Oct 252015

There’s been an unending series of bad news (unreported by me but available elsewhere). As expected, the sum-total of these developments continues on the same tragic course and what this means for human survival.


The following comments refer to Figure 224 below. All historical floating ice appears to have been lost in the Arctic by September 2015 so we can assume that the 5+ year old ice pack has largely gone by this time. The 5+ year old ice pack was only predicted to melt back by 2021.7 consequently this year’s volume of ice melting has occurred 6 years earlier than the previous prediction. The previous estimate of the final loss of 1 year Arctic floating ice from polynomial data was 2037.7 which now corrects to 2031.7, 16 years in the future.

Previous estimates of when the average atmospheric global temperature anomaly increase would reach 6°C was 2034.7, by which time massive global extinction would be proceeding. The new corrected time for this event is 2034.7 – 6 = 2028.7 which is 13 years in the future. During the major Permian Extinction event, which was caused by a massive methane build-up in the atmosphere, the mean surface atmospheric temperature increased by 5°C over 13 years. As the present mean global surface atmospheric temperature is already greater than 1°C hotter than the mean, we will be looking at at least a 6°C temperature increase by 2028 with its associated global extinction event. This is a frightening correlation between the new predicted 6°C average global surface atmospheric temperature rise and what is known to have occurred during the major Permian extinction event, both of which were caused by a massive buildup of methane in the atmosphere. We are clearly in for a very rough-hot ride in the next decade as the terminal global extinction event approaches.

Malcolm P.R. Light (Dr)
Earth Scientist

Warnings continue to go unheeded. 6C means most plants and agricultural production will be non-existent (dead). I’ve always said mass levels of starvation (of our species) will come LONG before extinction. Going underground will help in the short term, but it won’t do anything for the long term.

Note that 13 years is really soon – and it isn’t a begin date (that’s already happened) – it’s a mid-point date, mass extinctions well underway and totally irreversible.

Science constantly continues to update their estimates on how fast, how soon, how bad, and as state repeatedly here, it’s always worse and worse, sooner then previously thought.

Side note: very little rain here since last winter (next to none). Very unusual for heavily forested mountains which remain frightfully dry. Winter predictions are for extremely dry. Dangerous fire conditions remain through October and possibly through winter – which is unheard of. Normal snowfalls are 48″ to 60″ in the valleys and up to 30 feet in the mountains. Nobody knows how much precipitation will arrive but it’s already looking very bad.

Drought conditions continue to plague many of the primary agricultural producing regions on the country. I’ve already seen a number of price jumps for food supplies again, I always expect more.

It is my sincere opinion that humanity has already waited far too long to respond, choosing instead the path of denial, reluctance, reticence and disbelief. Yet none of these human behaviors have anything to do with physical or Earth science, the mechanics of the climate and what our scientists are now discovering and the existential threats we face.

The ongoing human disconnect from the horrifying unfolding reality and how this will dramatically affect our survival will soon result in extreme reactive measures encompassing all aspects of our society and civilization. Almost nobody (except the very rich) are preparing for this, preparing “billionaire bunkers”. These private efforts will only increase (as they must) because human survival will become increasingly at-risk. Yet it will not be sufficient because it does not address the cause.

Humanity DOES need to buy itself “time”, if we can – if we intend to survive, which is instinctive and innate. What we do not know is if we can.

I do not at all discount the efforts that will be made. As before, the “try” must be our response, precisely because that is the evolutionary response innate within us. I do not subscribe to nihilistic defeatism, which denies 400 million years of evolutionary development – a struggle which cannot be denied.

Nihilistic defeatism and the so-called “acceptance of our fate” is cloaked in self-righteousness (“we’re doing ‘good’ by going extinct”) and seeks to deny the extremely long evolutionary process that has produced us – what we are, how we got here – and precisely why we should try. The why should be obvious –  a very long, torturous and risky evolutionary processes produced us.

Now, because of our cognitive abilities  to obtain knowledge and understanding (also a product of our evolutionary development), we are the first species able to self-modify (behaviors, lifestyles, existence) through knowledge and choice. Therefore, the “decision” as it were is ours – to choose to continue to learn, and to choose to change and survive – and this “decision” was also already made for us by the long evolutionary process that produced us – our innate desire to survive, encoded within each and every one of us. But that same evolutionary process also gave us something else – the ability to choose – or not, to let “fate happen” while pretending we’re not scared or interested.

No species is immune to extinction, but then again, there has never been a species such as ours with the ability to regulate (or destroy) its environment or to gain such knowledge. I’m scared alright – who in their right mind wouldn’t be? But I’m not going to hide behind it or use this as a defense mechanism and go into denial. Instead, I opt to do what has always been done by evolution – try. Using both knowledge and choice, the human species must try – for as long as it can. Nobody knows the outcome of this needed try either – evolution has clearly proven that, so it is not important that we “know” what the outcome will be (it’s actually irrelevant).

