too.

The planet is that screwed up.

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Apr 162016

If anyone wants to post links or news bits, here you go.

Climate scientists continue to be “shocked” with a serious “wow” factor thrown in at the rapidly escalating melt / temperature acceleration globally. Personally, I don’t find this particularly newsworthy, it was already well known that 2016 would be “the worst ever” for the world’s climate and rising seas.

I think the “wow” factor is being overused. I think what this reveals is the scientists and blogger are finally realizing (years too late) what these “new” measurements mean. None were particularly enamored with the doomerish perspective that if it’s all melting (and has been for years), we’re fucked. But now their finally starting to get it and are becoming doom-sayers in their own right.

Goddamn it. This actually makes me pretty angry. They derided writers and commentators who pointed out what these declining trends meant taken collectively, and now they’re claiming they’re the new seers on climate collapse. I call this one bullshit. More like johnny-come-lately party crashers trying to get in on the doom porn. And they’re not very good at it because they still fail to make the connection of what happens when the climate goes ape-shit (from the norm) and how civilization does / will respond. But they’re trying.

I could care less who gets credit for posting / sharing whatever. The only part that I truly care about is what is being done. And when. The time that has been wasted is irreplaceable. The effort and mis-direction (still) being promoted is even worse. For years I’ve pointed out that a global emergency exists. That time should have been spent preparing instead of dickering around “debating” and discussion stupid-shit like “is this real?” and “oh my gosh, look at that!”.

But squeaky wheels get the grease and almost nobody paid any attention to the doom-sayers of the day, including yours truly. So I slowly wound down my own efforts to share what was happening by thousands of missed posts that could have been provided, links to events, data, circumstances and decline. It seemed as if it didn’t matter enough (and in retrospect, it certainly didn’t). Americans are very easy to distract and to deflect off into never-never land, endlessly haggling over truly stupid shit (like (s)Election 2016 – I mean really, who gives a fuck?).

And they don’t really care about anything that doesn’t immediately satisfy some personal want. We seem to exemplify the idiots on the planet. But we’re also capable of so much more and I failed to tap into this.

So, we’re fucked, it’s your fault (stolen line from Deek) and their ain’t shit you’re going to really be able to do about any of it. Except get ready for collapse, coming sooner then anybody cares to accept. Nature is indifferent to our desires, but not to our actions, which continue – incessantly to make things worse and worse. Maybe YOU got excited about the new electric car, but I didn’t. Civilization is inexorably headed for catastrophic collapse and now would be a great time to choose how you intend to surf the Apocalypse.

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Mar 202016

You’ve got a decade (maybe) – July 2012. Another prescient post covering (s)Election, climate, collapse. Winter 2016 shows the lowest sea ice in human history, with ice melting even in winter. Not yet a “blue ocean event” but getting closer. Albedo will trigger total catastrophe and cascading events.

Why (s)Election 2012 Does Not Matter – November 2012. Funny how accurate this post turned out to be. Right now, rabid fever is overtaking many “supporters” of this side or that. And there is a LOT of violence being exhibited. It’s all rather pathetic because none of this is going to make any difference at all – but now they’ve got us attacking each other. Dumb. We are indeed at yet another “crossroads” and the “anointed one” to come will definitely make things worse or at best, just delay the worst (a bit). It won’t get better. But a lot of people are once again, falling for the propaganda. Just like they always do, every four years. Every day. Rinse, wash, repeat. Wake up people, there is far more to life and living then this.

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Mar 182016

I do not believe that we are going to “solve” the climate crisis (even marginally) for the following reasons:

a) Humans are poorly suited to coping with large-scale emergencies. Short-term and instant gratification has overtaken long-term efforts towards solutions.

b) We have still failed to grasp the true significance (scale, scope, resources and energy required) of the issues, to try and solve the many interconnected problems we’ve caused.

c) We continue to contribute (in a constantly accelerating fashion) to the problem (emissions, population, resource consumption) with virtually nothing being done to reverse these escalating contributions.

d) Political, social and even environmental conditions are now essentially “fixed” (unchangeable) with too little time left to abandon or restructure them.

e) Climate change (inertia) will not respond to human-scaled efforts in a timely fashion to prevent catastrophe.

Modern human civilization represents everything against climate stability, and there is virtually no consideration whatsoever that the components of modern civilization will be “undone” (at any level or scale). It’s bloody obvious that modern civilization caused climate collapse, but virtually no discussions are being entertained to address this cause.

Re-engineering and rebuilding the fabric of society and our infrastructure won’t be done either (except as a paper and computer exercise). Very little funding will be committed, and the resources we would need try and pull this off simply do not exist anymore. “Vaporware” technologies have been proposed in every scenario to date, including those in the IPCC reports. Continue reading »

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