May 272016

From Mother Jones: “Game-Changing” Study Links Cellphone Radiation to Cancer

I’ve always believed this, having investigated the published literature some years ago. I turned off all wireless devices in my office and home and switched to a headset whenever I could.

Now we get to watch the cellphone industry continue to deny and obfuscate these claims. Pretty much par for the course. Industry categorically refuses to accept any responsibility (until forced at the point of a judge and multiple lawsuits) that “they” are responsible for any health effects, including electromagnetic “pollution”.

I know why products are rolled out without studying their harmful effects (greed), and I know why we just blithely assume that they “must be safe if they’re being sold” (decades of propaganda that business and industry is all “good”) – but why haven’t we wised up enough to realize that if they make it, sell it or promote it, we should be very careful about accepting it.

The food industry taught me that everybody lies about their products. They lie about ingredients, safety, inspections, certifications, GMO claims and so much more. It’s ubiquitous within the food industry that lying will sell more products. I don’t know of a single online seller that isn’t doing this. I strongly suspect that this is true for all products being sold on the world market place. The ‘competitive advantage’ many companies choose to embrace is to simply deceive their customers.

I’ve been investigating electric bicycles as a case in point. I rather like the idea and with my condition it would a big help to have something like this. But I’ve found that the sellers of these products lie about what they’re capable of doing, how long the batteries last and so forth. This is an oft-repeated ‘discovery’ when investigating any product for sale (or ad on Craigslist for that matter). Lying about products for sale is very ubiquitous, so ‘expect’ deception is how I approach every ‘opportunity’ now.

Mentioned before, but watch “Sugar Coated” on Netflix to see how industry lied about the toxic effects of white sugar and how this came to be considered ‘safe’ on the FDA list of approved foods for human consumption. This, and many, many other similar histories of industry manipulation, coverup and deception should tell everyone that almost everything you know is in fact a fabricated history of “truth” and “false” – you believe pretty much what they want you to believe. They’ve had a death-grip on our knowledge and awareness of what is really true and what isn’t our entire lives.

Meanwhile, keep your cellphone as far away from you as you can.

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May 242016

This should get your attention:

The author defines sustainability as the condition that must be developed globally for humanity to flourish until technology advances extraterrestrial travel that will allow migration to another planet once conditions here deteriorate. The emphasis is on anthropogenic climate change caused primarily by changes in the chemistry of the atmosphere due to dominant use of fossil fuels. Energy and sustainability, from the point of view of environmental physics

Uh, yes, this is for real. I’ll take some of that too (whatever they’re smokin’). Since no habitable planets exist anywhere within the foreseeable reach of mankind (distance, time, resources and money), you have to wonder exactly what they’re smoking. I’ll tell you – it’s called a Desperation Doobee.

The definition of sustainability above absolutely sucks. It’s just another way of claiming we’ll use up this planet before we repeat the process somewhere else. Hardly ‘sustainable’. And if it really was, why would ‘conditions here deteriorate’? (I didn’t say these people were all that bright). Continue reading »

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May 242016

Funny how some things are so synchronistic. Today, I was outside weeding the pathway to my greenhouse. This year, I’ve tended to ignore this, but with all the rain, it was a good time to yank the buggers up. The job is easy, but not anymore. This activity aggravates the snot out of my stenosis, but I did it anyway.

While bent over, my thoughts wandered back between the task at hand and what I’ve been doing here. What was the point? The weeds would come back, but like the rampant stupidity that I often rail against, little progress is actually made. The are more births occurring faster then enlightened minds… It does not seem like there is any ‘progress’ being made anymore.