Fortunately, the best minds in the world are still trying. Trying to figure out how we can solve this problem. Trying to understand what can be done. But they’re being opposed by defeatist and religious dogma, things that have plagued the species for millennia. These too are choices we’ve made, based upon a flawed understanding of the real world, but as we gained knowledge, we do not need to remain imprisoned by them, which unfortunately, we still are. Therefore, this means we can now, finally – also choose to ignore them. It’s obvious their traps, prisons of the mind, false constructs used to ensnare humanity and control billions of lives, which has come at a terrifying cost to human development and peace.

These impediments are not biological evolutionary developments – they’re sociological developments. But they are no longer needed and are in fact, they’ve become strong obstacles now to our very survival and ability to recognize and respond to the escalating threats ahead.

It is humans now which control their own destiny (whatever that may be), but we will still be affected and responsible for what we’ve already done to the environment (and continue to do). The Earth would have sustained our species for millions of years more (most likely), but our superstitions and folly drove us in the wrong directions, so now we must finally make an account for centuries of ignorance and stupidity. At stake is our very survival, but it has nothing to do with dogma or superstition – but it has everything to do with exactly how we arrived here, and what our responsibilities actually are.

There is a critical, and even fatal, lack of understanding of these points in our world today. Far too many humans still embrace yesterday’s superstitions and ignorance. They refuse knowledge, information and the self-development and awareness that this brings. They look for causes and reasons which are fanciful and imagined while refusing culpability and responsibility. This needs to stop because it has become a huge impediment to further development, and now – it also threatens our very survival by severely handicapping our ability to respond to a planetary crisis. Make no mistake – we either finally graduate beyond this period of human stupidity, folly and superstition – or we will die.

I can think of no other more tragic outcome of millions of years of evolutionary development then this (for the species) – to be literally ruined by stupidity. The Earth will go on without us, that has never been a question, but we will be lost. It is now imperative that we now choose the obvious – as the alternative is unacceptable.

It is not the Earth or nature or the climate that is killing us and threatening our very survival, it is human stupidity and the steadfast refusal to discard our errors and change our ways. If we fail now again to choose correctly then we have only ourselves to blame for what happens next.

As always, choose wisely – your future depends on it, and so does all of humanity.

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Oct 062015

Interesting short essay over on Nature Bats Last.

I find this post very timely, because I’m feeling exactly the same way. I’ve said what needs to be said and pointed out what needs to be pointed out, but am feeling increasingly frustrated over the near-total defeat of any effective resistance to planetary death or sincere action to combat climate change and the resulting inevitable human extinction. Nothing is working. Nothing is going to change the outcome as far as I can tell. And even though I’m still convinced we should try, I’m really tired. Really, really tired. I can barely bring myself to write anything these days which is why the blog has floundered (again).

I’m not aware of anyone who will be ‘celebrating’ the demise of the doomers from the public eye, on the contrary. There has always been a demand for doomers to dutifully shovel out more doom porn for the addicted. I suspect that the reaction to any withdrawal or silence will be just the opposite. Sometimes people demand too much especially in areas where they have no right.

I’ve tried to write a few posts over the last few weeks that I can never quite finish. Here’s a blip about the latest fear-mongering idiocy that never made it into print:

Judging by the emails I’ve received, it appears that various groups are still being told that the tribulations has now begun. While this may be entertaining for some, it’s a sign of just how easily fooled humans can be.

I’m weary of wading through the incessant levels of bullshit that passes for human dialogue. A great deal of what people are concerned about is based upon assumptions, propaganda and invalidated belief systems.

The species appears fatally flawed to me, incapable of extracting itself from ancient superstitions. Lives are ruined, destroyed, distracted and deceived, year after year as old lies get retreads and new lies get forgotten. Why do we go on doing this? It’s clear as day that none of this garbage can possibly be true. But there are indeed those who continue to insist otherwise and will do everything that can to make it all come true.

Yet they continue to be wrong – year after year after year, stretching back now thousands of years. Why they’re wrong (and will always be wrong) is easy to figure out. But the answer is unacceptable so an endless litany of excuses and “reasons” are trotted forward to placate the unfulfilled expectations – and these are also provably wrong too, as the record shows. But humans are easily deceived.

Tearing down false idols doesn’t bring hope, it breeds anger and resentment. The enlightenment and education that we seek cannot flourish in stubborn minds that cling to illusion and deception.

This was in response to the idiocy I saw online about the Blood Moon, John Hagee and the complete silliness people engaged in while making that multimillionaire even richer. It’s time to examine the real motivation that allows these ridiculous stories to gain so much attention (it’s called propaganda and brainwashing and it’s all around you).

I also (stupidly) tried to post some commentary on some of the other articles I’ve read online, but once again, none of them ever appeared in print. Counteracting the extreme levels of stupidity and propaganda that passes for news and information these days has become quite impossible unless you maintain your own blog. Comments are routinely scrubbed and kept from the light of day by site owners in order to create a false sense of agreement and continuity to whatever is posted. Anytime you don’t see a counter-opinion / points, beware! Somebody is cookin’ the books.

Americans have very low journalistic standards. In reality, anything printed is often assumed to be true, which of course, cannot be true at all. The most outrageous, ridiculous and asinine connedspiracies get the most traction, the most coverage, the most attention and the most participation. It’s as if Americans want to be deceived, and even make a special effort to seek out deception just like a daily drug addiction. Which perhaps is what it actually is, an addiction. Which doesn’t say much for the species. We’re actually fatally flawed.

Blog authors and doom porn writers aren’t drug dealers. We’re not here to serve anyone’s addiction, we’re here to break through the false paradigms and programming that has deceived hundreds of millions of people. But it’s not working. There’s no support, no participation, no cooperation and no community. It’s often just one person speaking up, trying to turn the heads away from the latest distraction. But it’s not working.

In other blog post that I could not complete, I wrote this:

For many years, I’ve been in an online battle against the propaganda promoters. It’s been a losing battle because there are too many people now who show all the indications of being seriously brainwashed. They’ve lost the ability to actually think, pose a logical argument or even have a reasonable discussion, and seem to be completely unable to see through the many layers of false assumptions, misconceptions, false claims, conjecture and straw arguments being published online today.

My goal, as it were, in pointing out these propaganda liars has been to break the programming being promoted and to lay down a more realistic foundation of what is really worth paying attention to. I’m doing this entirely on my own with no support, motivated by only the general disgust that I hold for liars, deceivers, promoters and profiteers that have literally taken over the entire online discourse.

Connedspiracy theory sells. All kinds of things. Hundreds of millions of dollars are being sold each year by fear mongering shills who are manufacturing an entirely false narrative. The entire population of the country has been bamboozled into believing some really outrageous ideas that have zero basis in facts or reality, only because “somebody” said it was true. That somebody is often a celebrity, who often as not, is simply dead wrong and is being paid immense sums of money to promote total bullshit.

I have steadfastly refused to spend money on ads, so-called “celebrities” (they’re not celebrities to me – they’re propaganda artists) and towards ANY online “personalities” that heavily promote products through fear and propaganda. This is counter-productive in a capitalistic society, but it is also far more honest. The complete lack of integrity I’ve seen online is absolutely astounding and I can’t be a part of it.

All of this is of course, irrelevant. It does not matter one bit what I say or think. Disgust and even non-participation / non-conformity have almost zero impacts on anything. There is far too much forward momentum and inertia behind these propaganda promotions to change their predetermined outcome. Those outcomes are to:

a) making certain people very rich;
b) perpetuate the mass distractions and deceptions of millions of people;
c) to deflect from any honest inquiry on what is really occurring in our world;
d) to defuse any mass movement or organization or effort, rendering any resistance completely ineffectual and powerless.

There is now so much propaganda, and so much promotion of propaganda in all forms of media today that calling this a “weapon of mass distraction” would very accurate.

After over two decades of personal effort to counteract and combat this brainwashing, I admit again to failure. The rising tide of “stupid” is drowning out any possible rescue of the species from self-annihilation.

It is clearly evident that the species is doomed to piss away any hope we might have had left. When you read the words of climate change deniers for example, they’re actually proud of the fact that they are resisting any try we might put forth. How’s that for being completely and utterly stupid?

Others, like Geoengineeringwatch groupies, get caught up in endless distractions and straw arguments while never comprehending the basic physics of why the climate has changed (and it’s not because of geoengineering). I’ve recently seen comments like “the drought in California is engineered” and “they wanted this to happen” and “they stopped it from raining“. The assumptions, conjecture and erroneous beliefs found there boggle the mind, yet this bogus theory continues to gain traction. But only among the really stupid.

The problem however is stupid is growing, by leaps in bounds in America. Pay attention to any segment of society or debate. Politics, abortion, civil rights, government and read carefully through original posts and then the commentary. People don’t even comprehend what they’re being told, nor are they able to realize that the authors / speakers are posing a lot of conjecture and straw arguments. The comments from participants often devolve into “dogpile” sessions of vitriol and anger and endless levels of distraction, very little useful discourse follows. The participants completely fail to realize that they’ve been fed a line of bullshit, which they “chew over” as if this had any relevance or meaning (it doesn’t).