I read one of the latest asinine connedspiracies yesterday, where the Alberta fires have now caused the tar sands steam extraction to be shut down. The connedspiracy claims that this shutdown will now cause massive collapse of the bitumen ‘caverns’… and as yet-to-be realized massive loss of life.  Really? There is not a single shred of evidence in the literature that locations where the steam extraction has already been stopped (production ended) has this happened. But that’s not stopping the connespiracy from the right-wing morons that infect so much of this planet…. which is also being claimed as distorted ‘fulfillment’ of the book of Revelation…. these idiots don’t even know their bible. I do – I taught it for many years and what they claim is just more stupid bullshit. Continue reading »

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May 242016

If I were the devil, I’d fabricate a story about man, his creation, his history and his claim to dominance over the world, other nations and other people. I would put the story in a collection of books, obscure its creation in history, and kill its detractors. I would wage war for the benefit of the believers, subjugating the entire world to its tenants and teachings.

If I were the devil, I’d instill fear and terror throughout the world, raising armies of blind followers who would do my bidding. I would make sure it was the preferred religion above all others and I’d outcast, blacklist and even torture those who didn’t accept it.

I would erect richly adorned towers and cathedrals, appoint priest, preachers and evangelist to spread the story, and collect trillions of dollars in money and donations and make sure poverty, suffering and misery spread everywhere else.

I would ensure that all of mankind was subjugated to this new religion and would worship this story as the true history of the world. I would attack science, reason, facts and history, making sure that this was not taught in the schools or to inquisitive minds. I would divide and conquer, slaughter and destroy, laying waste to any and all who refused this new doctrine and teaching.

If I were the devil, the world would learn to tremble and fear this religion for thousands of years, waging war against one another, always staying ignorant and blind, always beholden to my story and my creation. I would rule as their lord and king, destroying reason and common sense, ensuring the chains on mankind stayed firmly clasped for as long as possible.

If I were the devil, I’d repeat all of the above with even newer stories, and newer religions, to ensnare the whole world to my will and bidding. And then I would rest from my labors, assured that mankind would eventually destroy themselves as they fought and argued over their gods, and who would rule and who would not, who would suffer and who would be rich.

If I were the devil, I would laugh in delight over my works and all that I achieved from nothing but a simple story. The folly of man is to know how simple he really is, and how easily misled he remains. All he required was a little push in the right direction and the rest, as they say, is history.

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May 222016

An interesting article from the Atlantic, “The Secret Shame of Middle-Class Americans“.  Americans are not only broke and getting broker, they are “financially illiterate” – 65% of Americans. A huge percentage are so broke that even small sums are financially impossible for them. It’s an interested read.

Not mentioned is medical debt, which is odd since millions of people have been literally wiped out by medical costs. My recent Mayo Clinic experience destroyed me financially, creating massive debt, and my GoFundMe efforts only came in at $2800. Prior to this, I had remained entirely debt free. Now I’m cancer free but struggling terribly.

I had ‘boot-strapped’ my way into my current living arrangements years ago, buying a piece of raw land and working my ass off to make it habitable. It took years of backbreaking work, but the ‘homestead’ as it were, came to be. But there is no doubt why I have so much back trouble and pain today. But now, I’m unable to work at all. Even so, I thought I’d be “ok”, since I had still managed to stay out of debt, avoiding most doctors and medical expenses as long as I could.

I stayed home and did most things myself – until the time came that I couldn’t and I had to slow down or even not do them at all. Then a rare cancer raised its ugly head which had to be dealt with. The “financial hole” the author above mentions happened to me too. I have absolutely no idea (or expectations) on how to retire. There isn’t going to be a retirement as far as I can tell.

My father-in-law is retired, and very, very ill. He’s basically on his death bed now. The only reason he is still alive is because he has great health insurance. They keep finding ways to keep him going. This saga has been going on for over ten years now, but I suspect he’s very close to leaving this world. His medical expenses are in the millions now, which would have wiped them out many, many times over (he was not a wealthy man) if not for the health insurance. But I contrast this to my own situation and how I get treated by doctors and hospitals and what my options are. The difference is literally night and day. The insured are treated like cash cows, the uninsured are left to die or offered very little options in the way of treatment.

My sister-in-law passed last year and though she did have a health plan, it wasn’t very good. And neither was her treatment. She held on for 9 months, but the medical system totally failed her. I’ve read this same story all over the Internet. You pay to play and if not, you can stay as long as your health doesn’t fail.