And get this, “errors don’t count“. If a theory / claim / prediction or “prophecy” has discovered errors or doesn’t come true, it doesn’t count! There is no accountability, retractions, corrections or admittance to any wrong. The speakers / authors go on speaking and writing more bullshit and their idiotic “fans” (idiots) keep gobbling this crap up.

This is duplicitous on its face because errors do count, quite a lot. Errors mean it is a bogus theory / claim. Errors also foster a double standard by holding only one side of any debate accountable, but not the other. And most importantly, the extremely high level of errors, predictions and claims now being made throughout all segments of our society has led to very low expectations of accuracy and honesty. In other words, we’ve come to accept the endless layers of bullshit and inaccuracies / unaccountable as normal (it’s not). It’s abnormal and the consequences are enormous.

This is probably why we expect politicians to lie to us – because we constantly lie and deceive each other. We don’t expect any accountability in our leaders because we ourselves are unaccountable amongst ourselves. A recently released study claimed the same thing – we all lie, deceive, deny and hide our true selves. But what the study didn’t demonstrate is why we now do this so publicly now, specifically in the media and online, or why it’s now perfectly okay to have our leaders, preachers and officials lie all the time. It’s become so commonplace that is ignored. But I contend that it has had some really terrible impacts upon our ability as a civilization to change how we live.

If I were to hazard a guess, it appears that some time back, people just gave up and let go. They lost interest in almost everything that didn’t provide instant satisfaction and gratification. Industry and business obviously catered to this primal need because it proved incredibly profitable. Even the media joined in with crappy rushed journalism and selected sound bytes used to shape public perceptions and opinions. The goal as always, was profits.

And that’s where all of us find ourselves today. Awash in a sea of complete bullshit, forced to wade through a mind-choking mass of media crap and propaganda. Online, we’re doing this to each other faster and faster, tweeting, blogging and fakebooking our lives away, sharing complete nonsense and distractions with each other.

It’s exhausting, disappointing, distracting and waste of life. But it’s all we’ve got – because it’s what we settled for. And no amount of complaining or finger pointing is going to change this. Stupid is growing – and nothing seems to be up to the task to stop it. Certainly not me.

So – time out for me. The weapons of mass distraction win.

For now.

Children No More
By Benjamin Kardos Copyright 2012

Remember when we were young
We sang and played out in the sun
and we had such fun
Remember when life was new
so much to see so much to do
we enjoyed life too

but experience has discovered us
where innocence can’t recover us
as the impermanence of life becomes too plain

Oh no we’re children no more
we’ve grown up now life is a bore
oh no we’re children no more
we have reason to hate like never before
oh no we’re children no more
in the name of society we’re all whores
but melancholy memories remain

We all had our chance to live
when play was all life had to give
now can we ever forgive
cause when you’re old it’s too late
when you learn how to discriminate
between your loves and hates

and life will drive us apart
if we kill the youthful heart
and all we do is follow the rules of the game

oh no we’re children no more
do we even remember what it all was for
oh no we’re children no more
the present makes the past easy to ignore
oh no we’re children no more
if old age is all that’s left in store
but melancholy memories remain





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Oct 042015

Nobody should require any proof that the U.S. Government is 110% bought and paid for, but here is something that should make your blood run cold, no matter who you are, what you believe, or where you live, anywhere in the world:

Saudi Arabia: Butcher, Slavery & History of Revolt


One of the most brutal regimes in the world, now appointed to the United Nations Panel on Human Rights.


Must watch, the human rights abuse is literally “full spectrum”. And don’t forget who the 9/11 hijackers really were either.

Also worth watching:

War, Propaganda & the Enemy Within

Definitely another must watch. Barbarism unleashed, by your own government.

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Sep 292015

I suspect that it will take a bit before this gains the traction that it deserves, but it’s hugely significant and is having a major impact upon the unfolding climate disaster.

Millions of lakes throughout the West Siberian Subarctic region are releasing gigantic amounts of carbon dioxide and methane gas. The area is larger then Scandinavian, Canadian and Alaskan wetlands several times over. Over 80% of this area is covered by these thermokarst lakes.

The amount of carbon dioxide and methane gas that is being released is huge.

Because of the increasing permafrost thawing in West Siberia, the bigger thermokarst lakes could soon break up into numerous smaller ones. “This could lead to a tenfold increase of greenhouse gases and dissolved organic carbon emissions into rivers and the Arctic,”

In 2014, an international research team led by Semiletov set sail to the Arctic Ocean on the Oden icebreaker science vessel. The researchers were the first to closely examine the waters of the outer West Arctic continental shelf at depths below 50 meters, and it turned out that carbon emissions in the shelf zone are much more intense than expected. Up to several hundred grams of methane per square meter are emitted daily, which shows that the underwater Arctic permafrost has been degrading severely. About 700 such “methane holes,” each up to a kilometer in diameter, have been found in the shelf.

Hot Air Melting The Arctic

It seems as if climate scientists are continually having to update their expectations, which when you consider the extremely complex nature of the interactive Earth system, it is really of no surprise. But it does mean that at each new discovery, the future climate looks worse and worse. This won’t be the world of yesteryear.

If you haven’t already discovered this resource, earth.nullschool.net – try it out. Very interesting if you’re concerned about what is happening. Click on the bottom left “earth” to see a menu where you can change the display options.

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Sep 162015

Found over on Desdemona Despair (a site everyone should be reading daily):

Flash flood in Utah traps hikers, carries away cars – 16 die in ‘100-year event’.


From the article:

Flash floods are not uncommon in the area, but the volume and pace of Monday’s rain was a “100-year event” in Hildale, said Brian McInerney, hydrologist with the National Weather Service in Salt Lake City.

The height of the storm lasted about 30 minutes, pouring 1½ inches of rain into a desert-like landscape with little vegetation and steep slopes.

Monday’s weather event was like a bucket of water being poured onto a rock — it slid right off and began running downstream, picking up sediment to create the forceful, muddy mess that rushed through the city, McInerney said. Another half-inch of rain came within the hour.


Flash floods are not uncommon in the area, but the volume and pace of Monday’s rain was a “100-year event” in Hildale, said Brian McInerney, hydrologist with the National Weather Service in Salt Lake City.

The height of the storm lasted about 30 minutes, pouring 1½ inches of rain into a desert-like landscape with little vegetation and steep slopes.

Monday’s weather event was like a bucket of water being poured onto a rock — it slid right off and began running downstream, picking up sediment to create the forceful, muddy mess that rushed through the city, McInerney said. Another half-inch of rain came within the hour.

While this may have been a ‘100 year event’, I’ve already been wondering when they’re going to stop using this type of labeling because it does not make sense anymore. Extreme weather is here, it’s happening right now and it’s killing people.

That girl on the video was strangely ‘disconnected’ from the real horror that just occurred. This was not an ‘act of God’ – it was an extreme weather event that has now claimed more victims and the tragedy this conveys is a message we are still not listening to. Clearly, nobody is immune and nobody is going to be magically ‘saved’ by myth or superstition. It’s time humans woke up to reality.

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Sep 162015

200 Feet of Sea Level Rise

The bad news: If we burn all of the planet’s fossil fuels, we’ll melt all of the world’s land ice.

The good news: You’ll be long gone so … party on!

You can read the news release of the study here.

My main issue with this modeling study is that it is doubly conservative. First, it lowballs how fast rapid sea level rise can start, given the latest observational studies from Antarctica, as leading scientists have pointed out. Second — and equally important — it lowballs how fast temperatures might rise.

I would agree with Romm, but it’s worse then “conservative”. It’s ridiculous to even imagine human civilization could even last long enough to experience this. We’ll all be long dead from starvation and war, and I’m not using any hyperbole here. The temperatures projected in this study do not permit any food production anywhere.

It’s always strange (to me anyway) how ‘vertical disciplines’ wear so many blinders. It’s as if the world and nature itself operates in nice, clean little boxes. One box burns up or gets stomped flat or emptied completely out and it supposedly doesn’t affect any of the other boxes.  Which of course is completely ridiculous, the world doesn’t work that way and neither does nature.

Our dependency upon a habitable biosphere is well-understood (supposedly) by these same scientist, yet they keep MISSING the critical points about what it is going to take to keep human civilization and humans ALIVE. Well, not all of them, there are others that are keenly aware of this, but as Kevin Anderson mentions on the video below, they have to publish what is politically acceptable – even though the authors of these reports and their summaries “know it is complete rubbish”.

So they’re lying to you – to us and to our political leadership, but the lies are not like those morons over at WUWT are claiming – the lies are they’re not telling us how bad it already is, and how bad it will actually get and what this really means. Which is exactly what I’ve been telling readers on this blog for several years.

This is a important video with many revelations about what’s being published – find the time to watch this video as it is terribly important:

I do not personally share Anderson’s optimism, but I’m really glad he exhibits the critical ‘try anyway’ attitude that is do desperately needed. Unlike those that just prefer we give up, I still believe that we should make an effort to save ourselves. This is our new agenda, if we can find the willpower and leadership (which is notably absent).