I’ve already had the “talk” with my kids. I won’t destroy my family with more medical debt. I’m checking out when I determine that it’s time to go. I see what’s happening with my father-in-law and I simply will not do that. My life – my terms – my choice. It’s the only thing you actually own and can control, the right to live and the right to die. I do not need permission or never do I expect to ask or move to a state that “allows” this. Frankly, it’s none of their damned business. All they care about is their ability to collect tax, you the individual, don’t matter at all.

Health care in this fucked-up kountry is worse then terrible. If you can pay, you can play, obtaining what is needed, necessary and essential and even having a whole lot of unessential stuff done. But if you’re like me, you’re on your own. I suspect this is the real cause of debt for most Americans, it was over 40% of Americans in 2014.

This is why I’ve become a strong advocate of eating right and living as healthy as you can. It’s your real insurance plan. Don’t expect help when it hasn’t shown up for millions of other Americans. Your body is yours to keep, cherish and take care of for as long as you can. It’s up to you to do so. What you put into it matters – quite a lot. It’s literally a matter of life or death.

I’m not leaving any time soon. I have a great deal of pain these days, but it’s still manageable. Exercise and movement are essential for me. Since returning from surgery, I’ve not gone back to the local gym, but really need to do so because it did help (I had to wait 6 weeks anyway to recover). I still have to get the piss-poor job of stitch removal on my back redone (they left several non-dissolvable stitches that have to be removed surgically now).

I’m trying to keep my back from fusing itself prematurely, but the nerves are being pinched. It’s very debilitating and even if I had the money, surgical fusion is not an option (the Mayo agreed with this assessment). I may eventually get the nerves cut to reduce the pain, but can’t do this either right now, so my health plan as it were, is to keep moving, keep eating healthy and do my very best to enjoy what I still have.

Maybe I’ll be able to stick around long enough to witness what I’m absolutely certain is going to happen.

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May 212016

Netflix has the documentary on the desperate race to save the world’s seed biodiversity in the film “Seeds Of Time”, one man’s quest to save the world’s future food supply.

If you’re a member, I suggest you watch it.

93% of crop varieties in the United States have gone extinct since 1903. This little known fact really caught my attention, because only today I read were Bayer is considering buying Monsanto, the world’s most hated company, which would reduce the number of GMO seed companies down to just 6. The relationship between heritage crops and seeds and GMO food is actually a race, with the “winner” to become one of the most valuable assets on the planet.

Already, we take food and food diversity for granted, but not so with the world’s scientist who see a extremely large threat looming on the horizon. It’s called climate change and it’s wiping out diversity. The Svalbard seed bank is one of hundreds of seed banks in existence around the world, but only a tiny fraction of the world’s seed diversity has been collected. Far more has already gone extinct or been wiped out and what remains under cultivation or in the wild is under threat.

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May 172016

I want to dispel a widely held myth:

Money will not stop climate change.  You heard it here first (afaik).

Anthropogenic climate change (human caused) is the physical result of economic activity (growth). Every nation on Earth continues to pursue economic growth.

I recently read some ridiculous comments about spending money to ‘combat climate change’. This won’t work. Spending money (economic activity) anywhere will only contribute to climate change.

Virtually all economic activity generates C02 and consumes energy.

Not many people seem to realize yet that we are not going to somehow reduce C02 in the atmosphere or oceans, affecting climate change. C02 is only going to continue to go up. This will result in even more devastating effects of climate change.

C02 is a very long lived gas. From Skeptical Science:

Individual carbon dioxide molecules have a short life time of around 5 years in the atmosphere. However, when they leave the atmosphere, they’re simply swapping places with carbon dioxide in the ocean. The final amount of extra CO2 that remains in the atmosphere stays there on a time scale of centuries.

C02 can last 500 – 1000 years in the atmosphere (read the link), creating a very long time span of warming potential. So what we’ve created in the past 100 – 200 years is still there. And what we creating today will still be there for centuries. And this will continue to exacerbate temperature increase, causing permanent ice melt, ocean acidification and carbon saturation, amplifying the hydrological cycle. The impact upon humanity and the biosphere will be absolutely enormous.