Yet Americans are still being distracted by UTTER BULLSHIT. Yeah, I’m really, really tired of this crap, but here is a prime example:

Residents Report Forced Micro-chipping By Jade Helm Operatives

Several eye witness reports state that residents in the small town were rounded up and brought to an abandoned shopping mall in the area. There they were given the choice between RFID implantation, or imprisonment in the makeshift military base.  Link here.


Continue reading »

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Sep 152015

For Alex Jones followers and fans, there is an ‘event’ being held to tomorrow to fleece your pockets of even more money.

Infowars is holding another ‘moneybomb’ event, trying to raise another million dollars for Alex Jones and his alleged television broadcast.

I’ve never liked this moronic clown, finding him a dishonest creep; a true faketriot extraordinaire. Virtually NONE of his claims have proven out as I shared in More Spew From Connedspiracy Idiots.

He’s obviously part of the opposition. By controlling the narrative in the alternative media, his media empire has drained the energy and the money from those who could have done something.

It’s more then “just getting rich” off the connedspiracy crowd. It’s about control. Framing the focus, debate, attention and energy of the people who are interested in seeing a real change. Unfortunately, Jones has led his merry band of deluded followers in the wrong direction.

Jones is not who he has claimed to be and for the fans that still follow this talking fool, here are a few sites and points to take note of:

Alex Jones Exposed – hiding his multi-million dollar divorce from his fans. Maybe that’s why he’s now needs to raise money to pay his ex. Both of them will still be multi-millionairre, it looks like they’re splitting around 8 million dollars.

Alex Adultery Alleged – many links.

How Matt Drudge Serves As Alex Jones Web Traffic Pipeline – this is the other guy I truly despise, Drudge publishes fake headlines daily.

Alex Jones Infowars MoneyBomb EXPOSED – definitely worth watching


Tons more fraud links and claims found here.

Update: If you want a real laugh, and to see just how fake this clown truly is, go visit today’s “auction items” he’s trying to raise money with (ebay link). But you’d better hurry before they’re gone!

I saved a copy to my hard drive for later laughs. If this is the best a multi-millionaire faketriot can offer his fans… wow… most of it is totally worthless junk not worth the price of postage.

So your choices are A) give him free money; or B) Buy some worthless junk (at the highest bid). You can even have a “collectible item” signed by Jones himself (who does this clown think he is?).

Perhaps it will go up in value once this idiot is in jail. So far, he’s raised nearly $250,000 (allegedly) from a bunch of other idiots who still haven’t figured out the fear-scam or asked for refunds.

It’s rather sad that the so-called ‘patriot’ community cannot see through the lies and deceptions and endless layers of bullshit being put forth, but for whatever reason, they can’t. Not even when this clown has been so consistently wrong on his predictions year after year.

Jones isn’t alone either, he’s got plenty of company among the faketriot ‘leadership’ that is trying as hard as they can to keep up the incessant fear-mongering. I’ve warned about the dangers of this sort of lifestyle several times, Breaking the Dominant Paradigm In The Survivalist Movement” and in other articles.

It’s now far past the Jones’ prediction dates, and we’re pretty close to October. The September Surprise seems to be err, a bit late….

Jade Helm didn’t result in martial law. We didn’t get invaded either. Nobody got nuked. The dollar didn’t collapse. September is going to roll on into October – and we’re still here.

Why is it that Americans can only seem to react to bad information while ignoring good information? Has our reality bone gone to sleep or been surgically removed? Or do some humans just prefer to live in fear and fantasy? Or are we really just Bat Shit Crazy?

Faketriots continue to support the wrong people, again and again. Apparently there is no required ethical standard, no proof of validity, honesty or a litmus test for anything. The lowest common denominator seems to be “he who screams loudest”. The trademark bullhorn Jones used for years and years was his method of bullying belligerence to his ‘opponents’. His website is carefully monitored to ensure dissenting commentary is never published, creating a ‘fake’ consensus among his fans. My own comments about the lies and conjecture he spreads have been removed for years.

I’m glad to see this clown get some of the comeuppance that is due to him, it’s way overdue. He’s done more damage for honesty, integrity, truthfulness, accuracy and importance then anyone else I know. As the guy said on the first video link – don’t send this clown a dime of your money. Infowhores obviously doesn’t “need” any of it and you probably do.



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Sep 142015

Prepare For Climate Collapse – Part II

Please read Prepare For Climate Collapse – Part I if you have not done so already. I’ve outlined what climate collapse really means. In Part II, I’m going to outline steps you can take to prepare yourselves whether you are a business or a family.

Extreme Weather Events

Climate collapse means more extreme weather events, seasonal disruptions and unusual weather phenomenon increasing in frequency and severity. Human civilization has been designed around predictable weather patterns.  Our cities, businesses, industry, homes and infrastructure were built to endure normal weather and climatic events. We’ve also organized our agricultural practices and harvests around the seasons, which since time immemorial have also been reasonable predictable. “Bad years” usually meant bad weather, sometime it meant pestilence. Insect infestations are also heavily affected by weather patterns. A dry winter or warmer then usual will mean more insects and their larvae will survive. Food production has usually been able to account for these weather variations – but not always.

Both infrastructure and agriculture will be directly affected by inclement weather; the worse the weather / season is, the greater the impact will be on our civilization. 2015 has now already broken all previous records for highest number of hot days in recorded human history, this is expected to get worse every year as higher and higher temperatures are reached. The hottest year on record killed many thousands of people through heat stroke.There were also quite a few extreme weather events that killed many more people (flooding, mudslides, hurricanes, tornadoes) and lightning strikes caused some of the biggest fires in history.

Climate scientists are expecting hotter, drier and longer summer temperatures each year. Winter variations will be abnormal, with droughts extended through the expected rainy season, and other regions receiving huge levels of rainfall and snow. No longer can the normal weather patterns be expected to remain the same. Abnormal is now the new normal – and it will be worse then what we have experienced before.

Excess heat creates excess evaporation (water vapor), which in the form of clouds and precipitation events (rain and snow) will come down in greater intensity then before. We are already experiencing at least 7% more atmospheric water vapor then before, for every 1C in temperature increase, there is a corresponding 7% increase in water vapor, which is also a heat trapping gas. More atmospheric water vapor also means higher temperatures.

Infrastructure Protection

Buildings, businesses, homes, roads, bridges, power lines, virtually anything above (and below) ground will be required to withstand extreme weather events. Dry weather, and even drought conditions will be the easiest of all to endure structurally speaking. Roads don’t wash away or flood out in dry weather, but dust storms can and will occur and the high risk of fires. Fire fuels can be reduced provided it is extensively done, yet as recent events have just shown, it will be very hard to deal with these things if the response is too little or too late, or if entire regions and states are impacted by drought year after year. This means it will burn – and there isn’t much we can do about it except get ready. Continue reading »

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Sep 112015

A massive crane has collapsed upon the world’s largest mosque in Mecca today, with 87 dead and over 150 injured.

It won’t be long before the connedspiracies begin in earnest, so I’ll beat them all to the punch.

Only 1 of these is true, sensible and provable:

a) this was an act of God seeking vengeance upon the Muslims with the “proof” being this occurred on 9/11 and in Mecca;

b) this was an act of “weather manipulation” wrecking vengeance upon the Muslims;

c) this was another extreme weather event that struck during heavy rains.

C) is the correct answer. Severe storms and heavy rain. No connedspiracy. No judgement. Just more proof the extreme weather events are actually happening (even in Israel).

You can safely ignore all the other claims, conspiracies and conjecture that will undoubtedly arise.

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Sep 112015

There are a couple of important new articles that should be read by everyone watching the climate crisis unfold.

They are 3.27C Warmer by 2030? and Earth’s Ice Is Melting Much Faster then Forecast.

Both articles fit right in with my last post, Prepare For Climate Collapse – Part I. Part II is going to be about what each of us can do. But I’d like to share some comments from these two articles and what this means.

From the first article – the question is posed that warming is already far and above what policy makers “think” (what they’ve been told, they are not scientists). The Earth is already past the so-called 2C “safe threshold” that keeps making the (s)newz:

“In other words, temperatures for most people on Earth are already 2.07°C higher”

2016 is of course, expected to be even warmer. The “safe threshold” to avoid dangerous climate change has already been reached. I’ve warned about this before – the science is still catching up with the actual events and far too many critical points have been overlooked. Policy makers were literally lied to about a 2C limit being “safe” or even achievable. It’s not – and it is already too late.


But read this summary (emphasis mine):

To lower temperatures, cutting emissions alone will not be enough. Stopping all emissions by people would make that the aerosols that are currently sent up in the air by burning fuel and that are currently masking the full impact of global warming, will fall out of the air in a matter of weeks. Until now, about half of the global temperature rise is suppressed by such aerosols. Stopping aerosols release overnight could make temperatures rise abruptly by 1.20°C in a matter of weeks. Furthermore, carbon dioxide that is emitted now will take ten years to reach its peak impact, so we’re still awaiting the full wrath of carbon dioxide emitted over the past decade. A recent study calculates that global mean surface temperature may increase by 0.50°C after carbon emissions are stopped, and they will decrease only minimally from that level for the next 10,000 years.

There are also many other contributing events to an even warming climate, such as the albedo effect and methane releases being measured. The take away from all this is we are always behind the curve on what emissions (all of them, including C02, CH4, N20) by at least a decade for effects to be even measured. Even if all greenhouse gas emissions were stopped, we’re still in serious, serious trouble.