Human civilization, and indeed, the very fabric of our society is built upon economic activity, which in turn generates massive amounts of C02 at every single point of human activity (existence). It will make no difference whatsoever if that activity becomes building solar panels or wind turbines (which are still derived from fossil fuels at every point in their life cycle), or even whether we were all to revert back to an agrarian existence (farming, a huge contributor to climate change and C02) or plant trees for a ‘living’.

This is perhaps one of the biggest lies of all being foisted upon the world (next to religion I suppose). We are not going to ‘spend our way to our salvation’ and reverse climate change as claimed. Instead, we are going to go on contributing to climate change in everything that we do (even planting trees – as long as we are here). It is our economic activity (by whatever action or industry or ‘business’ this may be) that caused anthropogenic climate change. Nothing will change that.

Climate change is therefore irreversible and will only worsen every year. The media and industry, government and businesses and a whole lot of pundits are simply lying to the world about ‘stopping climate change’. It’s unstoppable and there is nothing we are going to be be able to do about it.

I can only think of one ‘solution’ that will not contribute to climate change (given enough time) – and it’s far more horrible then anyone imagines: Massive (near total) depopulation, and the total economic collapse and destruction of all industrial, business and human economic activity. Even this won’t ‘stop’ climate change from accelerating for a long, long time (thousands of years), but it would stop our current emissions. The Earth would still have to absorb the results from our industry and activity, which will continue to spew out toxic chemicals, nuclear wastes and yes, greenhouse gas emissions from millions of sources (fracking wells for example, tailings, garbage dumps, cement and many, many other sources) for a thousands of years to come.

The true horror of climate change and what it means to human survival and our future on this planet is still very poorly understood. Realizing that simply being alive, buying food, driving a car, turning on the lights or getting out of bed in the morning is part of the ‘problem’ and why it is in reality, unsolvable. Humans are not going to go back to living in caves or teepee’s, the drive to grow and push forward will always be what we do, and this in turn, is what will continue to contribute to climate change now that there are billions of us. We have no choice but to accept it – and what it ultimately means.



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May 152016

Just got done watching some videos regarding Bill Clinton and his association with a known pedophile sex offender. Nothing new for Bill of course, but as always, he’s done a pretty poor job at trying to cover this all up.

I often wonder why anyone in America would even reconsider a Clinton for anything higher then the office of dog catcher, oops park pooper-scooper.

There are too many images to post here, but you can try this link for some gallows humor.

The more you dig on the Clinton’s, the worse the story / history gets. It’s like a trip into the depths of hell, replete with depravity and sordid abuse of the public trust throughout decades of their public and private life. Both of these creepy clinton’s should be in prison.

And yet… corporate Amerika has endorsed this evil woman and her philandering husband as Amerika’s “next choice” (again, as in wash, rinse, repeat ad naseum).

What gives? Well, nothing to be exact. It’s a desire to retain the status quo and ensure absolutely nothing changes in this country, which is to say corruption, coverup, distraction and death. Foreign policy will be the same as before (war and invasion and corporate collusion). Domestic policy will be even more homelessness, fewer jobs, crony capitalism and elitist exceptionalism.

There’s been some published reports of increased interest in Americans leaving the country should Trump be (s)Elected… but I wonder what the stats are if Killary is (s)Elected? I don’t know, but I’ve long considered the decline of America at the hands of these corporate monsters as being the death-knell – the tolling bell of an Empire in terminal decline. But there is no doubt that either of these monsters, should one be (s)Elected will squeeze this country and its tired slaves down to dust.


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May 132016

Here’s a map for all you doomers out there – get your weekend doom on: Nuke Map

This thing allows you to play around with all kinds of settings and sizes and locations.

Zoom out to find your location or area.

It’s apparently pretty popular to blow shit up. There are 75.9 million detonations and counting so far.

Oh, if this bores you, there is even a 3D version available, here (uses Google Earth). You can even find your own house on this map.

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