I’ve known this for years and have understood that no matter what – temperatures will rise, and they will rise rapidly.

Recall in my last post that the “atmospheric rivers” being created by increased temperatures and a ramped up hydrological cycle means extreme precipitation events? Well, there’s more to it then just that, as bad as it is.  There is also what it means to have more of this water vapor in the atmosphere:

Furthermore, water vapor will increase by 7% for every 1°C warming. Water vapor is one of the strongest greenhouse gases, so increasing water vapor will further contribute to a non-linear temperature rise.

So hotter temperatures increase evaporation and precipitation, which also increase atmospheric water vapor, which also increases warming, which is also one of the strongest greenhouse gases.

It’s not just emissions that are the problem anymore. It’s also one of the most basic elements on Earth, water. We’ve triggered a terrifying feedback loop and something we can’t even being to imagine adequately.

And did you catch that “10,000 years” for minimal leveling of temperatures? This is actually only an educated guess from scientists. Nobody really knows exactly how long it is going to take to stabilize the climate, except that it is going to take a long, long time.

This is why our very survival is at stake, and why our food production will fail first. We can shelter ourselves (some of us), but we cannot shelter our food production sufficiently. Not even close.

Jason Box’s article on Greenland ice melt is also worth commentary. Greenland glaciers have doubled their speed (travel) to the oceans. Yet it is ice loss (meltwater) that is now taking first-place on the overall ice loss.

The competition between how much ice is lost through glacier flows into fjords versus meltwater runoff is intimately synergistic with meltwater interacting with ice flow all along the way. Increasing melt sends more water down through the ice sheet, softening the ice so it flows faster. Once at the bed the water lubricates flow. Squirting out the front of glaciers into the sea, the meltwater drives a heat exchange that undercuts glaciers, promoting calving, loss of flow resistance and faster flow.

“The trigger effect for galloping glaciers was warm pulses of subtropical waters that undermine glaciers at great depth in the sea, at the grounding lines where this warm water can invade.”

So many thousands of miles away, where the oceans are warmest (and where El Nino is still ramping up), these warm ocean currents are impacting Greenland glaciers. And of course, not just Greenland, but the Arctic and the Antarctic too. The West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) is now considered an “unstoppable” loss.

There is no way to cool this vast body of water. There is no way to slow down these ocean currents unless nature does it for us, which it clearly isn’t. 70% of the Earth is covered by oceans. Most of the extra heat being absorbed is within the world’s oceans.

More than a century of people externalizing the environmental costs of stupendous economic growth, loading the atmosphere now with 42% more carbon dioxide, 240% more methane, 20% more nitrous oxide, 42% more tropospheric ozone, etc. We have far too much gaseous carbon compounds now in our atmosphere, people. The carbon pollution is, by the way, making our oceans too acidic, threatening the base of the marine food chain. Would someone step forward and deny the changing ocean chemistry? Do I digress?

This is a big deal. This is a huge deal for human habitation and survival. As oceans heat up, more ice melts where it is needed most. And remember something I keep saying, “You can’t replace all that missing ice”. This ice helps regulate the world climate, without which will create a very hot world.

“The enormous increase of heat in our oceans, from past decades of enhanced greenhouse effect, negates any hope that negative feedbacks or even solar output will prevent a much warmer world.”

Box points out the increasingly obvious points that current models simply fail to account for what scientist already know is missing from their projections, such as the heat exchange between oceans and glaciers, ice algae growth, dust on ice surfaces and wildfire carbon on ice. And there are many more, even the “unknown unknowns”.

We’ve known for years and years that the IPCC reports and predictions have left out absolutely crucial feedbacks and events being measured on purpose and its predictions are widely inaccurate.

Again, the take-away from all from all of this is the fact that warming is unstoppable, it will be far, far worse then what manages to make it the news, it will be hot as hell, and this will all cause climate collapse, extreme weather events and I’ll say it again – severe impacts on the world’s food supply, along with devastation to our entire civilization.

It’s a big deal and it will be ignored.

Until it can’t.

It’s hard to say how many people have to die before this receives the focus and attention it deserves, assuming of course that humans still want a habitable planet. Probably quite a few. Probably millions of deaths. Probably many more then the thousands that have already died.

It’s going to get ugly people. Never assume for a moment that your government and leaders are going to solve this problem in time. It’s extremely unlikely. They’ve dithered around far, far too long, catering to big business, industry and lobbyists. Others embraced absolutely stupidstitious fantasies. But they’ve left the world leaderless and powerless on the most pressing problem facing humanity. That’s why I intend to write Part II of Prepare for Climate Collapse. I can’t save you, but I can try to help you plan ahead for what is sure to happen.

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